The Ultimate Team Fortress 2 Spy Guide

Team Fortress 2 offers its players a number of amazing classes, so everyone can find a character that suits their skills. Nevertheless, it is often said that the Spy is the most difficult of all, as it requires cunning and deception skills that not everyone possesses. So, if you want to become a master of this TF 2 class then you’ve come to the right place, because today we’ve prepared for you the ULTIMATE guide that will help you become the best con man in the game.

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What You Need to Know About the Spy

Whether you play on the BLUE team or the RED team, you are guaranteed to hate the Spy. This horrible TF2 class is designed to deceive and impersonate enemy characters so as to infiltrate their bases and ambush them by surprise. And while it’s actually not easy to be a good Spy, if you do come across one, there’s virtually no way to stop him. A player who can flawlessly use this character’s skills is able to guarantee their team’s absolute victory.

Spy belongs to the Support category along with Medic and Sniper. However, we believe that putting him there does not at all reflect his role in the match. After all, his cheating abilities make him play a mainly offensive role, by infiltrating the opposite team. We get that it’s not like he’s beating up enemies in the open field, but still, his role goes well beyond supporting his team members. If his abilities are used well, he can actually single-handedly swiftly assassinate key enemies (with emphasis on IF). Moreover, he is practically the only character capable of destroying the buildings of the Engineer, and he is the only one who can see not only the HP and names of his team members, but also of the enemy team.

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However, it is worth remembering why the Spy is hard to play. First, his health is very low, as it is 125, which means that if he is caught, there is virtually no way to save him. As for his movement speed, it’s not bad, at 107%, but unfortunately, this rarely allows him to escape once he’s discovered.

What Are Spy’s Weapons?

Spy has a really interesting set of weapons that allows him to apply interesting strategies during matches. Let’s now go through them all one by one.


Pocket knife is the basic melee weapon of the Spy, and a favorite of all players who choose this class. Why, you ask? Well, if you manage to deceive your opponents and approach them from behind in disguise, odds are you will kill them in one blow. Yes, you read that right. IN ONE BLOW. Nevertheless, keep in mind that it is not that easy at all. If you hit the opponent from the wrong side, instead of performing a successful backstab, the knife will do only negligible damage and your disguise will be exposed. When that happens, then you are really done for. So even though the option seems great, remember that, as with all Spy abilities and weapons, you need to know how to use it correctly.


The Revolver is the secondary weapon of the Spy, which many players tend to overlook. This is not surprising, given that they are also equipped with a knife, with which they can instantly kill the enemy. However, it’s worth remembering that a revolver can be very useful (as long as you master aiming, as the recoil is quite annoying). After all, you don’t always want to confront enemies in close-quarters combat, especially if your HP is as low as that of a Spy. What’s more, it can come in handy if you are discovered and try to escape, or if members of the opposing team want to get you for a failed stealth attack. Then it’s best to use this inconspicuous yet reliable weapon.

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Disguise Kit

The Disguise Kit is probably the most useful item a Spy has at his disposal. This inconspicuous cigarette case will allow you to assume the persona of any player at any time during the game. If you use it, special smoke will appear around your character to signal that you are going through a transformation, and you will then assume not only the appearance but also the name and colors of your enemy. This part is important to remember, however, because if you put on the disguise while being too close to your opponents, they will be able to see the smoke around your character, which will signal to them that you are a spy disguised as a member of their team. In order for the disguise to be accurate, you should put it on far enough away from the enemy lines so that they won’t be able to catch you red-handed.

Invis Watch

Another very useful piece of Spy equipment is the Invis Watch (aka the Invisibility Watch). This little gadget allows you to disappear from the enemy’s sight, making you completely invisible. Cool, right? Indeed. Remember, however, that you need at least one second before the device takes effect, plus two seconds to deactivate it. What’s more, the number of things you can do while using this watch is limited. For example, you can’t attack. What you can do, however, is to use the Disguise Kit, that is, if you adopt the right strategy, you can take an enemy from behind while being invisible, and then disguise yourself as a member of his team and perform a surprise attack. Of course, this kind of action requires some practice, but once you master this skill, you will be invincible.


Thanks to his deception and disguise skills, the Spy is the only class in Team Fortress 2 that can destroy Engineer’s buildings such as a Sentry Gun and a Dispenser. This is possible through the use of the Sapper, which is a small electrical generator that deactivates them. Keep in mind that as soon as you place one of these on any of the enemy buildings, the Engineers will be notified immediately and may try to destroy it.

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For this reason, the best strategy is to approach an enemy Engineer from behind (preferably in disguise), for example when he is repairing one of his buildings, and kill him with a pocket knife. Then you can safely apply the Sapper and watch as everything around you is destroyed.

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What Is the Best Way to Play the Spy?

As you may have already deduced from our article, playing the Spy may be great, but it’s certainly not easy. However, there are a few certain rules that will make it easier for you to become a master of deception. Namely:

  1. Eliminate opponents one at a time
  2. Change disguises frequently
  3. Watch out for Scouts, who are most effective at spychecking
  4. Use other weapons than the default ones
  5. Don’t be afraid to attack enemies when needed
  6. Treat the map as your friend
  7. Wait for the right moment to use cloaking ability
  8. Don’t hesitate to disguise as enemy spy

And most importantly: practice, practice and more practice.

No one became a master of espionage in one day and it takes time to learn every class in Team Fortress 2. However, if you devote enough of it, you will surely become one of the best Spies in the history of the game.


As you can see, Spy is really an amazing class in TF2 that gives players a lot of options. Whether you prefer to launch stealth attacks or want to perform a critical hit with your revolver or knife, this character has it all. However, be careful not to get too greedy and blow your cover. Enemy players can quickly figure out that you’re trying to trick them if you don’t plan your strategy properly. Nevertheless, we recommend you give this master of disguise a shot, as every person should try it at least once during their TF2 career. 

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