What Is The Stattrak Swap Tool?

Stattrak skins are among some of the most valued in the game. Although they don’t help you in the game in any way, it’s still nice to be able to see how good you are at the game.

Stattrak skins can easily be worth quite a lot of money. Because of this, if you’ve got a Stattrak gun in your Steam inventory, chances are you can sell it for a high price. This is especially true for skins with a higher rarity. However, parting with your Stattrak score isn’t something, that many players are ready for.

You don’t have to worry though. There is a way to carry your Stattrak score over to another gun. Here’s all you need to know about the Stattrak swap tool.

What Are Stattrak Skins?

Stattrak skins are a variant of the standard weapon skins, which keep the history of kills you get with this weapon. In addition to the normal skin, a Stattrak version will also come with an ostensibly placed kill counter on the side of the gun. The count will actually display the number of kills you get on your gun, allowing you, as well as anyone who picks it up, to see how successful you were.

Every time you score a kill with a Stattrak gun you will see the number go up. The counter is placed in such a spot on the gun, that it will be perfectly visible upon inspection in-game. While the Stattrak upgrades are purely visual, they are generally a good reflection of how long you’ve been playing and are also a great way to impress other players in the match. Everyone who picks up the gun after you will get to see the number of kills as well, meaning that even if they kill you, you can still show them, that you’re a better player.

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Because Stattrak skins often have much higher rarity than their normal versions, they are also more expensive than normal skins of the same quality. This means that if you want a Stattrak version of your favorite item, get ready to spend some serious money. Still, some of the more common skins can be purchased for cheap, so if you want to get a Stattrak gun of your own, you don’t have to spend a fortune.

How Does The Stattrak Swap Tool Work?

Stattrak skins are often worth good money, so if you’ve got one, chances are you’ll want to sell it to someone in the future. However, if you’ve got to try out the skin before you found a buyer chances are you’ve already racked in some kills on the counter. Maybe you want to part with a skin that you’ve been using for a long time and feel like losing your kill count would be a tragedy.

You don’t have to fear that anymore. The good news is that you can swap two Stattrak values between two different guns of the same item type. With a Stattrak swap tool, you can simply choose to change two Stattrak values between two guns that are owned by you of the same item type.

The Stattrak swap tool is super easy to use. All you have to do is select two skins of the same item type and the item swaps Stattrak values between the two guns. You can only use the swap tool on two Stattrak weapons, meaning that you can’t transfer the count to a gun without Stattrak enabled.

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How To Get The Stattrak Swap Tool

There are currently two methods that you can use, to get a Stattrak swap tool of your own.

Purchase In The In-Game Store

If you need to switch two Stattrak values of your guns, you can simply buy the swap tool from the in-game store. The item itself is very cheap, the current price is only $0.99. When you buy it from the store, you also get two Stattrak swap tools, in case you want to go back on your swap decision.

Purchase From The Steam Community Market

Although the swap tool is very cheap itself, you can save additional money by getting it from the Steam community market. If you want to get a single swap tool instead of a pair, this is the only way to do it.

In Conclusion

Stattrak skins can be worth quite a lot of money. This means, that if you’ve got one in your inventory, you might be sitting on a small fortune. If you want to sell your skin, but don’t want to part with your Stattrak score, don’t worry. Just use a swap tool and continue racking up your kills on a different gun.

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