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Latest CS:GO Skins Sold on SkinCashier

Galil AR | Rocket Pop (Factory New)
Nova | Quick Sand (Field-Tested)
Galil AR | Tuxedo (Minimal Wear)
StatTrak™ MAG-7 | BI83 Spectrum (Minimal Wear)
★ Specialist Gloves | Lt. Commander (Battle-Scarred)
Galil AR | Cerberus (Minimal Wear)
M4A4 | Cyber Security (Field-Tested)
AK-47 | Frontside Misty (Field-Tested)
Desert Eagle | Mecha Industries (Field-Tested)
AWP | Fever Dream (Field-Tested)

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Frequently Asked Questions

Here are answers to some of the most commonly asked questions. Looking for something else? Get in touch on our live chat!

What is Loot.Farm?

Loot Farm is a website that offers online services and allows its users to trade different skins and cosmetic items for various Steam games. The way the website works is that it allows users to trade with Loot farm bots and purchase and trade skins for games such as Dota 2 and CS: GO. Players can accept or decline trades as they see fit, and Loot farm guarantees a fast and secure transaction.

Is Loot.Farm Legit?

Absolutely, Loot farm is a legitimate website that allows users to trade cs: go, Dota 2, and skins for other Steam games like Team Fortress 2 and Rust. The Loot farm website ensures people who use their services that every trade offer on the website is legit and completely secure. The website also provides support with additional information and warnings regarding hacked Steam accounts, and fake offers that aim to scam people out of their hard-earned skins. If you have gotten your account Loot farm also warns users that they will not cancel trades and that if they noticed a canceled offer from one of their bots a new offer in its place that they should never accept such trades and that users should look up and read more information about the "Steam web API key scam". While Loot farm doesn't provide live chat support, they do provide customer support through an email form on their website. Users can also change the language of the website. While English is the default language, users can swap from English to any of the other six available languages.

How Does Loot.Farm Work?

The Loot farm trade website works somewhat differently from other third-party skins trading websites that provide this kind of service. The website offers people the option to get their favorite game skins through bot trading. Loot farm also offers additional trading options and features its own Reservation system that allows people to hold and reserve specific trades as well as an Auction system which is pretty self-explanatory and works similarly to any other auction. You can reserve the items that any bot has "ON HOLD". You will have to pick up your reserved items within 72 hours and you can see what items you have reserved and can withdraw under LOOT.Farm Reserved items. As far as the Auction service goes, the new items being auctioned for 24 hours first before being put up for regular trading. This ensures that all users get a chance to see new items and obtain them if they win the auction.

How to Trade CSGO Skins on Loot.Farm?

Loot farm is among the best CS: GO trading websites that provides skins trading services and offers skin trades with bots of the website at affordable prices and even large discounts, depending on different factors. Loot farm is extremely easy to make use of and every trade made on the website is backed up by the Steam review system.

The first thing that you will need to do if you wish to trade on Loot farm is set the inventory of your Steam account to "Public". This will enable the website to see your Steam inventory and all of the skins in it. While you are tinkering with your Steam options you might wish to add Loot.farm to your Steam name in order to get an additional 2% for all of your skins and other game items.

Regardless of whether you wish to trade your best items such as that Case Hardened AK 47 and that Doppler Knife, or any other knife, AWP, or item, if you want to trade on Loot farm, you will have to link your Steam account with the website, which is simply done by clicking the "Sign in" button and providing your Steam information.

After that, you will need to set your Steam trade URL which you can do by clicking the button on the top account menu and you will be ready to trade skins and get your favorite knife, AWP, AK 47, or just trade your skins for money.

Now you are ready to trade, and you will see two different inventories in front of you. To perform trades, simply choose the group of items in your inventory that you want to trade. Take a look at the second inventory and see if you like anything. This time, select the item/group of items that you like and check the prices of items as well as your balance. You can also use the search function on the website at any given time to search for specific skins. If you are searching for a sticker, for example, you can type the sticker name, or search for it by making use of the additional filters that are available.

Once you have completed this process, you will receive an offer from a bot which you will need to accept in Steam and if the prices of both sides are not balanced, the service will only go through if you add funds from your internal balance. In the opposite case, any additional funds will be added to your balance, and while you will not be able to turn that balance into real money, you can always make use of the money stored to get yourself another service.

How Does Loot.Farm Price Skins?

According to the Loot farm, the website uses unique price-setting formulas. Loot farm collects information from the official Steam market as well as uses complex mathematical formulas in order to determine the best price for each skin available on the website. Game items can range from being 5% higher than one on the Steam market to 30% cheaper. Players can get discounts on their skin prices and they depend on multiple different factors.

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