How To Get The Snakebite Case?

Over the years Valve has participated in many collaborations with different artists from the CSGO community. Players who want to include their creations in the next weapon case have a chance to score fame by creating CSGO skins, which players can later use in a match or trade on the Steam market. There was a number of cases like this released over the years, but one that always stands out is the famous Snakebite case.

Containing the snakebite collection skins, this weapon case quickly rose in popularity and remains one of the most desired CSGO weapon cases on the market. If you want some snakebite case skins for your Steam inventory, read on to find out how to get the Snakebite case.

What Is The Snakebite Case?

Snakebite case was released on May 5th, 2021 in the ‘End of Broken Fang’ update. This new case was a continuation of the Broken Fang case and contained the same special rare Broken Fang gloves. The gloves which were added in the Operation Broken Fang update are among some of the most expensive items in the game, with certain finishes in high skin quality worth well over $1000. Besides the Broken Fang gloves, Snakebite case also features some other visually impressive skins, such as the Galil AR Chromatic Aberration or M4A4 In Living Color.

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The Snakebite case contains skins created in collaboration with the following CSGO artists:

  • kadzor
  • Nannou
  • kosear
  • moonfighter
  • :Desty
  • hatson_tm
  • MGBazz
  • chipAs
  • Redesired
  • emKay
  • Kai
  • Strenson
  • OniLolz
  • Zaphk
  • 2Minds
  • SA_22
  • Michael
  • SayChains
  • RAY
  • VilderAsuras
  • de puiseau

What Skins Are Inside The Snakebite Case?

When you open Snakebite cases, you have a chance to get the special rare Broken Fang gloves skin in one of the many finishes available. Besides the valuable gloves, players who open this weapon case can also get the following skins:





How To Get The Snakebite Case?

If you want to add items from the Snakebite case to your CSGO collection, you’ll be happy to learn that it’s quite easy to get your hands on the weapon case. Here are some methods that can help you get some Snakebite cases of your own:

Post-match Drops

You can still obtain a Snakebite case by simply playing the game. Players are limited to two case drops a week, so with this method, you can’t really be sure that you will always get the snakebite case that you want. Still, if you simply continue to play CSGO and complete matches, you have a chance to score a free Snakebite case as a drop.

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Steam Community Market

If you have some spare money, the easiest way to get the Snakebite case is to simply purchase it from other players. Although at its peak the Snakebite case could easily be worth around $10, the weapon case is now quite cheap, and you can easily get it on the Steam community market for less than $1 now. There are many players who are looking to sell their unused weapon cases, so if you’re interested, you can snatch on for a low price for yourself.


Although you can easily purchase Snakebite cases from other players on the Steam community market, buying it on Skinsmonkey will give you a much better deal. Since Skinsmonkey doesn’t take a cut on every transaction like the Steam community market, you can easily score better prices, even if it saves you a couple of cents. Also, with the registration bonus at Skinsmonkey, you can even try to get a Snakebite case for free.

To Sum Up

The Snakebite case is a long-time favorite, and that’s not without a good reason. Thankfully, if you want a Snakebite case of your own, you can get it quite cheap. Use one of the methods mentioned in this article and get the Snakebite collection skins that you always wanted today.

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