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Glory Mask
Glory Mask
Glory Mask
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Frequently Asked Questions

Here are answers to some of the most commonly asked questions. Looking for something else? Get in touch on our live chat!

What is Rust?

Rust is a multiplayer-only survival video game that was both developed and published in February of 2018 by a British independent developer and video game publisher Facepunch Studios. The game's concept originated from a mod for another popular video game, ARMA 2 called DayZ, and features the elements of crafting games such as Minecraft, and more recently Obsidian's Grounded. The core mechanics of the game revolve around managing players' needs like hunger and thirst as well as health, creating bases, and fighting off various types of enemies. Among them are the AI humans that will attack the players on occasion, wild animals such as bears and wolves, as well as other, well-equipt and well-armed player-controlled characters that will be trying to eliminate you and steal your hard-earned supplies. The game is available on multiple different platforms among which are included PC Microsoft Windows, macOS, and Linux.

What are Rust Skins?

Rust skins are cosmetic items that you can apply to various different objects in the game Rust. These skins can be official or fan-made and are only cosmetic in nature which means that they do not change any properties of items and weapons and don't offer any gameplay advantages whatsoever. Cosmetic items and skins in video games have become very popular, and over time, the developers add new skins to the game to freshen things up a bit. Rust skins, as well as skins for any other Steam game, can be sold or traded on the official Steam market as well as SkinCashier or any other similar website. Rust skins can be pretty rare so the price of these skins may also vary depending on their rarity and the market that you are using.

How to get Rust Skins?

The first time you log into Rust, you will get a couple of skins, however, these basic starter skins are not the best and therefore are not very popular with players when it comes to trading due to the fact that every account has them. Twitch drops are another good way to get more Rust skins, so please keep an eye on your favorite Streamers for those. Some websites also offer Rust skins for participating in specific surveys. Aside from those, the only other way to acquire Rust skins is to use your real-life cash and purchase them from Steam or any other market for games such as the SkinCashier.

Can You Get Rust Skins for Free?

Aside from the not very popular starter skins that you get after you sign into the game for the first time on your Steam account, there are a couple of ways that you can get your Rust skins for free. The first and obvious one is just to play the game itself, and periodically, you will receive skins that you can use or sell as best as you see fit. Some websites also offer free Rust skins for completing different surveys, and there are a few that you can use today in 2021, however, such a website may require additional sign-ins and registrations and can be unsafe, so always be extra careful with a website that you don't know. Finally, one of the best ways to get free Rust skins to keep an eye on popular Rust streamers on Twitch, as they often host Twitch drops, which will allow you to get your hands on some free Rust skins in exchange for watching their stream for a specific amount of time.

Where Can You Sell Rust Skins?

If you wish to buy, sell or trade Rust skins in and other Rust cosmetic items in 2021, there are a couple of ways to go around this. The first and most obvious way to sell or trade Rust skins is through the official Steam marketplace. It offers users a completely safe and secure way to trade Rust skins or cosmetic items for many other Steam games, and all you need to do is sign in to your Steam account, and you are all set. However, the downside of this marketplace is the fact that users can't exchange their Rust skins for real money and therefore are forced to spend all their earnings on the Steam platform. Trading, however, has no downsides so if you want to trade your Rust skins, you can do so here with full help and support provided.

Additionally, you can also trade Rust skins, or any other video games cosmetic items by using a third party trading website such as the SkinCashier. To use a website such as this, all you need to do is sign in to your Steam account, and from there, you can trade Rust skins as you would normally through any other platform or website. SkinCashier has a large collection of skins for sale for many popular games and focuses on providing help and quality services to those who use the website.

Can You Make Your Own Rust Skins?

This is a very common question among the Rust skins fans, and the simple answer to it is "Yes". You can in fact craft your own Rust skins, so whether you want to create your own unique metal facemask, a door or an mp5, or any other item, you can do so if you wish, however, you will be required to use some specific tools. To gain access to these tools, you need to open Rust and then go to the workshop. Once there, you can preview and vote on the Rust skins that other creators have made, so if you see a facemask that you like or an mp5 that catches your eye, feel free to show your support.

Once here, you can craft a new skin by clicking on the "New" in the top right. From there you will be able to select the item that you wish to create a skin for such as a metal facemask, a door, or any other Rust item that you would normally find in-game. After that, you will be able to customize the chosen item by selecting the color. texture and many other things that will make your skin-pop from other items in the game. Once you are sure that your new skin is as best as it can get, it is time to publish it, but do that only after you have given your item its own unique name and description.

What Is The Most Expensive Rust Skin?

Try as we might, we couldn't find a lot of information when it comes to the most expensive Rust skin of all times. While there are a few Rust skins that are very popular among the Rust community, we couldn't find anything that would be considered a Holy Grail of skins in Rust, so take this info with a grain of salt. As of writing this in 2021, the most expensive Rust skin that we could find was a metal facemask. The name of the metal facemask in question is Tempered Mask, and the only way we know to obtain one is to use real money and buy the facemask on a website that has it in stock. If any additional info about the metal facemask such as the biggest selling price pop up, or perhaps a more expensive item shows itself, we will make sure that we update the information in this article accordingly.

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