CS2 Desert Eagle Guide

There are many pistols available in Counter-Strike, but none of them match the absolute classic that is the Desert Eagle. Although difficult to master, this hand cannon offers incredible firepower, and in proper hands can decimate the entire team and take out players with one shot.

Sounds good? If you want to master this powerful pistol, look no further! Here at Skincashier, we present our own Desert Eagle guide for anyone looking to improve their skill with the most powerful pistol in the game!

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What Is The Desert Eagle?

Inspired by a real-life firearm of the Israeli special forces, the Desert Eagle is one of the most powerful pistols you can get for both of the teams. A high-risk-high-reward weapon, the Desert Eagle offers incredible firepower but can be difficult to use. The high recoil, difficult spray pattern up close, and slow firing speed can put you at a disadvantage if you get caught out of position, so knowing how to use the gun, as well as general map knowledge, is necessary to fully master the powerful tool that is the Desert Eagle.

Here are some basic facts about the Desert Eagle:

  • It costs $700 in-game
  • Desert Eagle goes into your pistol slot, replacing your currently equipped pistol
  • Available to both teams
  • 53 damage per shot, 93% armor penetration
  • $300 kill reward
  • 7 bullets per magazine, 35 bullets ammo capacity
  • lowers running speed when equipped to 230
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As you can see, the steep price, as well as the slow movement speed makes the Desert Eagle a very risky weapon. However, the high armor penetration and damage output allow you to take out practically any armored target with only two body shots, or a single shot to the head, making the Desert Eagle more powerful than some of the primary weapons for both of the teams.

In addition, Desert Eagle is the most accurate weapon in the game that doesn’t use a scope, with a low damage fall-off at a distance making it a great choice for any player who likes to snipe their enemies from far away.

When You Should Buy The Desert Eagle?

Although the Desert Eagle has a high price, it can still be purchased early on, even in the first round of the game. So, should you purchase a Desert Eagle for a pistol round? Absolutely not.

Anyone who has played Counter-Strike for a longer time will tell you, that Desert Eagle is by far one of the most powerful pistols in the game, but purchasing it early on, or even in the first round, is a big mistake, that can put your team behind when it comes to money, and even ruin your budget for the next couple of rounds. If you’re considering buying a Desert Eagle, think of it as a low-power primary weapon, instead of a pistol.

Although Desert Eagle offers a large kill reward and scoring two kills will almost return the purchase, if you get killed and drop the gun, not only will you give the enemy team significant firepower, but you will also be a whooping $700 behind. Depending on how the rest of your team will do, you might be forced to play the next couple of rounds with only a handgun. Although you can take out the enemy with only two shots, purchasing a Deagle early on is simply too much of a risk, and it can make you a significant liability for your own team.

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If you’re thinking about when to buy a Deagle, there are generally two situations, when the most powerful pistol can really make a difference, without putting you and your team at risk: when you have a full inventory, or mid-game instead of a CS2 SMG. Desert Eagle is frequently purchased late and mid-game, as a finishing touch to an inventory. However, if you’re planning on shooting at a distance and don’t want to buy an SSG 08, a Desert Eagle will be a good alternative in most cases. A Deagle can be more useful than an SSG 08 at shorter ranges as well, making it more effective on some smaller maps, as well as cheaper. It also takes up your pistol slot, meaning that you can purchase a rifle as the primary weapon, and buy a Desert Eagle as a long-range alternative.

Desert Eagle Tips

So How do you use the Desert Eagle in order to get the most out of your gun, without dying and losing the $700? Here’s a quick Deagle guide on how to use the powerful hand cannon to your advantage

Fire Standing

First of all – no matter whether you’re shooting at close range or a distance, Desert Eagle has a very high recoil, making it almost impossible to hit your target when you run or jump. Although it packs an insane punch, the high recoil, and a slow firing rate will make hitting anything virtually impossible if you’re moving around. The gun is very accurate when used properly, so try firing without moving any time you use the Desert Eagle. Even up close, this pistol can kill anything with just two shots, so you should be able to take out most players before they gun you down.

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Practice The Crosshair Placement

Desert Eagle is one of the most accurate guns in the game, so the crosshair placement plays a huge role in using the gun effectively. The gun is also extremely effective at longer distances and allows you to shoot at your enemies effectively, almost as well as any other sniper rifle in the game. A skilled Deagle user can snipe down members of the other team from a long distance, allowing you to easily take headshots. Before playing with a Desert Eagle in ranked matches, try and practice the aim and control of the gun. With its high accuracy, you need to practice the crosshair placement to be fully effective and dangerous.

Try Playing With The Quickswitch Bind

Although Desert Eagle has a high recoil, there’s a way to reduce it with the use of CS2 console commands. There are many console commands that CSGO players can use to improve their game, both performance and gameplay-wise. Commands are a perfectly legal and safe way to improve your game, and they can also be used to make handing the Deagle somewhat easier. The quickswitch bind will reduce your recoil with a simple process: by pressing it you will equip a knife, and then quickly equip the Deagle again. While this might sound redundant, it’s actually faster than waiting for the gun to recoil. To do this, simply bind this command to one of the buttons:

  • bind q “use weapon_knife;use weapon_deagle”

In Conclusion

The Desert Eagle is one of the player’s favorites, and not without a good reason. While it might be a bit difficult to handle, the Desert Eagle is by far one of the most powerful weapons in the game, and learning how to use it effectively will let you easily take out the competition with a sleek headshot or two.

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