Which Gun is Better: M4A4 vs M4A1 in CS:GO?

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You are not alone if you’ve ever struggled to choose the favourite – M4A1 vs M4A4. These are two of the most popular weapons on the CT side of Counter-Strike: Global Offensive.

In CSGO, the M4A4 vs M4A1 debate is as ancient as the competitive shooting itself. And depending on a player’s playstyle, they may find one superior to the other. But is it merely a matter of taste, or is there more to it?

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The M4A4 has 50% more ammo capacity than the M4A1. What is more, the M4A4 is a good alternative for players who like to spray down smoke and hope they get a lucky pickoff. Both bullets are great for armor penetration. However, if you want to spray through smoke, keep in mind that the absence of suppressed fire can readily reveal your exact location.

The M4A1-S’s lower ammunition capacity shouldn’t trouble you much if you have reasonable trigger control and accurate shooting.

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Spray Control

One of the most crucial abilities to master when playing CS: GO is when you move your mouse in the opposite direction of the weapon’s recoil. The M4A1-S somewhat excels over its non-silent version. Once you get the hang of it, the M4A1-S’s spray is considerably simpler to operate and can help you score some quick kills. If you are unfamiliar with the M4A4 vs M4A1 spray pattern, the M4A1-S may still be your weapon of choice.

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Reduced Price

When your team’s finances are limited, the price of a gun heavily influences whether you’ll buy it or not. While cheaper weapons like the Nova or the MP9 are always economical but very situational, more expensive weapons like the AWP tend to deliver more damage. What’s more, it can quickly secure rounds when played effectively.

Both guns almost have the same price. However, the M4A1-S costs $200 less than the M4A4, which has a $3,100 price tag. It might not seem like a significant difference, but in a tactical game like CS: GO, where money management is crucial, $200 can add up throughout several rounds and make the M4A1-S a preferable option over the M4A4.

Fire Rate

The M4A4’s main selling feature is its rapid-fire rate. The M4A4-S has a higher fire rate than the M4A1, with its maximum rate of fire being 660 rounds per minute. A gun’s fire rate will reduce the time to kill your opponent. Due to this, M4A4 users have an advantage over M4A1-S users. If the shots are precise, an M4A4 user can complete the headshots + body shots combo more quickly than an M4A1-S user.

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Damage & Armor Penetration

There is a distinction to take into account. In particular, when trying to choose which gun to employ. Even though the M4A4 and M4A1-S both inflict identical damage at mid and close range. It is because more damage equals less time to kill your opponent. For example, the M4A4 and M4A1-S now deal 92 damage to an armored opponent when you headshot them from a medium distance, but the stats change somewhat if you hit the enemy’s other body areas.

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When the chest, stomach, or legs are struck, the A4 makes 23, 28, and 24 points of damage. In turn, the A1-S deals with 26, 33, and 28 points of damage in those locations. In a mid-range duel with the M4A4, the M4A1-S’s enhanced damage, while theoretically advantageous, is still unable to compensate for its slow firing rate.

Accuracy, Recoil, and Precision

Spray patterns are crucial to understanding as you become proficient with your preferred weaponry. The A4 has a more powerful spray pattern than the A1-S. Because it spreads less and is easier to spray, the M4A1-S is more practical.

The spread of the M4A4 can be helpful for an experienced counterterrorist. Nevertheless, it delivers respectable damage and a rapid rate of fire. Additionally, the M4A1-S has a spray pattern, which is somewhat reminiscent of the AK-47, when it is unrestrained and is bigger and more erratic.

Which One Suits You Better: M4A4 or M4A1?

More combative players should use the M4A4. It can hold more ammunition and fire at a faster rate—best for mid-range and close combatants. However, if you haven’t thoroughly mastered the recoil pattern, more recoil makes it more difficult to aim. This spray is simple if you can operate an AK-47.

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The M4A1 is ideal for sly players that like to stand back and engage in combat. Thanks to the silencer, it is exceedingly challenging for adversaries to identify you from the sound of the rifle. Additionally, it is tough to locate the source of the shot at a distance and amid the fog. You can obtain flawless headshots with nearly little recoil due to lower recoil. The recoil also makes it incredibly simple to aim.

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Despite Low Fire Rate, Close Quarter Battles Deal Low Damage Less ammunition means running out of bullets more quickly. On tight turns, the silencer protrudes and may reveal your location. When a player is concealed in specific areas, enemy players can see the silencer barrel.

Final Verdict: Is the M4A1 Better Than the M4A4 Now?

Which gun is better for you in CSGO M4A4 vs M4A1? Your play style and personal preference will determine the final result. M4A1-S is superior for beginner gamers and players that like employing strategy over reflexes. According to pro players, the M4A4 is a better choice. It guarantees efficient recoil management and wants to play with your in-game reflexes. In firefights, though, it can do more significant harm. The decision to use us ultimately depends on your particular preferences.

Although due to the number of upgrades it just received and its lower price, the M4A1-S appears to be the more preferred option in the pro player’s opinion in the current meta. The M4A4 would, however, be a much better choice for you if you want to solo-queue on competitive owing to the higher firing rate and magazine capacity.

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