Gamer’s Guide: How to Fly in CSGO?

how to fly in csgo

Before you learn how to fly in CSGO, you should know that you won’t need any wings or jetpacks for it. Instead, all it takes is a few simple console commands. If you follow them, you’ll be able to roam freely across the maps in the shooter.

There are many benefits you can get from learning how to fly in CSGO. For example, you can quickly move around maps, learn how to effectively throw smokes and flashbangs. New knowledge will also significantly improve your aim.

So, let’s dive into this short guide and uncover how to fly in CSGO. Don’t worry because each player can do it. It means you don’t need any special cheats or software.

how to fly in csgo

How Do You Float in The Air in CS:GO?

To learn how to fly around in CSGO, you will first have to enable developer console access and to enable this, please follow four simple steps:

  1. Launch Counter-Strike Global Offensive
  2. Go to Settings
  3. Find the section titled “Enable Developer Console
  4. Set it to “YES”

Once you’ve completed this, you can open the console and activate the noclip command.

The noclip mode allows you to freely roam around the map. Besides this, it lets you go up, down, left, right, forward, and back without applying any laws of physics. In addition, you can also move through walls with this command in CSGO.

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While learning about the various CSGO fly techniques, it’s important to know that you can only fly on custom Counter-Strike Global Offensive lobbies that have enabled cheats.

How Do I Turn on Noclip?

Activating the noclip command requires only two steps:

  1. First, open the developer console
  2. And just type in “noclip”

That’s it! It will instantly turn on without the need to restart Counter-Strike Global Offensive. Later, if you want to disable noclip mode, you can repeat the two steps above one more time. In such a way, it will toggle it off.

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How Do You Bind Noclip in CS:GO?

To make things easier on yourself, you can also activate a bind noclip command that will instantly turn on or off noclip mode with the press of a single key on your keyboard.

This way, you can learn how to fly in CSGO with your friends and not have to waste time opening the developer console and typing in console commands.

To bind noclip to any key of your choice, simply use the following command:

  • bind “any key you want” noclip

Here is an example of this command in use: bind L noclip

As you might be able to guess, this will instantly activate the noclip command every time you press the L key on your keyboard.

Flying in The Flying SCOUTSMAN GAME MODE

There is another way to learn how to turn on the fly in CSGO without having to enable cheats. You cna do it inside the official Wargame mode in CSGO called Flying Scoutsman.

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The Flying Scoutsman lets you and other players play Counter-Strike Global Offensive but with a twist. You’re still in teams; hovewer, all CS:GO maps have much lower gravity. So, you aren’t exactly flying. You jump much higher and move around quickly while slowly being pulled down toward the ground.

csgo flying scoutsman

In addition, you can only play with the Scout Sniper Rifle while you’re in the Flying Scoutsman game mode. You will not be allowed to equip or purchase any other CS GO weapons here.

To conclude, Flying Scoutsman is the best game mode to learn how to practice flying in CSGO and improve your accuracy with a Sniper Rifle.

Final Verdict

That’s all there is to flying in CSGO. Whether you choose to use the noclip command in a custom local server or you want to play the Flying Scoutsman Wargame with your friends, both methods are an excellent way to learn how to fly in CSGO.

One important thing to keep in mind from this guide is that, once again, you will not be able to fly in public CSGO servers that have not enabled cheats or don’t include any commands for lowering the gravity in the game.

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