Your CSGO Mic Not Working – How to Fix The Microphone?

not working mic csgo

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive for short is a video game in which teamwork is essential in order to achieve victory, which is why team members must always be able to communicate between themselves via voice chat and understand each other loud and clear.

This is why it is essential that players make sure that their sound and recording devices as well as the computer itself are in perfect working order.

Why is my mic not working in CSGO?

The first common reason why your microphone might not be working is due to the restriction in settings. We have noticed that after Windows performs an update, some applications that you may have granted access to your mic had the same access revoked so you will have to manually revert this process. Bad and outdated drivers such as those for your microphone and other audio devices could also be the cause of your mic not working properly.

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Other things such as in-game settings can also be an issue and the root cause of your mic problems so selecting proper audio devices in your game, and making sure that the volume is high enough and that none of your audio settings are muted could lead you to a potential solution to your microphone related problems. Lastly, mic problems could be caused by faulty or physically damaged hardware which is a more common issue than one would think, but a solution to this one is fairly simple and straight-forward.

How to fix not working mic in CSGO?

Depending on the cause of your microphone issue, the solution is going to be different, which is why we will guide you through all of the potential solutions using the knowledge that the CS: GO community has collected over the years. Best of luck.

Mic Fix 1: Set Your Default Mic

If you find yourself with a mic not working in CS: GO, the first step in attempting to fix this problem is to set your desired microphone as a default device. To set your default device, you will need to locate the volume icon at the bottom right corner of your desktop screen, and once you do, right-click on the icon and the left click on sounds. Next, select the Recording tab and once you are in your recording tab, you will find a list of your available devices among which is your desired microphone. Once you locate it, you can access more settings with a simple right-click, so right-click on it and then select the “Set as Default Device” option.

After you set your default device, left-click on your microphone to highlight it and then left-click on the Properties button. This will display another window with four new tabs available. Head to “Levels” and you will be greeted with two sliders, Microphone and Microphone Boost. You can use these to adjust the volume of your microphone, but the important thing here is to make sure that none of them are muted. Click OK.

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Now you can check to see if your recording device is working properly by speaking into it. If it is, the green bar should be reacting to your voice. If you have more than one recording device that are active at the same time, you can turn them off. To do this, right-click on the desired device and select Disable. Finish things up by clicking OK once again and test if your microphone is working in CS: GO. If the solution worked, then you are good to go. If not, then check out our next solution.

Mic Fix 2: Check Your CS:GO Settings

Another potential cause of your mic not working could be related to your CS: GO in-game settings, however, this is rarely the case as your default audio settings as well as mic settings usually won’t set cause you problems in the game. With that being said, it is still worth taking a look at your game settings in order to see if your audio settings and microphone settings are all in order.

Start by launching your CS: GO and use the gear icon on the left to access your settings and other properties of your game. Afterward, head to audio settings and then select audio. Make sure that the related settings in your game are in order and in the correct state. If they are not, please select the correct sound options and update your settings.

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Press on into the Game Settings and click on Communication. Once you have your options in view, make sure that you have not muted your teammates and other players in the game. If you have, toggle your related settings. The next step is to click on the Controller. In this menu, you will find the “Use mic” option. Make sure that you have a key assigned to it. The default key is “K”, however, you can set it to whatever feels right to you. This should fix the problem with your problem, if it doesn’t and you still need help with your microphone, then check out the next tip and try to work through the problem.

Mic Fix 3: Update Your Device Drivers

Mic not working still, and none of the solutions until now work, too bad, but don’t feel discouraged, there are still many things that you can try to fix your sound-related issues and make things right so let’s see what is causing our CS: GO voice chat to fail.

Often times, the problem can be related caused by your computer itself, or more precisely, your windows drivers. Your microphone not working in the game could be caused by your drivers not functioning properly or computer drivers being out of date, luckily, drivers are usually easy to fix, and all they really need is an update.

Since drivers are responsible for communication between your computer and every other device, it is very important to update them on regular basis. Doing this manually is not that easy and updating the drivers is a chore. Luckily, there are programs that you can install on your computer that can help you with your microphone drivers.

