Vertigo Map – Overview and Callouts in 2022

vertigo map csgo

Vertigo is one of the oldest maps in Counter-Strike history. It was available in CS 1.6 and is still available in CSGO today. However, Vertigo has also seen a lot of changes in popularity over the years. It was even removed from the game a few years back, only to be slightly changed and re-released once more. 

Brief History of Vertigo

The original version of the Vertigo map was created in 1999 by Chris Auty. It’s one of the oldest but was never one of the most popular maps in the game. Vertigo found its way to CSGO in 2012 following an update that changed a few crucial structures and textures to the map. 

Vertigo was actually removed from CSGO in 2017 due to a serious lack of popularity and being avoided in competitive games altogether. However, in 2019, it was added back and started to make some waves in normal and Competitive Counter-Strike Global Offensive matches as well. 

Overview of Vertigo Map Layout

Out of all the maps in CSGO, Vertigo features a very organized layout and a callout order that is straightforward to learn and understand. There are many open spaces where huge fights can take place but there are also plenty of narrow corridors where you can try to slip by and move across the map. Vertigo is split into two floors, both almost equally balanced in terms of hiding spots, wide areas, narrow corridors, and similar. 

vertigo map layout

There are a few hotspots and main areas regarding Vertigo that every CSGO player who wants to win must master and remember. Read more to learn everything there is about each and find out how to outplay your opponent and have an easy win most of the time while playing on Vertigo. 

Bombsite A

vertigo bombsite a

When looking at the Vertigo map layout, you can see that Site A is located at the bottom left corner and sits on the top floor of the map. This is the furthest location away from the Terrorist Side and forces the Attackers to push through a lot of risky areas to reach it. This may seem unbalanced but the Defenders also have a hard time reaching this area, as they must make their way through the stairs towards Mid all the way until they eventually get to Site A. Defenders can also choose to go underneath to the Ramp which will also lead there as well.

The area around where you’re supposed to plant the bomb is fairly open and features only a small number of locations to take cover and hide. However, using the Sandbags as cover or hiding behind a few holes and doorways might be enough to give the enemy the slip and take them down first. 

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How to Defend Bombsite A on Vertigo

Defending Site A is significantly more difficult than Site B. This is because the Defenders will need to do everything they can to take control of Mid. If this is done successfully, then the Attackers will have a rough time pushing through. 

Once the Defenders gain control of Mid, the Attackers will be forced to come from underground, which won’t be a nice walk in the park either. In any case, a successful defense can’t always be guaranteed on Vertigo. One of the main reasons for this is because it’s too hard to establish full control of the Ramp above. It’s easy to retake it and turn things around in an instant. Your best bet is to throw Molotovs on the Ramp to prevent the Attackers from using it as well. 

How to Attack Bombsite A on Vertigo

If the enemy doesn’t know how to defend Site A, this can be one of the easiest places to attack and plant the bomb on Vertigo. If you decide to Rush A, there is a good chance to overcome the enemy fast and win the round. One of the main reasons for this is the fact that the Defenders can’t fully control the Ramp area. 

Whoever controls the Site A area will have easier access to Mid, which is also an important location to establish control over. Make sure to split the team and send a few players to fight for control over Mid while the other team is forcing their way towards planting the Bomb at Site A. 

Once you begin your push towards Site A, make sure to throw a smoke at the right side of the ramp and have a look at all the angles to ensure no one is covering them from above and kill if you spot an opponent with ease. This is an amazing trick because you will have decent vision up the Ramp but the enemy will barely see you down below because it’s much darker from where they are. The key here is to block off the enemy’s vision so that you can progress further and overpower them due to their lack of vision. 

Bombsite B

vertigo bombsite b

Site B is located on the opposite side from where Site A is on the Vertigo Map. This is an area that also features more hiding spots and objects that you can use for cover. Next to bombsite B is the CT and the B Stairs which lead to the basement. 

How to Defend Bombsite B on Vertigo

Defending Site B is a slow process because the Attackers can’t just Rush B with ease like with Site A. Your normal order of action here would be to throw a Molotov at the entrance of B Main and quickly spot out the angle to see their movements. If you don’t see anyone yet, climb up the wooden panel next to the stairs and pick off anyone that tries to pull through. What you’re doing here is holding the B Main entrance, forcing the enemy to take a different route where your teammates will hopefully be waiting.

