Team Fortress 2 Medic: The Best Weapons

Although Medic is one of the prime support classes in Team Fortress 2, his arsenal includes far more tools than just the medi-gun. Besides providing health regeneration, the Medic class can also lay some hurt on the enemy team with a wide array of different medic weapons.

Medic’s arsenal features a wide variety of different weapons, some more supportive, while others add an offensive punch to medic’s skillset. In this article, we will be looking at the best Medic weapons you can currently get in the game’s meta.

  1. Crusader’s Crossbow

A primary weapon for the Medic, introduced as a part of the ‘Australian Christmas’ update on the 17th of December, 2010, as a part of medieval-styled items. Despite being over a decade old, the Crusader’s Crossbow easily stands the test of time and remains one of the best Medic weapons that you can get currently in the game. The weapon allows you to both heal allies at a distance, as well as damage enemies from a safe position. Medic has low heal pool and generally can be killed in a matter of seconds, but the Crusader’s Crossbow allows you to safely take shots at a longer range. The damage and healing effect both depend on the distance traveled when firing a bolt, so the gun actually encourages you to fight at long range, which makes it far more useful than the weak vanilla primary weapon for the Medic.

  1. Ubersaw

The Ubersaw was one of the first items added for the Medic in Team Fortress 2 as a part of the 2008 update, however, it remains one of the most popular melee weapons for the medic to date. A melee weapon that looks like it contains parts of the medic medi-gun, the Ubersaw chargers 25% of your Uber bar on every hit, while at the same time having 20% slower attack rate. This trade-off, however, is well worth it, since the vanilla medic saw is not known for its awesome firepower. If you’re looking for a melee weapon to add to your Medic weapons collection, the Ubersaw is an absolute must-have!

  1. Quick-fix
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The secondary weapon is arguably the most important in Medic’s arsenal. Medi-gun allows the Medic to use his signature class abilities. There are a couple of different medi-guns currently available for medics to choose from, each with different boosts and abilities. While the vanilla secondary weapon is probably the most versatile one, Quick-fix can be a great alternative, particularly, when there’s more than a single medic on the team. While the Quick-fix doesn’t provide complete damage immunity like the original medi-gun, its uber charge greatly increases the overhead, healing as well as movement speed. Quick-fix can be a great tool to charge at your enemy’s back rows, particularly, since the Quick-fix will allow you to rocket jump together with friendly soldiers and demomans.

  1. Blutsauger

The Blutsauger is a great choice, if you want to improve your survival as a Medic, and can be of great use to any player who’s looking to counter high-damage classes on the enemy team, like the Demoman or the Soldier. While the Blutsauger lowers the default health regeneration of the Medic, it gives you life upon every hit. While it still retains the low damage of the primary weapons for the Medic, with its rapid rate of fire you can use the Blutsauger to quickly heal back some of the life you lost while dealing damage to the enemy in the process. Although this is probably one of the most combat-focussed TF2 medic weapons, you shouldn’t consider this as an invitation to charge at the front with the Heavies, as you will still be as fragile as always.

  1. Kritzkrieg
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Another situational variant of the medi-gun, the Kritzkrieg is an awesome choice, if your team already has enough medics for the frontline assaults. The Kritzkrieg is one of the offensive medi-guns, which at full uber charge provides the target of your healing with damage, instead of survivability. This can make it a great choice of a secondary weapon if you need to quickly clear out a capture point or a sentry gun nest. A Demoman or a Soldier with a Kritzkrieg uber will make quick work of any cluster of enemies in TF2.

To Sum Up

Although the Medic is possibly one of the last offensive classes in the game, they can still pack a punch and provide a lot of utility. If you liked any of the weapons on this list, but lack the funds to add them to your inventory, check out Skincashier, where you can sell TF2 items and cash out your inventory for the best prices, anytime, anywhere.

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