CSGO: How To Get Souvenir Packages

E-sports have always been an important part of Counter Strike, even in the early CS 1.6 days. Big CSGO tournaments, such as the Rio Major or the PGL Stockholm Major attract thousands of hundreds of viewers to every match. Players who take part in these tournaments often compete for major prizes, making spectating the matches all the more exciting.

To commemorate these tournaments, CS:GO players can purchase souvenir packages and obtain special souvenir class skins. Here’s all you need to know to start collecting the souvenirs of your own.

What Are Souvenir Packages?

Souvenir packages are a special kind of weapon cases. They contain a weapon skin from one of the collections of the current active duty map, depending on the match that got you the skin.

Prior to 2019, players could simply acquire souvenir packages at random when watching professional tournaments. If you were watching a match in the CSGO client, you could receive random souvenir packages in your inventory every time something important happened in the match you were spectating. This added another level to spectating CSGO matches and gave players an extra incentive to watch the pro scene closer.

Since the Starladder Berlin 2019 tournament the rules have changed a bit. Players can no longer claim souvenir packages for simply spectating a match. Instead, to be eligible for their souvenir package, they have to purchase a viewer pass, or buy the souvenir tokens from the in-game store.

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Viewer passes in CSGO work almost the same as any other type of season pass. Players who purchase the pass, will receive a tournament coin, which will level up together with their pass level and give them better rewards every time. You can complete various special quests to level up your event coin, or try successfully predicting the outcome of a match.

After gathering enough souvenir tokens, you can exchange them for souvenir packages. These special event souvenir cases have unique souvenir skins inside, that you can only get from these events.

What Are Souvenir Skins?

Souvenir skins are unique cosmetic items that you can purchase with souvenir tokens to commemorate the matches in a tournament. There is no single set of souvenir skins that you can get from the packages you purchase, as the weapon skins inside depend on the maps played, as well as the stickers that the pros themselves used.

A single souvenir token allows you to claim a souvenir package from one match in the tournament. The weapon skins inside will reflect the maps that the match has taken place on, as well as the stickers used by the players. This means, that if you choose to spend your souvenir tokens on a match between N’avi and EG that happened on the Nuke map, when opening the souvenir packages from this match you will be rewarded a skin from the nuke collection, together with a combination of four stickers used by the pros in this match.

Is It Worth It To Get Souvenir Packages?

Almost every souvenir case you can get your hands on is definitely worth it. Although souvenir skins can’t be used in a trade-up contract, souvenir skins are worth more than their usual versions.

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When opening souvenir packages, try to look for specific collections, which might include extremely rare weapon skins. Although you will always get a random skin of one of the competing teams, by smart spending of your souvenir tokens you can make a fortune, as souvenir packages contain some of the most expensive weapon skins in the game.

In Conclusion

Even if you’re not too interested in professional Counter Strike, it’s good to pay attention to CSGO tournaments happening. With souvenir tokens you might have a shot at getting very rare skins, that would otherwise be unobtainable.

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