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You can also try to be more aggressive and rush down and hide under the stairway after you’ve secured a bit of time by throwing the Molotov. This is one of the best angles on the map that is hard for the attackers to notice while coming in through the B Main entrance. 

How to Attack Bombsite B on Vertigo

Attacking Site A on Vertigo can prove difficult if you fail to coordinate perfectly with your team. Doing this alone will almost always end up in failure. It’s harder to Execute B on Vertigo because the enemy has the high ground advantage. However, there are some amazing tricks you can pull off with your team to secure a fast and clean B Execute. 

The first thing you need to remember when attacking Bombsite B on Vertigo is to stack up on smokes, flashbangs, and Molotovs. Then, try to block off as much enemy vision as you can without doing the same for your team. 

Ideally, you’d want to send 1 player to secure Mid while the others bombard the top floor with smokes and Molotovs and quickly use the short amount of time they have to climb up the stairs and take out the enemy. If you have good coordination, then taking Site B will be quick and clean. 

CT Spawn

vertigo ct spawn

The CT Spawn on Vertigo is closest to the B Site area and can provide quick access for Defending this location. The Counter-Terrorists spawn here and only need to go through the CT door and through the right door to get to Site B, which is also located on the top floor of the map. 

The CT Spawn also gives quick access to Site A as well, allowing the Defenders to follow the path through CT Mid and through the Back to finally see Site A. In any case, the easiest area to control from the CT Spawn quickly is Mid, as the Defenders spawn closest to this location. There is also a ladder next to CT Spawn which can be used to flank the Attackers given that they spawn on the lower floor of the map.

T Spawn

vertigo tt spawn

The Terrorists Spawn is located on the bottom floor and features a wide area that provides a few possible routes for an attack to choose from. Attackers can reach T-Mid and from there go to Mid fairly quickly after spawning, which they can then try to secure as this area is crucial to control. From there, T Side can rush Site B fast and try to climb up the stairs and secure this area as well. 

T Spawn also allows quick access to Site A, forcing Attackers to run through T Lower, Connector, the Bridge, and to the Ramp for bombsite A. An interesting feature on the Vertigo Map is that there is a latter that connects T Spawn and CT Spawn, providing possibilities for sneak attacks, flanks, and lots of surprises given that someone has the courage to go there as soon as the round starts. 

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The Ramp is a very important location on Vertigo for both the CT and the T side. This is because the Attackers can use it to quickly reach Site A and plant the Bomb, meaning the Defenders will also want to rush there and prevent the Attackers from just sliding through and planting the Bomb with ease. 

The Ramp is located next to bombsite A and is a place where a lot of nasty fights can break loose. Fights here can end pretty quickly as this place is a wide-open area where it’s hard to take cover instantly. If you’re on the Attackers’ side and are heading towards the Ramp through the Bridge, try to watch out for the wooden floor above which the Defenders can shoot you through if they please. 

Vertigo Choke Points

There are three chokepoints in Vertigo, all of which are the three stairways that allow you to move up and down between the two floors on the map. The callouts for these three chokepoints on Vertigo are:

  • T Stairs located at the T Spawn area
  • B Stairs located at Site B
  • A Ramp located near Site A

Each of these locations on Vertigo is dangerous and holds various risks of being ambushed. There are many angles from which the enemy can kill you without you even noticing them before it’s too late. As a result, always be on your guard whenever approaching any of these chokepoints and try to either flush the enemy out with grenades and Molotovs or block their vision with a smoke grenade. 

You’ve learned all about Vertigo, now it’s time for you to learn the guides for the other maps and start dominating your opponents! On our blog you will find:

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FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Vertigo map?

Vertigo is one of the oldest maps created in June 1999. It was added to the map pool in CS:GO on October 1st, 2012. The author of the map is Chris “Narby” Auty.

Is Vertigo T or CT sided?

According to pro player f0rest who plays for Dignitas, Vertigo is T-sided. Terrorists definitely have an easier time controlling the map. The stats say likewise, CT’s win a few percent fewer rounds on this map than T’s.

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