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The Best Desert Eagle (Deagle) CS:GO Skins You Need to Buy!

October 23, 2020

Pistols are generally weaker than primary weapons such as M4A4 or AWP. However, the Desert Eagle (Deagle) is an exceptionally powerful pistol that any CSGO player isn’t complete without it. In this article we will highlight the Best Skins Available for Desert Eagle (Deagle)!

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS:GO) is undoubtedly one of the most popular first-person shooter games in gaming history. Typically, a match involves two teams (Terrorists vs Counter-Terrorists) engaging in intensive gunplay of assault, hostage rescue or bomb planting. The game often requires players working out the best strategy and teamwork in order to win but sometimes the right choice of weaponry is a crucial component of any given match.

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For instance, maps such as Dust II would be ideal for a balanced team of AWPers and assault rifles. This would also grant players the opportunity to showcase their most visually appealing CSGO skins like AWP | Dragon Lore, StatTrak M4A4 | Howl, among hundreds other different skins catering to a wide collection of weapons one can choose in the game.

However, the secondary weapon could serve an equally important purpose for your game as they could function as a reliable backup weapon. Fortunately, many CSGO players realised the need to equip themselves with a trusted pistol as it can potentially be the game changing weapon in fierce battles. The Desert Eagle, more commonly known as the Deagle, is one of the most preferred secondary weapon choices for many CSGO players, and it is not without a valid reason that players depend on them in the case where primary weapons are no longer usable in decisive moments. One or two headshots can change the course of a match, and Deagle can serve as a loyal companion to your conquest in CSGO.

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The versatile weapon that is difficult to master

For those who are unaware of the Deagle, the one-shot kill pistol is an insanely versatile weapon that you can purchase in-game for $700. Some may argue that the powerful secondary weapon is underpriced in CSGO, given its deadly power when a player is familiar with the handling of the Deagle (e.g. it has a long cooldown for accuracy resets). Similar to AWP, your enemy may be in for a treat if you are trained in accurate aims, as Deagle can be fatal with an unforgiving one-shot kill at the head. But at a level where raw aim is less of a variable, the pistol can outperform many primary weapons. 

Aesthetically-wise, there are a good number of best deagle skins that anyone with any ‘real-money’ budget would be able to afford. Experienced Deagle handlers may opt for more unique CSGO skins like the Souvenir Desert Eagle | Hand Cannon, which may cost you around $1,600 worth of real money. According to third-party marketplaces such as SkinCashier, while this particular skin is not the most popular in the CSGO skins market, it still commands a respectable position alongside other rare CSGO skins like Souvenir AWP Dragon Lore or the “Contraband” StatTrak M4A4 Howl, which are worth $61,000 and $100,000 respectively.

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Hence, while the Deagle is weaker than M4A4 or AWP, it remains as a powerful secondary weapon for any player, in any match. If you do manage to master this powerful pistol, it should become part of your regular weapon lineup in CSGO. Moreover, with the recent April 10 CSGO update (nope, we’re not referring to “Arms Deal”) buffs were implemented on the Deagle, Deagle players are elated to discover that the pistol was given pin-point accuracy while jumping as well.

What’s the deal with Deagle’s Buff?

Unlike Counter-Strike, the predecessor of CSGO, the iconic weapon was stripped of reduced range and accuracy in CSGO, resulting in a heavy movement penalty. Nonetheless, it will still kill players wearing a helmet with a one-shot kill at long range.

According to Valve’s patch note for CSGO’s April 10 update, the Deagle was eventually buffed by “improving accuracy while jumping, lowering the time to recover accuracy after the player lands.”, making it perform closer to its glory days in Counter-Strike. To put it simply, your accuracy will not be penalised even when you are jumping with Deagle. In fact, the buff of improved accuracy and reduced accuracy recovery time have proven to be a bit too much for most players. It was already pretty strong, but now some have labelled it flat-out overpowered. On the other hand, jumping from balconies, boxes and landing an awesome kill has never been easier with the latest Deagle buff. During a period where R8 Revolver was beginning to gain traction within the CSGO community, this update has just cemented Deagle once again as the pistol of choice in CSGO. 

More recently, CSGO’s twitter influencer Don Haci was surprised at the Deagle’s buff in April, considering that it was already a powerful pistol prior to the update. He has also tweeted in May about FaZe has become overpowering when the team were on Deagles. 

Hence in the foreseeable future, we do expect more players utilising the buffed Deagle in more matches and possibly mastering the skill of handling the pistol as an alternative deadly weapon in their matches. If you are planning to use the Deagle more frequently in your future matches, now is a good time to learn the tips and tricks to using the Deagle. Otherwise, you should start to think about customising the appearance with best deagle skins that could reflect your style and personality in the game. Send that “killer” signal to your enemies with the help of your best deagle skins. 

