Dota 2 Best Carries 2023

The last couple of patches in Dota 2 have really shook up the power balance of the game, and it can be a bit difficult to know who’s who with all the changes introduced to Dota 2 heroes. Patch 7.33 was easily one of the biggest changes introduced to the game in the last couple of years, completely revamping the classic Dota map, as well as introducing a number of new mechanics.

What didn’t change, however, is that carry heroes are absolutely crucial to winning any Dota matches, and a strong carry hero on your team can make a huge difference. As their name suggests, carry heroes are even capable of soloing the enemy team late game, provided they get the space to farm items and exp.

So, which carry heroes excel at the current version of the game? Here are our picks for the best carry heroes you can pick for your team today!

Top 5 Best Carry Hero Picks

A carry hero is debatably the most important hero in the entire team, with the late-game strategy often depending on how well the carry player managed to farm in the early game. Carry heroes dominate mid-game and later parts of the match, where they play a crucial role in most team fights.

The last couple of patches introduced some serious differences in how items and heroes played in the game, so some new faces might appear on the list, but over all the top meta has remained more or less the same. For the same of this list, we focus more on PuBs, rather than pro games, so you can expect our top list to have some application in your rank as well.

  1. Medusa

We should start off this list with possibly the biggest winner in the latest patches added to the game, Medusa. Medusa’s place in the top lists has been fluctuating for what feels like years now, with her being underpowered in the past, and currently being possibly the best carry hero in the game. Although initially she can be one of the more squishy heroes and deal unimpressive damage, later on with the proper farm Medusa is able to team fight the enemy team alone, with insane tankiness and her split shot allowing her to deal massive damage to a number of players at the same time. With changes to one of her core abilities, Mana shield, Medusa can now simply stack mana items, without worrying about other important tank stats, like HP or armor.

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In addition, with her damage Medusa is able to quickly split push at a much more efficient pace than other carry heroes, making her an absolute monster late game, if she manages to snowball with a good early game advantage. Medusa is one of the most commonly picked heroes in Dota 2 at the moment, and it seems like this won’t change until a potential nerf in the future.

  1. Phantom Lancer

Another well-known face in all carry heroes top lists, the Phantom Lancer remains one of the best picks for any team that wants to play aggressively and take advantage in team fights. With changes to Diffusal Blade, Phantom Lancer is back on the top, once again nesting himself among some of the best hard carries in the game. It’s insanely difficult to fight against a farmed Phantom Lancer, who will constantly be barraging the team down with his illusions and pure damage. In addition, like many other illusion heroes in the game, Phantom Lancer is able to effectively flash farm and gets insane power spikes with every item completed, making him a pain to deal with for the enemy team, even in the laning stage.

Phantom Lancer’s kit gives him abilities that provide him with an effective toolbox, which makes him a great pick in almost any team composition. If you don’t pick him into one of the heavy counters, you should easily be able to dominate the enemy team.

  1. Spectre

If you’ve been paying attention, you might have noticed, that so far this list features only illusion heroes. This is not different with Spectre, another carry hero who retains their position at the top of the list, despite many changes added to the game over the years. Although Spectre is a hard carry that’s heavily reliant on her itemisation and is virtually harmless if underfarmed, her burst damage and powerful defensive passive ability, late game Spectre can easily shred through the enemy heroes, and even take out multiple enemies at once with her powerful ulti, which spawns a single Spectre illusion at the location of every enemy hero on the map.

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Spectre still remains much weaker than most heroes in the laning phase, with a few items she can completely dominate the game, and can easily take one of the top spots for the most tanky agility hero in the game. Her abilities make her an insanely powerful fighter, solo and against the entire enemy team, and with proper farming and itemisation Spectre can easily take over the match.

  1. Anti-mage

The ever elusive Anti-mage remains at the top of the game, with his illusions and insane farming capabilities making him even more powerful with the improved mobility introduced to the map in the newest patches. Not much has changed about the Anti-mage, and the features that made him one of the most popular carry heroes in the game hold true to this day. With a Blade Fury in his inventory, Anti-mage still remains the master of split pushing and can farm creep waves all over the map, with the opposing team not capable o stopping him.

Anti-mage is a great hero, that will put the enemy team on the counter, as a late game farmed Anti-mage can easily turn the match around. If the enemy heroes will give Anti-mage space to farm, there is little that they can do to stop him later, as he shreds through the enemy heroes in team fights.

  1. Faceless Void

Another highly elusive hero, Faceless Void is another long-time favorite, and possibly one of the kings of big plays in Dota 2. His signature ultimate, Chronosphere, allows him to completely slow the passage of time for a couple of seconds, which is far more than a farmed Faceless Void needs to take out a hero or two. Faceless Void can quickly rack up some impressive physical damage, and his ability kit provides him with incredible survivability, mobility, and powerful passive stun, which can proc on every physical attack. This makes Faceless Void an extremely powerful hero to try and take out 1 on 1.

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With bonus damage from different items and additional survivability, Faceless Void can easily lead the team late game to victory. Bear in mind, however, that mastering Faceless Void can be a bit more difficult than the other heroes on this list. His Chronosphere ult is a powerful weapon, but it’s a double-edged sword, and if used inappropriately, a Chronospehre can end up killing your team and losing you the entire match.

In Conclusion

Here are the best Dota 2 carries you can currently pick in the game. If you liked any of the heroes on this list and would like to get some items for them, but are lacking the funds, check out Skincashier! The website allows you to quickly cash out your Dota 2 inventory and instantly sell Dota 2 items for best prices!

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