CSGO: Best Smokes Ancient

For a long time many players were unaware of the existence of Ancient. Not a particularly popular map, Ancient has nonetheless joined the active duty pool in 2021, to the surprise of many, as a replacement for the well known Train map.

Like on many other maps, Ancient also requires the players to utilize grenades to be successful. Smokes, flashbangs and molotovs are all very important, especially in higher-level play. A well places smoke grenade can turn the match around and allow you to score an easy win.

Map awareness is one of the key abilities in Counter Strike: Global Offensive. If you want to improve your rank, you have to learn what are the best smokes on Ancient.

What Are The Best Smoke Spots On Ancient?

Ancient is not a very popular map, and that’s for a couple of reasons. For one, it’s one of the most CT sided maps in the game at the moment. The Counter Terrorists win around 60% of all games on Ancient. This also means that if your team fails to secure an advantage in the CT round, you’ll probably struggle in the T rounds even more.

There is a number of different reasons why players dislike Ancient and why the map is so skewed in favor of the CT team. For one, most of the fighting is done in tight corridors, with little chance of maneuvering. This makes the assaulting T team easy targets to be picked off by the camping Counter Terrorists.

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Because of this, it is extremely important for both teams to know where to use smoke grenades. There are many different smoke spots on Ancient, which you can utilize to your advantage. Here are the most important to keep in mind:

Middle House Smoke

Middle house is a perfect place for the CT team to camp, as well as for the Terrorists to rush the B site. Because of this, middle house is often the site of some of the most severe gunfights on the map. No matter which side you are on, knowing how to smoke middle house can greatly improve your chances on the map. The CT team can use mid house to block the Terrorist entry. To do this, simply throw a smoke either at the entrance or inside the house itself. As for the T team, this is also a good place to smoke in a match, as often you can find the CT team camping this spot with an AWP. On the T side, this smoke can actually be thrown from your spawn.

Site Stairs Smoke

This smoke is mostly important for the T side, as the B site stairs are one of the more popular camping spots for the CT team. If you don’t want to lose couple teammates to an AWP, it’s important to keep this smoke in mind. Most importantly, this smoke can also be performed by the T team form afar, which can be useful for confusing the CT team and performing some strategical plays. Stand right next to the doors on the left of B main, crouch and find a black circle on the back of the doors, find the tallest wall in front of you and throw the smoke. Your grenade should bounce off the walls and land directly on the stairs.

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Site Square Smoke

This smoke is especially important if you’re trying to rush B on the Terrorist side. It’s also one of the smokes that you must absolutely know, if you want to climb toward higher ranks. It’s super effective because you can actually throw the smoke while you’re on your way to the B site, perfectly obscuring any view the CT team might have from their spawn. To do this, stand right next to the right handle on the right doors to B main. From there, look upwards and left until you see a palm on one of the buildings. Center your crosshair on it and throw. If you did everything correctly, your smoke should land perfectly on square, obscuring any vision the defenders might have from that side.

Middle Tunnels Smoke

The middle tunnels smoke is pretty much necessary, if you want to get to house safely as the T team. The middle tunnels oversee the way to the B site, which means that the CT team will have a clear look on you and will be able to unload into your team, possibly ending the round well before you get to the bombsite. Find a trapezoid tunnel on mid, one below the brighe where you can see the large doors with the A sign. Stand right next to the edge of the chain blocking the tunnel entrance, position your crosshair on the upper right corner and throw. Your smoke grenade should fly over the doors and smoke the mid tunnels, allowing you for an easy passage.

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To Sum Up

Map awareness is one of the key abilities in CS:GO. Mastering where to use flashbangs, smokes and fire grenades is a crucial skill and knowing how they work on Ancient will help you quickly raise in ranks.

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