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nuke map csgo

Nuke is a popular map in Counter-Strike Global Offensive that has been around ever since the early CS 1.6 days. It was created by Jo Bieg originally but the map has seen a few changes here and there over the years. The setting in Nuke features an abandoned area that holds a nuclear missile.

In the old days, desert textures dominated the Nuke map but today it appears a bit more modern. In any case, the layout of the map isn’t changed too much and players can still experience one of the most exciting maps in CSGO with better textures, design, and more features.

The last revamp that Nuke experienced in CSGO featured various changes. Some of them include the removal of one of the vents between the two bomb sites, changes to the CT Catwalk, easier access to the Silo, moving Toxic to the Ramp side, blocking certain access points to a few areas, and more.

CSGO Nuke Callouts Overview

You will find that learning all of the main Nuke map callouts will be relatively easy due to the map being among the smallest in the game. This is mainly because a large building takes up a huge portion of the map. In addition, close-range weapons prevail on these types of maps which is something to keep in mind if you’re just starting out. If you’re generally a long-distance sniper player, you probably won’t have a lot of fun on Nuke.

Neither of the bomb sites is in wide-open areas. Both are in closed rooms but there are a few vantage points where you can overlook what’s going on from afar. Traveling between the two bomb sites is easier with the vents. As you may be aware, the bomb sites are placed on top of each other, which may confuse you if you’re just seeing the Nuke map and looking at only one bomb site.

csgo nuke callouts

Another important thing to remember about Nuke is that this is one of the CSGO maps that doesn’t feature a Mid location. The reason for this is the cramped layout of the map and the lack of space. This is why playing on Nuke is a bit different than most other maps. For now, you need to know that the map can be divided into the areas, the Outside, where most of the fighting happens, and all the rest is inside the huge building.

To be successful in fights Outside, you need to know which places are better for taking cover, hiding, and flanking. That’s what we will aim to reveal in this guide, among many other things.

The CT Spawn and the T Spawn are both located on opposite sides of the map. Each features a path with a similar distance towards the large building, but the entries and pathways inside are different towards the bomb sites.

Without further ado, let’s reveal all the main Nuke map callouts and see what each has to offer.

Bombsite A

nuke bombsite a

Site A on Nuke is a wide area that is located near the center of the map. It’s placed inside the large building and features various hiding spots, cover spots, and vantage points, making it all the more difficult to both attack and defend the Site. There are also plenty of ways to get in and out of Site A.

Defenders can view the status of most of Site A by peeking through a spot on Heaven. Part of the Outside area leading to Site A can also be viewed by the Defenders from the Locker Room area located on the right side of Site B, which is the side of the CT Spawn. From here, Defenders can also view what’s going on at the Garage and the CT Red container, all important areas for gaining more map control.

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Defenders can also access Site A through a Ladder that’s close to the CT Spawn. From there, it takes them to the T Roof where there’s a clear overview of the entire Site A area. This path also leads to the Silo, Radio Room, and the Control Room. From there, you gain access to the Ramp and bombsite B.

How to Defend Site A on Nuke?

Squeaky is a long and narrow room located on the side of the T Spawn in Nuke. This is where you can often find the Attackers entering Site A from as this area leads them straight inside the site. There’s nothing the Counter-Terrorists can do about this, as there won’t be any time to prevent them from entering. This leaves two options, either defending Site A inside or taking the battle Outside and making sure to kill as many enemies as you can.

If you’re defending from inside, you can rush as a CT towards Site A through the entrance at Mini and hopefully spot the Attackers as they’re entering through Squeaky. Don’t forget to switch your viewpoint towards the Hut, as the Attackers often enter through there as well. The Squeaky and the Hut entrances are extremely close together but they are enough to catch you off-guard.

While you’re standing guard behind the box at Mini, another Defender can position themselves on the Rafters above to keep an eye out for any movement inside the Hut. This secures both of these entrances. However, there aren’t any strategies for fighting in the Outside area. You just have to be a good enough shot and not rush in and get killed instantly.

How to Attack Site A

If the Defenders have done a great job securing the Hut and Squeaky entrances, it can be tough to get inside the Site A room. However, you can take advantage of smokes and flashbangs to limit the vision of the player on the Rafters and slip through the Hut.

You can also enter through Main, which is a location next to the Roof and in front of the Hut. However, entering through here suggests having a player on the Silo providing backup and letting you know about the enemy’s whereabouts.

Once you’ve broken through and are inside planting the bomb, keep in mind to have players secure positions like the Vents and the Heaven access point as well. You don’t want to see a Molotov jumping out of nowhere and scattering the entire team.

Bombsite B

nuke bombsite b

Site B on Nuke is on a lower level and can be accessed through the Vents that can be found in Site A. Defenders can use the hiding spots around the Ramp to ambush Attackers and prevent them from taking Site B. Various objects and locations like the Boost Box, Big Box, and a Headshot spot behind the Ramp can also be used to catch the enemy off-guard and quickly take them down.

Another possible entrance that leads to Site B can be found down the path through Secret all the way to the bottom of the map. There you will find a staircase that leads to the Tunnels near Site B. The bomb planting spot itself is placed in the middle of a wide room that features very little cover. It’s easy to get blown away if you get caught planting or defusing the bomb alone.

