Can You Buy CSGO Accounts?

Counter Strike: Global Offensive is one of the most popular multiplayer games in Steam’s history, with millions of concurrent players competing at the same time. Each individual player has their own unique CSGO account, which records their progress, as well as skins that they have in their inventory.

Although pretty much no one wants to lose the progress they made in all the different game modes, there’s always a huge market for different CSGO accounts. If you’re wondering if you can find CSGO accounts for sale, here’s everything you need to know.

Why Would You Want To Buy CSGO Accounts?

Buying accounts has been around for some time in various different online games. Selling accounts and in-game currency has been an issue in many different MMORPGs for decades. Players ofter are willing to pay someone to either get them gold, or level up their character, so that they don’t have to play.

Although in CSGO you don’t gather any items aside from CSGO skins, many players still purchase CSGO accounts from various different websites regularly. There a couple of reasons, why you might want to buy CSGO account:

Smurf Account

CSGO smurf accounts have been a large problem in the CSGO community for a long time now. With a CSGO smurf account, a player who’s actually much better can safely play with gamers in lower-ranked accounts. For example, many CSGO players who have the Global Elite on their main account choose to get a smurf account, either to stomp players in lower ranks or to play with their friends who might have lower-ranked accounts. Over the years, Valve has introduced a number of anti-smurfing measures, and creating a new smurf account can now take a lot of time. The only way to get smurf accounts instantly is to purchase them from a third-party website.

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CSGO VAC Ban On Main Account

Chances are that you might’ve wanted to see if the cheats that many other players use in CSGO also work in your client. There’s nothing wrong with trying, aside from the fact that it’s a bannable offense, that can get you permanently excluded from online play. If you want to get back to playing ranked matches online, you will need to buy a CSGO prime account, or purchase Counter Strike on a new account and grind all the way from the start.

You Don’t Want To Grind

Everyone who was stuck with lower-ranked accounts in a match, such as silver III or lower, knows how difficult it can be to climb up. Even if you give it your best, your teammates will sometimes simply sabotage your efforts with their poor plays. CSGO at low ranks can be terribly annoying and boring, which is why many players who end up falling too low simply opt for purchasing CSGO prime accounts, instead of grinding again from silver.

Technically, buying CSGO accounts is against Valve’s TSA. When you purchase Steam games, such as Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, you’re buying non-transferable goods. This means that if Steam somehow figures out you’re not the original owner of the account you’re using, you can get banned and lose the account. Even if you purchase CSGO prime accounts for large sums of money, if you lost the account this way, no one is going to return your money.

The question, however, is how they are going to find out. When you get account details for your purchased CSGO accounts, no one is going to continuously check if you’re the account’s owner. Likewise, you can safely log in to the account from any device. The only way you’d lose your purchased CSGO prime accounts is if you yourself owned up to purchasing them in a conversation with Steam support or something like this. This means that when you buy CSGO accounts, they will always be safe.

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Is It A Good Idea To Purchase High Tier Accounts?

If you’re continuously stuck in lower ranks and don’t know what to do, buying CSGO prime accounts with high ranks isn’t the way to do it. Of course, no one is stopping you, especially since even Global Elite accounts can be bought cheaply, but if you don’t know how to play you will simply fall down in ranks very quickly and lose your money. If you can’t keep up with the lower-ranked accounts in matches, you’ll quickly lose your Global Elite status and will end up with just a standard prime account.

However, if you were at higher ranks in the past, and simply ended up falling from grace, CSGO prime accounts for sale can be a lifesaver. When you buy CSGO accounts, you don’t have to grind through matches, but can simply jump back in and enjoy ranked CSGO at a higher level. Grinding from Silver back to higher ranks can take a lot of time, so purchasing a CSGO account will help you reduce the wait.

How To Buy CSGO Accounts?

Buying CSGO prime accounts is super easy, and anyone who’s interested can try doing it for themselves. In order to get new CSGO prime accounts, you must first find a legitimate website. It’s easy to get scammed out of your money when you buy CSGO accounts online, so make sure you’re using a verified service, such as buyacsgosmurf or myownrank

Once you purchase a CSGO account, you must first choose which rank interests you. Most websites that have CSGO prime accounts for sale offer many different features that you can choose for every account, such as rank, time played, and account badges. When you select the account that you want, simply add it to the cart and finalize your purchase. You will then receive your purchased account details in a message.

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Lastly, when you’re changing your main CSGO account, remember to transfer all the skins to your new account. All the items in your Steam inventory are account-bound, so if you want to use your skins on a new account, you simply have to trade them between accounts.

To Sum Up

Purchasing accounts might seem shady, but it’s a good method to get back on your feet if you stumbled while playing ranked. If you feel like purchasing CSGO prime accounts might be something that you need, remember to always buy them from trusted sources.

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