How To Effectively Control CSGO Spray Patterns in 2022?

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If you’ve ever fired an automatic weapon in real life you’ll know exactly what CSGO spray patterns are. However, a lot of people have never had a chance to gain such experience.

This ultimate guide will equip you with all the knowledge on CSGO spray patterns (e.g. how to disable this feature, how to improve it, and more). Read it until the end to find out what the CSGO spray patterns on most guns in Counter-Strike Global Offensive look like.

What Are CSGO Spray Patterns?

A CSGO spray pattern is a result of where all your fired bullets fly off to. It can also be defined as a recoil pattern that has a great effect on whether you’re an accurate shot in the game or not.

Contrary to popular belief, your shots fired in CS:GO do not all end up where your crosshair is. Instead, the longer you hold on to the trigger without letting go the less spray control (or recoil control) you have. In other words, your spray pattern and accuracy worsen and you end up missing your target in the game.

famas spray pattern in csgo

But don’t worry, there is a way to get better at this and improve your spray pattern, as you will see further in this guide.

How To Disable Spray Patterns CS GO?

You cannot disable Counter-Strike spray patterns in public CSGO servers.

You can only disable a spray pattern or recoil pattern on a server that you have admin privileges or in a bot match by using the following command:

  • weapon_accuracy_nospread 1
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This command will completely disable the spray pattern effect in CSGO and will require no recoil compensation for you to be accurate. In other words, all of your shots will be 100% accurate from any distance on any map.

You will have complete spray control and discover how it feels to never miss a single shot in Counter-Strike Global Offensive.

Then, if you want to enable the spray pattern feature again, you can type in the following command:

  • weapon_accuracy_nospread 0

How To Get Better Spray Patterns In CS:GO?

If you want to improve your CS GO weapon spray patterns and become more accurate, you must practice recoil compensation with your mouse when you fire a gun. However, not all guns’ spray patterns in Counter-Strike Global Offensive have the same spray pattern and recoil patterns.

There are two main ways you can improve your unique spray pattern in CSGO:

  • Method #1: When you see your spray pattern going wild, stop firing the gun until the crosshair resets and instantly start shooting again. You’ll need to do this quickly and become good at it for every single weapon in the game individually.
  • Method #2: Start moving your mouse in the opposite direction of where your spray patterns start dragging it. In the case of vertical recoil, if the crosshair starts going up you drag down, and vice versa. The same can be said for horizontal CS spray patterns as well.

csgo spray patterns

If you want to control spray patterns, you must first learn about the recoil compensation that is required for each weapon in the game. Because the spray pattern varies, this will require a lot of practice.

TOP 12 CS:GO Gun Spray Patterns 

You already know that not all CSGO spray patterns are the same. With this in mind, let’s find out what type of recoil compensation and spray control each of the following CSGO guns requires for maximum accuracy.

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12. M4A1

When it comes to the M4A1’s recoil compensation, you can expect a vertical movement that quickly peaks, after which it starts moving from left to right.

11. AK-47

The AK-47 spray pattern is fairly similar to the spray pattern of the M4 spray pattern in CSGO. It’s much more aggressive and hard to control while featuring similar movement patterns.

10. SG 553

The first few shots of the SG 553 will immediately let you know that its unique spray pattern shifts to the right side. However, once it reaches its peak, it then bounces from left to right, forcing you to put bullet holes anywhere but in your opponent’s head.

9. Galil

The spray pattern on the Galil is the opposite of the spray pattern on the SG 553. This means that the longer you hold the trigger on the Galil, the more your crosshair will shift to the left.

8. PP Bizon

The PP Bizon spray pattern is the most unique one you will ever see in Counter-Strike. This weapon’s spray pattern is highly unpredictable, swaying each shot either to the left, right, or up.

7. UMP 45

This weapon’s spray pattern constantly pulls the gun up while also swaying it left and right slightly.


The spray pattern of the FAMAS quickly pulls the crosshair up and then rapidly shifts it to the left and the right. To apply effective recoil compensation for the Famas in CSGO, you have to drag the weapon down and quickly move it right and then left.

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5. AUG

Initially, the recoil of the AUG only goes up in a straight line without any horizontal movement. However, when it reaches its peak, it quickly starts shifting left and right.

4. USP S

The easiest recoil pattern to handle is with the USP-S. It only moves up in a straight line, without any left or right movements whatsoever. When it comes to recoil compensation for this weapon, all you have to do is drag the weapon down slowly in a straight line.

3. Negev

Recoil compensation on the Negev is extremely difficult. There’s nothing straight about it, as it does include vertical movement but it is accompanied by the left and right shifts to the top.

2. M249

This is another machine gun with an extremely difficult recoil compensation to learn. Spray control with this weapon will be difficult to master, as it includes both horizontal and vertical recoil at the same time.

1. M4A4

The M4A4 recoil compensation will be fairly easy if you learn to stop after a few short seconds upon firing the gun. It includes fairly stable vertical movement at the start but then starts to rapidly shift between the left and right sides. The CSGO M4A4 spray pattern isn’t the easiest to master but it’s also not among the most difficult.

Final Verdict

Thanks to this simple guide, you’ll finally be able to improve your CSGO gun spray patterns. In addition, you now know how to deal with the recoil compensation for some of the most popular weapons in the game. With this in mind, all that’s left for you to do is to launch the game, load any CSGO spray training map, and start practicing.

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