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How to Defend Site B on Nuke?

First of all, Defending Site B means taking advantage of your headphones and listening carefully for any noises, which are highly detectable here if the Attackers are coming through the Double Doors. These doors only open when someone is next to them, giving you insight into where the enemy currently is. Hiding in the Back Vents or in the hole behind the Double Doors will easily score you a pick-off.

Even though this is great to keep in mind, you will find that most of the Defending, or Attacking, regarding Site B on Nuke will be done Outside and near the Ramp. While you’re there, take advantage of the Boost Point to spot where the enemy is coming from. Remember to throw flashbangs and Molotovs if you spot them coming to take up better positions and get ready for the fight.

If, on the other hand, the Attackers make their way inside, being aware that there aren’t many places for cover is important. There aren’t many, but the few hiding spots that exist there are perfect. There is an area called Dark, which is a small hole near the Window. It requires close inspection to be seen inside, making it perfect to blow away some of the Attackers. However, make sure you shoot first or throw a Molotov at the entrance to Site B if you see more enemies coming. The Attackers may be too cautious and will throw a Molotov in the hole before they even see you there.

Lastly, if the Attackers beat you to Site B first and are already there waiting for you, remember to save a grenade or a Molotov to make a quick and clean sweep inside the B Site area. If some of them are left alive they will reveal their positions and your team can quickly kill them off and defuse the bomb.

How to Attack Site B on Nuke?

Before coming up with a plan on how to go about attacking Site B on Nuke, it’s important to send out a teammate who knows their Nuke Callouts perfectly to the top of the Silo. This player should inform you of where the Defenders are heading and warn you about any danger. The player on the Silo can also provide cover if you decide to rush Secret.

Attacking Site B on Nuke means you need to be extra careful on the way there. Once you’re inside it shouldn’t be that scary, but the journey there is risky and can be very easy to get shot and killed. As a result, you need to move carefully and always check the Boost point and the Big Box near the Ramp. Never go alone and have a player backing you up, especially near the Headshot area where it’s easy to get killed but difficult to kill the Defender there.

Potential flanks are also something to be prepared while playing on Nuke in CSGO. The map allows players to rotate often, making it easy to get flanked. This is why the Silo player should always inform you of the enemy’s whereabouts. But just in case, use flashbangs and Molotovs wherever you feel suspicious about the enemy waiting for you.

CT Spawn

nuke ct spawn

The CT and T Spawns are located on opposite sides on Nuke. The Ct Spawn sits all the way to the right side of the map and features an extremely wide and open area. From here, you get easy access to Heaven and Site A through the Rafters. The Hell side is also easily accessible from the CT Spawn.

Both Spawns are roughly the same distance away from the Outside open area. The CT Spawn leads quickly to the Garage area where you can take cover and get ready for the Outside shootout. From there, you can rush to protect Secret or engage in the fight and try to take out the player on Silo. Keeping more enemies busy in the Outside fight means there are fewer to attack the bomb sites.

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T Spawn

nuke t spawn

The T Spawn is another large area located on the left side of the map. It runs down a long and narrow path that splits in two ways at the end. Going right leads you to the Silo and the Outside area where most of the fighting takes place. Turning left takes you towards the entrance to Main from where you can enter Site A or go towards Control and the Ramp that leads to Site B.


Outside is a wide and open area on the map that’s located in the bottom section of Nuke. It’s one of the most exciting places where lots of action can be seen, especially at the beginning of each round. The Outside features a few major callouts such as the Silo, T Red, Garage, CT Red, and Secret.

The T and CT Red callouts are simply huge containers that can be used for cover while traveling in this area. The Silo is a large and tall structure that provides a lot of vision and is located near the Terrorist side of the map. The Garage is located close to the CT Spawn and features a great hiding spot and a place to take cover while fighting in the Outside area.


Heaven is a small area on the Nuke map in CSGO that provides good vision for anyone controlling it. From Heaven, players can have a clear line of sight towards the Garage and Secret, making sure to spot rotations and coordinate the team’s movements much better. It’s positioned on top of Hell and features a ladder going up to it directly.


The Vents are the quickest way to get around between Site A and Site B on Nuke. They are located right next to the Mini entrance in Site A, however, only the one on the left side is available for traveling through. As you may guess, the Vents are a great way to mount surprise attacks or quickly rush to aid a teammate in battle between the two bombsites.


After reading this guide, you will already know the most important places Nuke map callouts, the knowledge of which will allow you to control the map better and fight enemies more effectively. On our blog, you’ll find a whole series of posts detailing the maps and callouts in CS:GO that will help you become the best at matchmaking. If you enjoyed this article, check out our other posts about the most important CSGO maps:

FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

Is Nuke CT or T sided?

According to the CS:GO map stats page, it comes out that Nuke is definitely a CT sided map. That’s also the opinion of f0rest, a professional Dignitas player.

How to play Nuke in CS:GO?

Being very good at Nuke in CS:GO takes some practice and getting to know key locations like Vents and Heaven. First, practice in an offline game and explore the map thoroughly.

When was Nuke added to the in-game map pool?

This was in 2012, at which time Nuke was officially added to CS:GO after improvements to earlier versions.

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