Top CS2 Tournament Stickers

Counter Strike 2 allows gamers to modify many different aspects of their game, whether it’s the personalized game settings or visual changes to the game, made to fit every player’s individual preference. CS2 weapon skins are the most commonly known way of altering your game to your liking, and they play a very important role in the game, with an entire economy of CS2 trading.

Besides weapon skins, players also get their choice of music packs, agents, graffiti, and most importantly, CS2 stickers. Players can place stickers on guns and scratch them off to alter the sticker’s look. The Call to Arms update also introduced a significant change to how stickers function in the game. With the new sticker update, players can now place stickers anywhere on the gun, creating wild and exciting designs for their favorite weapons.

While there are many common stickers available in the game, the best stickers in the game are definitely the tournament variants. Released most often as a way to commemorate important events and moments in CS2 eSports history, CS2 tournament stickers are some of the coolest ways to modify your guns. Here are the best CS2 tournament stickers currently available.

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MLG (Foil) | MLG Columbus 2016

The MLG memes were all the rage back in 2016. MLG, or Major League Gaming, is one of the biggest eSports organization in the world, organizing tournaments in various different competitive games, such as Starcraft, Call of Duty, and also Counter Strike. In fact, the Columbus Majot 2016, organized by MLG, was the first Major League Gaming tournament organized outside of Europe, in United States. It was also historical because it featured one of the largest prize pools in the game’s history, at 1 000 000 USD. This awesome classic sticker with the cult MLG logo will add some old-school flair to your favorite CS2 gun. The foil version of the MLG Columbus 2016 sticker can be yours for around $28.97.

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Into The Breach (Holo) | Paris 2023

If you’re looking for cheap CS 2 stickers that also have a look that will fit many different loadouts, than the tournament stickers of Into The Breach will be up your alley. This British-centered team has a knight’s helmet on its logo, that goes well with many different weapon skins. The team is still fairly new, with some of their first competitive successes in 2021, but they already have some more wins under their belt and are poised for a bright future ahead. If you want to show off your support for the team, the Holo version of their Paris 2023 CS2 tournament sticker can be bought for as low as $0.24.

ESL Wolf (Foil) | Katowice 2014

No top stickers collection would be complete without the mention of the Katowice 2014 stickers. Some of the most expensive CS2 stickers, and definitely some of the rarest in the game, are the foil versions of Katowice 2014 stickers. This exotic sticker was added to commemorate the memorable event in the history of the Counter Strike franchise. The second Valve-sponsored tournament for the game, the ESL 2014 championship was definitely a time to remember. If you want to add this badass sticker to your collection, get ready for some serious investments. The ESL Wolf sticker costs around $594.54.

Lynn Vision (Holo) | Copenhagen 2024

One of the new Copenhagen 2024 stickers, Lynn Vision features another animal theme, this time with a ferocious bear. Lynn Vision has been around quite long, since the team was established back in 2017, and has garnered an impressive number of supporters in its wake. With a whopping 8 first place wins, Lynn Vision has been a major force in the eSports scene, and it’s not very likely to change in the nearest future. If you want to show your support to this team, the holo version o their stiker can be bough surprisingly cheap, for only $17,96.

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The MongolZ (Holo) | Paris 2023

Mogloz is one of the teams that had a bit of a rocky time in the CS2 eSports scene. Initially started in 2017, the team went through various trials and tribulations, only to be disbanded in 2022. This was caused by many different issues, one among them being the lack of eSports talent in the small country that is Mongolia. Thanfully, in 2023 the team got revived with the return of IHC Esports lineup in 2023, and even managed to compere in one of the tournaments, right off the bat. In addition to this challenging history, the MongolZ logo also looks really badass, and will add a deadly touch to any of the guns in your arsenal. Best part? It’s one of the cheapest stickers in the game, available for as low as $0.27.

In Conclusion

Here are just some of the best tournament stickers in CS2. The game continuously expands, and more items are added to the game, including different stickers. The game’s eSports scene isn’t going anywhere in the nearest future either, so keep a lookout for any tournament stickers, that are sure to appear in the next tournament sticker capsule with the next big tournament.

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