Will There Be Transparent Skins In CS2?

One of the reasons for the popularity of CS2 is the awesome selection of different weapon skins players can use to pimp out their inventories. With over a decade’s worth of different weapon skins, players have a lot to choose from, and Valve keeps adding new CS2 weapon skins to the game all the time.

The transition from Counter Strike: Global Offensive to Counter Strike 2 was the biggest patch in the game’s history, and among many different features, it included a large number of graphical improvements to the game. Some of them allowed for the introduction of graphical features, which were previously unavailable due to the engine’s technical limits.

Since the game now had so many new graphical features available, some gamers started asking themselves one question, will there be transparent skins in CS2?

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What Are The CS2 Transparent Skins?

The full release of CS2 has been one of the biggest gaming events of the last couple of years, giving a complete graphical overhaul to this classic online FPS. One of the most important questions that most gamers were asking themselves over and over again regarding the game’s release was what would happen to their CS:GO skins.

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Thankfully, all of the old CSGO skins carried over to the new version of the game, most even with an improved look. The new graphics engine has added a lot to the game’s visuals, improving on many of the aspects of Counter Strike, and this change had its reflection in the game’s skins. Many old skins received a graphical overhaul, that would significantly improve their look.

However, before the game’s full release, Counter Strike 2 was made available to the players via limited tests, a certain type of open beta, where players could check out the new features of the improved Source 2 engine and see how it runs on their setups. Of course, as soon as these tests dropped the CS2 community was immediately up to their necks in datamining work, and one of the most popular CS modders, ZooL, managed to identify modeled bullets inside gun models.

Why is it such an important information? Well, it’s pretty clear (get it?) that Valve wouldn’t add such a detail if it wasn’t meant to be visible at some point in the game. Because of this, ZooL believes that in the future we will see some real transparent skins in CS2.

Are There Any Transparent Skins In CS2?

At the moment, there are no real transparent skins in CS2. While we still haven’t seen any transparent skins in the game, the latest addition to CS2, the Kilowatt case, has introduced many awesome skins, with some impressive graphical designs. While these set the bar quite high, we can assume that in the future Valve will most likely add some real transparent skins to the game.

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While there are no transparent skins available yet in CS2, there are a couple of skins, that have a design that gives a similar look. Here are some of them:

M4A4 | X-Ray

  • Flavor text: Not available
  • Lowest Steam price: $12.56
  • Drops from the case: eSports 2013 Winter Case
  • First added: 18 December 2013

Glock-18 | Clear Polymer

  • Flavor text: What you see is what you get
  • Lowest Steam price: $0.12
  • Drops from the case: Snakebite Case
  • First added: 3 May 2021

SG 553 | Phantom

  • Flavor text: A ScyTech procurement
  • Lowest Steam price: $0.39
  • Drops from the case: Spectrum 2 Case
  • First added: 14 September 2017

UMP-45 | Exposure

  • Flavor text: “Please remove all metal objects from your pockets”
  • Lowest Steam price: $0.40
  • Drops from the case: Spectrum 2 Case
  • First added: 14 September 2017

MAC-10 | Pipe Down

  • Flavor text: Peek behind the curtain
  • Lowest Steam price: $0.43
  • Drops from the case: Danger Zone Case
  • First added: 6 December 2018

In Conclusion

While there are no truly transparent skins available in the game yet, we can expect them to be added in the future. Until then, make sure to regularly check the Skincashier blog for more CS2 updates!

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