TOP 8 Best Desert Eagle (Deagle) Skins!

To make your life easier, we have shortlisted eight of the best deagle skins based on the data obtained across numerous CSGO skins marketplaces, including our very own SkinCashier. The data reflects CSGO skins that were most bought by players who buy or sell CSGO skins (ie. best deagle skins) and using the information, we are able to determine the best deagle skins for your usage.

StatTrak Desert Eagle | Oxide Blaze (Factory New)

StatTrak Desert Eagle | Oxide Blaze (Factory New)
  • Added: 16 March 2017
  • Rarity Grade: Mil-Spec
  • Starting Price: $2.62
  • Case: The Spectrum Collection
  • Description: A custom paint job has been applied with a rust-colored base and white detailing.
  • Flavor Text: Nothing a little sandpaper can’t fix
  • Creator: Workshop Submission

Desert Eagle | Night (Minimal Wear)

Desert Eagle | Night (Minimal Wear)
  • Added: 26 May 2015
  • Rarity Grade: Industrial 
  • Starting Price: $3.04
  • Case: The Chop Shop Collection
  • Description: It has individual parts spray-painted solid colors in a night ops color scheme.
  • Flavor Text: It’s the whisper of the wind… it’s the bite at your neck
  • Creator: Valve

Desert Eagle | Midnight Storm (Minimal Wear)

Desert Eagle | Midnight Storm (Minimal Wear)
  • Added: 26 May 2015
  • Rarity Grade: Industrial 
  • Starting Price: $5.26
  • Case: The Rising Sun Collection
  • Description: It has been painted with a hydrographic of a stormy sea over a blue metallic base coat.
  • Flavor Text: “I don’t hate you Sebastien… I pity you” from Chase Turner, Coalition Defector
  • Creator: Valve

Desert Eagle | Meteorite (Factory New)

Desert Eagle | Meteorite (Factory New)
  • Added: 1 May 2014
  • Rarity Grade: Mil-Spec 
  • Starting Price: $1.10
  • Case: The Bank Collection
  • Description: It has been painted with metallic paint, using a crystallizing mask to create a pattern.
  • Flavor Text: Everyone wants to make an impact
  • Creator: Valve

StatTrak Desert Eagle | Directive (Minimal Wear)

StatTrak Desert Eagle | Directive (Minimal Wear)
  • Added: 19 August 2016
  • Rarity Grade: Restricted 
  • Starting Price: $6.27
  • Case: The Gamma 2 Collection
  • Description: It has been designed to help the future of law enforcement stop creeps.
  • Flavor Text: Your move…
  • Creator: Workshop Submission

StatTrak Desert Eagle | Corinthian (Factory New)

StatTrak Desert Eagle | Corinthian (Factory New)
  • Added: 8 December 2015
  • Rarity Grade: Mil-Spec 
  • Starting Price: $6.99
  • Case: The Revolver Case Collection
  • Description: It has been laser-etched and given a custom leather grip.
  • Flavor Text: Protect. Hope. Trust. Persevere.
  • Creator: Workshop Submission

Desert Eagle | Kumicho Dragon (Field-Tested)

Desert Eagle | Kumicho Dragon (Field-Tested)
  • Added: 18 February 2016
  • Rarity Grade: Classified 
  • Starting Price: $9.15
  • Case: The Wildfire Collection
  • Description: Dragons have been laser-etched onto the slide and grip.
  • Flavor Text: “I’m a big fan of your work Yukako, we should talk..” from Huxley, The Competition
  • Creator: Workshop Submission

Desert Eagle | Conspiracy (Factory New)

Desert Eagle | Conspiracy (Factory New)
  • Added: 1 July 2014
  • Rarity Grade: Classified 
  • Starting Price: $5.52
  • Case: The Breakout Collection
  • Description: It has been painted with dark, metallic paint and pale yellow accents..
  • Creator: Workshop Submission

Customising the Deagle with Best Skins Available

The impact of the April’s update is somewhat similar to the groundbreaking “Arms Deal” update back in 2013, when Valve introduced CSGO skins to the ecosystem. With its recent weapons’ update, the Deagle’s buff has made it an easier weapon to master, with improved accuracy and recovery rate, making it the most powerful secondary weapon (or sidearm) in the game. Hopefully, the affordable list of the best deagle skins could also help you in your consideration of the best deagle skins.

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So, embrace the Deagle and include it to your powerful weapon family of AWP, M4A4 or other primary weapons that you are more familiar with using. If you are one of the lucky few who owns rare CSGO weapon skins like AWP Dragon Lore or StatTrak M4A4 Howl, you may consider selling these CSGO skins on marketplaces like SkinCashier where you can get a pretty good market rate in exchange for real money or cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum.

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