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One such program is Driver Easy which when installed will automatically detect drivers for every device that is connected to your computer, as well as check their version. After a quick check, the program will allow you to download the latest drivers for every single device with a single click of a mouse. In a post below, we will provide you a step by step guide on how to update your drivers.

The first step is obviously to download Driver Easy onto your computer. After you have done so, right-click on your Driver Easy icon and run it as admin. Press on the Scan Now button and the program will scan your computer for issues with your drivers. If you have the free version of Driver Easy, you will have to manually update every driver, if you have the Pro version, simply press the Update All button, and let the program do its thing. After everything is done, you should restart your computer as every time you install new drivers for any device, a restart should be done to make sure that everything works properly. It is very important that you don’t skip this step.

Mic Fix 4: Verify the Integrity of CS:GO Cache Files

This particular solution is a quick and easy way to fix numerous problems that can occur within your Steam games which means that this solution not only works for CS: GO but in any other Steam game. To help you verify the integrity of your CS: GO cache files we have prepared this guide so please follow it.

The first step to try and make your microphone work via this method is to Log in to your Steam account. Once you’re properly logged in, click on the LIBRARY tab and find CS: GO among other games on your list. Right-click on CS: GO and then select Properties. Once a new window appears, click on the LOCAL FILES tab, and on the left side of the window, you will see a button that says “VERIFY INTEGRITY OF GAME FILES”. Click it.

A new window will pop up and the validation process will begin. This fix usually works if the cause of the problem is caused by your cache files. Once the validation process is complete launch CS: GO and test out your microphone to see if it is working properly. If it works as intended, you are good to go.

Mic Fix 5: Restart the Windows Audio Services

If your microphone is still not in working order, there is a possibility that your Windows Audio Service is running into glitches which can and will prevent your microphone from working and therefore, prevent you from using it. If this is the cause of your microphone not working, what you can do is try and restart the windows audio service and see if that helps fix your microphone.

To apply this solution, you will need to open the Run tab which you can do by pressing the “Windows” key simultaneously with the “R” key. Once you open the Run tab, a new window will appear in which you should type Services.msc and then click OK.

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A new window should pop up which will be displaying a lot of information and files. Don’t get overwhelmed by this, as this solution is fairly easy to implement, just make sure to stay with us. Scroll through the list until you locate Windows Audio and left-click on it. Once you do so, an option will appear on the left side of the window that says Restart the Service. Simply click on it and wait for the process to finish. If this doesn’t work, don’t worry, there are more things that we can try.

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Mic Fix 6: Check Privacy Settings

Another common issue that we have seen mentioned in a post or two on various forums is that the reason why you can’t use your microphone is due to your privacy settings being reset after a windows update or some other reason. In a post online, it was mentioned that the windows update forbade CS: GO from using the mic which was easy to fix by modifying the privacy settings.

To do this, press the “Windows” key and the “R” key at the same time which will bring up the windows settings. You may immediately notice a few options displayed, among them is Privacy. Select it and in the next tab, select Microphone, then select change and check if the Microphone access for the device is set to OFF, if it is, simply turn it back to ON.

Below that, you may also notice another option, “Allow apps to access your microphone”. Click on the toggle to turn it ON. After doing so, scroll down and you will find the “Choose which apps can access your microphone” option. It is important to note that the “Choose which apps can access your microphone” tab will not display apps such as CS:GO and Steam, but will display other apps that are related to audio output, like skype. Turn the toggle ON on such apps, and save your settings. After you toggle all of your “Access your microphone” options above and save your settings, launch CS: GO and see if you are better off than you were 6 microphone fixes ago.

Mic Fix 7: Use the “Voice Enable 1” Command

If you have made it all the way here, and none of the other fixes managed to turn your situation around and you are still having the same issue, there is one more thing that you can try, the “voice enable” command. This is also a very easy solution that can possibly solve your issue, but to attempt it, you will have to enable the developer console in CS:GO which you can do in the Game Settings> Game tab.

Once you make sure that your developer console is enabled, access it by using the “~” key and type the voice enable command like so: “Voice_Enable 1” Press Submit and hope for the best.

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Found yourself with your mic not working in CS:GO, don’t worry because, in this article, we go over all of the potential causes of this problem. We will also show you how to allow apps to access your devices as well as provide you with step by step guides for all possible solutions for your CS:GO microphone issues.

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