Best CSGO Knife Trading Guide

Knife skins in Counter Strike: Global Offensive are mostly some of the most expensive items in the game. A skin for your melee weapon in CSGO can be worth a small fortune, with some prices reaching thousands of dollars easily. If you own a CSGO knife, chances are you can trade it or sell it for a high amount of money.

And although most players use the Steam community market to sell any of their Steam items, there are better ways to do it, especially if there’s so much money on the line. Here’s a guide on how to trade knife skins for the most money.

How Rare Are Knife Skins?

All knives in CSGO have a covert rarity. This means that they are extremely rare drops from any cases they re available in, and the knife skins can take a spot of special rare skin in your weapon case. In order to get any of the CSGO knives, most people would have to open a lot of cases to land even one for their inventory. The price of most knife skins reflects that, as many of the are valued way above $1000.

Besides gloves skins, all the different CSGO knives are some of the rarest weapons you can get, and players who have a rare knife skin or two in their inventory always have a reason to boast. Most youtube CSGO content creators also hold rare knifes, which they don’t hesitate to show off. Many players also choose to name their knifes something unique, using the name tag feature, which can further increase their value.

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Due to their rarity, CSGO knife skins are often used as prizes in various giveaways or competitions. This is also the easiest way to obtain CSGO knives for free. If you want your own Bayonet or Navaja Knife, this is the easiest way, although it might require some extra luck. Most items in these giveaways are Factory New skins though, so if you’re lucky, you can get some serious money this way.

At the moment, there’s no way to craft CSGO knives for free. This means that if you want to get a knife skin via trade-up, it won’t be possible, no matter which skins you would use. The only method to get CSGO knives is to trade skins, or purchase the skin from other users.

How To Trade CSGO Skins For The Most Money?

When it comes to knife trading, you are are most likely dealing with large sums of money on your Steam account. Because of this, choosing an appropriate method of trading your knife is very important. A wrong trading website can charge you a percentage on the price of your item, and when it comes to thousands of dollars this can come up to a lot of money.

This is also the reason why you shouldn’t use the Steam community market for big transactions like these. While most players use the Steam market, as it’s very convenient and can easily be managed from the level of your Steam client, this method comes with some serious disadvantages, which disqualify this platform for knife trading. When you sell any item on the Steam market, Valve takes a percentage of the item’s price as a commission. This means that your already expensive items will only cost more on the Steam community market, either forcing you to lower your prices, or reducing the potential number of buyers.

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In addition, when you use the Steam community market any of the money you earned will be available only in the form of Steam funds, which means that if you want to turn this money into real cash you will first have to buy CD-keys for Steam games and sell them to other players. This process already takes some time, and trying to turn thousands of dollars in Steam credit into real money will take a lot of time.

This leaves you with two real options if you want to trade skins for a lot of money:


If you don’t want to use the community market, one of the best alternatives to it is to simply sell your skins to third-party trading websites. When you do your CSGO trading at Skincashier, you don’t have to wait for a trade offer. Simply log-in with your Steam account, browse all your CS GO skins that you have in your Steam account, select the skins you want to trade away and finalize your transaction by selecting the payout method. You can choose classic methods such as a bank transfer, but also PayPal funds or even cryptocurrencies. Skincashier also doesn’t have any hidden fees, meaning that you will always get the most money that you can for the skins you sell.


If for some reason you don’t want to sell your skins to a third-party website, but would either trade for it or sell it to another player, there is also a way to do that without having to trade on Steam. OPmarket is a third-party trading website, which allows players to sell items for various different Steam games, without the extra fees that are a part of Steam community market. When you trade at OPmarket, you can be sure that you will always get the best price for your item, and that you will easily connect with potential buyers.

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To Sum Up

If you have any CSGO knife skins that you want to trade, you are potentially selling an item worth well over $1000. Because of this, choosing the best method is one of the key steps to making money on your CSGO skins. If you’ve got any knife skins you want to trade, try one of the methods on this list.

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