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The matchmaking system in Counter-Strike Global Offensive includes a few various factors that determine who matches up with who. On top of trust factors, ranks, and other features, Prime Status is also an important factor that adds to this value. Read below to discover all there is to know about Prime Status in CSGO, how you can get it, and what type of value it can bring to your CSGO experience.

What Is the Prime Status in CSGO?

CSGO Prime is a feature that was designed to improve the matchmaking system in CSGO and to spoil players who have it with more enjoyable rewards and benefits than a normal CSGO account can provide. It’s something you either have to pay for or earn with in-game experience in CSGO. Every player can choose to add Prime Status to their account if they meet certain criteria which we will discuss below.

Having a Prime CSGO Account means that you will only be able to match up with and against other players who have the same Prime accounts. This means better and less toxic players will be constantly around you, you will improve your win rate, and you will enjoy a much better overall experience with CSGO.

How to Get CSGO Prime?

You can get a Prime status for your Steam account in two ways. The first one is to pay the Prime pass, which costs $14.99, sometimes cheaper when there are sales on Steam. $14.99 is what it used to cost before becoming free, hence players who paid previously got converted to Prime status immediately.

You can go into the Steam store menu and add it to your cart and check out. That is going to enable Prime status straight away. If you are wondering if you can remove Prime account status, the answer is no. There is no reason to remove Prime account status as it protects both you and your opponents by providing a safer matchmaking environment.

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The second method requires that you play Counter-Strike Global Offensive often. Players who reach a profile rank of level 21 are guaranteed Prime status. If you are good at CS: GO, it won’t take you long to gain your Prime account status by putting in a few hours per day. Prime account status can come your way sooner than you think.

Most people end up buying it for the benefits that got mentioned before. That benefit is the matchmaking status that it offers the players. It is the reason Prime has become so popular amongst CS: GO players.

It might be time to start exploring if Prime has benefits for you and your competitive Counter-Strike Global Offensive matchmaking.

What Are the Benefits of CSGO Prime?

As we mentioned, all players who have CSGO Prime will get a significantly better matchmaking experience. But why is this and how? This is because CSGO players who have Prime are rarely noobs or toxic players who simply want to ruin your experience. No one will simply pay just to do this since they can do it for free in the normal CSGO matchmaking.

CSGO Prime can be seen as a place where cheaters and toxic players aren’t allowed and rarely exist. This is why playing with a Prime account will improve your experience with the game a lot. But, on top of that, CSGO Prime offers so much more. You will often receive valuable rewards from special Prime weekly drops such as souvenir items, special weapon cases, and more.

Having a CSGO Prime account will definitely improve how you play and enjoy the game. It may not avoid toxic players and cheaters totally, but you will surely see the difference.

Prime Matchmaking in Counter-Strike Global Offensive

As stated previously, the Prime account is in a separate, more trustworthy pool of matching participants. Competitive ranks apply, but the players are only chosen based on their Counter-Strike Global Offensive Prime status ownership.

In 2016, this system was introduced, back when you had to pay to play the game. Back then, owners had to register with a cell phone number, which deterred cheating players.

When the free-to-play model got introduced, this grew the game tremendously in value. If players can play the game on any account that has no ban, it makes it easier to make smurf accounts, or change to a new account after a VAC ban. Remember that Prime status does not stop you from getting banned, so make sure that you do not get caught cheating.

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There might be a warning cooldown if you break the rules, but if VAC detects any cheating software when playing CS: GO, expect to get banned. If you get a ban for cheating, it can be permanent or last for several days to weeks. Nobody likes a cheater, especially a blatant one, so make sure you are in the clear by owning a Prime account and do not cheat.

Is Counter-Strike Global Offensive Prime Worth It?

It is worth it if you want to play competitive matchmaking and take it seriously. Prime status keeps cheaters and people who do not take the game seriously at bay, helping to raise the standard of the game that you are playing.

If you are an old player or somebody new to the game, Prime account status makes your life that much easier. If you are a person who plays Counter-Strike Global Offensive casually, then you do not need to get Prime now. You are eventually going to earn the status once you have put in the hours.

Can I Remove Prime Status From My CSGO Account?

There is no way to simply revert the changes and remove your CSGO Prime Status from the account. However, this doesn’t mean that you can no longer play with your friends who don’t have Prime accounts. You can always join their party but you will be matched against other non-Prime users. When you play solo queue, you will be matched with only Prime accounts once more.

Final Thoughts

The Counter-Strike franchise has been around for many years and continues to draw in more players. Its online competitive playability of the game has made it a multi-award-winning title that has lasted nearly two decades.

So, it only makes sense that they create a game where players of all skill levels can be matched accordingly.  That is where CS: GO Prime account status comes in and offers this security for players. CS:GO prime status is VIP access to the game that allows you to matchmake with other competitive gamers that take Counter-Strike Global Offensive seriously. The main advantage is that you are going to experience fewer cheaters.

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Prime status can, however, be obtained by eventually reaching level 21 of your profile rank. That could take a few weeks to a few months, depending on how often you play. Another factor to consider when owning Prime status is the extra skins and drops that aren’t available to other players. It gives you exclusive access to a range of rare souvenir drops and item boxes that you might not receive if you do not have Prime. If you are looking for a place to sell CSGO skins then you can use Skincashier, we will buy your items that you got by owning Prime. You also get full unlimited access to dedicated servers that are hosted only for Prime status account holders. Lastly, let us not forget the visible Prime badge on your profile that you can show to friends and enemies.

Hope that answers all your questions about Counter-Strike Global Offensive Prime. If there is anything that was left out, please let us know. You can read more about Prime status in CS:GO using the official Steam guide.

FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

What is CS:GO Prime account status?

CS:GO Prime is an account status in CS:GO that allows you to matchmake with other Prime holders, so you get hit by fewer trolls and hackers. In addition to this, we also have the chance to get a drop after a round.

How much does Prime status cost?

The cost of a Prime pass is $14.99. If you owned CS:GO before switching to Free2Play, your account will receive Prime status automatically.

What are the benefits of having a Prime pass?

If your account is Prime then: you play with other users who have Prime, you have a chance to randomly drop items after a round, you earn a badge in your profile.

How to get CS:GO Prime?

You can purchase a Prime pass, which costs $14.99, but sometimes that price is discounted. The second way is to get a level 21 profile, which guarantees an account upgrade. The third way is to check your profile, if you had CS:GO before switching to F2P then you have Prime for free.

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