Gamer’s Guide: All Cache Callouts Correctly Defined in 2022

all cache callouts csgo guide

In Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, players often communicate with themselves using words and abbreviations that refer to specific spots on a map. In particular, Cache callouts are callouts utilized on Cache.

From this guide, you learn some of the most famous Cache callouts. So you can utilize them when playing ranked matches.

Cache csgo map

Where is Cache in CSGO?

At the moment, Cache is not a Global Offensive map that’s played in professional CSGO tournaments.

On the other hand, you can still find it when you play ranked matches, in the Defusal Group Delta map group. This map group is the second one from the left.

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Who Made Cache in CSGO?

The cache is one of the bomb defusal maps and was designed by three people: FMPONE, Volcano, and penE. Up until 2019, it was frequently used in tournaments. However, now it’s no longer included in the Active Duty pool.

The history of Cache goes back to Counter-Strike: Source and the previous version of this map, which was called de_cache. In CSGO, the map based on the original was called Cache. What is interesting, it was introduced in Valve’s Operation Bravo.

What is a Cache Callout?

A Cache callout is any verbal expression used to tell your team where a player (usually an enemy) is positioned on this map.

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Cache callouts can constitute the name of an object, a player, or any recognizable location. The idea is to convey information to your teammates in a way that gives an instant understanding of your words to them.

In case, you would like to know moare about other map, we recommend to read about one of the oldest maps in Counter-Strike history – Vertigo Map. As an alternative, you can look through all Nuke map callouts.

All of the Correct CSGO Callouts for Cache

Below you will find a full list of the most used CSGO Cache callouts. If you’ve been playing the game for at least 6 – 12 months, you will probably recognize some of them. Players use them all the time. It is an obvious thing that the higher your rank, the more Cache CSGO callouts you will hear during your games.

White Box callouts csgo

Mid / Middle

It is one of the most general Cache map callouts. What is more, it refers to the central area. Particular versions of this Cache callout are Mid Roof, T Mid, and CT Mid. All of these are spots located in the middle of the map.

T Mid refers to the Terrorists’ side of Mid, CT Mid to the Counter-Terrorists’ side of Mid, while Mid Roof refers to the roof of the building located in the centre of the map.

In CS:GO, the T side often tries to establish Mid control. And in their attempt to control Mid, the players will communicate with other CSGO roles and use one of the Cache map callouts related to this area. If you want to play as a Mid for your team, you should understand them well to communicate efficiently.

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A Site / B Site

A Site and B Site are the two bomb locations. The Terrorists will attempt to plant the bomb there every single round, so you will frequently hear them being used, often in association with other callouts: A-Main, A Default, etc.

A Long / Long A

These two Cache callouts are equivalent and refer to the broad area that Terrorists can pass through when going from where they spawn to A Site.

White Box

It refers to the white box located between Mid and Highway. The highway is the narrow path between A Site and Middle.

T Spawn / CT Spawn

These are the two map locations where the two teams spawn each round. The T side spawns at T Spawn while the CT side spawns at CT Spawn.

B Halls

The terrorists have the option to pass through this room when they choose to assault the B site.

Sun Room

It is the room with the Sun painted on the wall. You will often hear this Cache callout when people plan to use a smoke grenade tactic connected to the Sun Room.


It refers to the top of a wooden ramp located on the path between CT Halls and B Site.


It refers to a balcony located in A Site. That balcony is among the most common defensive angles that CTs need to hold to prevent the Terrorists from taking the site.


When players use this CSGO Cache callout, they refer to the vents that link Mid and Checkers. They are two other Cache map callouts. While Mid has explained above, Checkers refers to a room. The floor patterns of it are adequately described by this word.

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If you know what you’re doing, Vents can be a very powerful position, both defensively and offensively.

B Main Boxes / B Offen / B Main / B Default

All of these Cache callouts refer to places located in B Site. B Main refers to a room near B Site, B Main Boxes to the boxes located near B Main, B Default is the spot with the letter “B” on it, and B Offen is the area that connects B Hall, B Site, Checkers, and Hell. B Main Boxes refers to the B Site boxes.

Other Cache Callouts in CSGO

Squeaky Door

This callout is used to refer to the blue squeaky door near A Site.

Shroud / Boost Boxes

This callout refers to the boxes near Squeaky Door, which offer elevated angles.


It is located on A Site, right next to the forklift car.

NBK / Fence

It is a corner of A Site, named after the famous player NBK. And near NBK, you have Quad, an area close to the 4 boxes.

Other Cache Callouts in CSGO

Callouts on Cache are more numerous than the ones described here. Moreover, professional CS:GO teams often have highly specific names for every single area and object on the map.

But for the start, you should learn the ones presented above and memorize their exact locations, so that you can convey valuable information to your team.

Final Words

Cache looks intimidating at first. But once you understand Cache callouts, you may conclude – it is the most straightforward map in CS:GO.

Even though it’s not in the Active Duty pool, you should not neglect Cache if you’re a serious CS:GO player, because you never know when an updated version will make its way back into the pool.

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