The Best 3 Platforms To Rent CSGO Skins in 2022

rent csgo skins

Believe it or not, you can show off a brand new AWP Dragon Lore for as little as $10. In fact, you can get any CSGO skin even cheaper if you decide to rent CSGO skins.

It’s a process that lets you try out and use any CSGO skin you want for as long as you can afford it. However, it also allows you to rent CSGO skins of your own, helping you make a nice profit in the meantime.

If you want to learn every aspect of the CSGO rent skins process, you’ve finally found the right guide!

What is CS:GO Renting?

CSGO skin renting is a process that works both ways. It allows you to use other skins you want to play with but can’t afford to buy. It also allows you to let other players use your skins for a fee.

It’s the same as renting apartments. If you have a good apartment, try to rent it for the highest market price possible. However, if you want to find an apartment for a temporary stay, you pay others to use that apartment.

Gamer’s Guide: How To Use Free CSGO Skin Changer?

This CS GO renting process usually goes through a trusted third-party CSGO skin renting website. Given that you use such a website, you should not worry about being banned. It’s safe to rent CSGO skins. In this article, we’ll show you exactly which sites are safe to use for renting skins in CSGO.

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Can You Rent Skins in CSGO?

Yes, it is possible to rent skins in CSGO. However, you will most likely need to do this through a trusted third-party site. You’re not advised to do it any other way because it’s easy to get scammed.

Avoid Getting Scammed -> Fix Your Steam Guard Right Now!

When using a reliable site for rented items in CSGO, you submit security information for your own protection. This way, the online service can’t scam you. And vice versa, you can’t scam the site out of their valuable skins.

When we say security information, this usually means a credit card, sometimes your ID if you are in certain states or European countries. However, you don’t need to be alarmed. This process is required to ensure you don’t steal the site’s rented skins.

How to Rent CSGO Skins?

If you want to rent CSGO skins and use them in online matches, you should sign up for a third-party site that allows players to rent premium skins in CSGO. You’ll find a list of such websites below.

Here’s how this process works:

  • Register at the site using your Steam account
  • Submit your credit card information or other info that they require
  • Find the free CSGO skins you want to use and click on “Rent”
  • Complete the renting process and withdraw premium skins instantly

If you want to rent out your CSGO skins for a profit, the process of items renting is quite similar. All you need to do is:

  • Log in to your account
  • Create a so-called supplier or find a button that lets you rent your skins
  • Import your skins
  • Enjoy the profits

TIP: You will need to set your Steam profile to Public to buy CSGO Stattrak skins, sell them, and rent them.

Top 3 Websites for CS GO Weapon Skins Renting

As promised, here are the three best websites to rent on the CSGO skins. Moreover, the sites mentioned below are also ideal for buying and selling items from Counter-Strike: Global Offensive.

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lootbear rent csgo skins

The most popular website to rent your CSGO skins or use other players’ CSGO skins is Lootbear. Legit websites like this have been around for a long time, so you can find plenty of reviews that confirm its safety.

Additionally, Lootbear’s assortment of skins valued at millions will offer plenty of skins to choose from them. Not only that, but it allows you to earn money by selling and renting your CS:GO skins.

The site gets tons of traffic. As a result, you can have plenty of customer items if you have decent skins. The main factor here is patience.

CSGO Smurf Ninja

csgo smurf ninja

A different option that offers even more services is CSGO Smurf Ninja. It is a recognizable brand that operates in the game infrastructure of LoL, DOTA 2, GTA, Valorant, and more.

If you’re looking for new skins or even new CSGO accounts, this platform is worth visiting. Additionally, it is a safe website. It is ideal for gamers who love CS:GO and countless other popular multiplayer games.


Considering there are no other legit sites to rent CSGO skins, your last option to get premium skins at affordable prices is SkinCashier. It is a highly trusted and secure website where you can find any CSGO skin, including the most expensive CSGO skins, the best Desert skins, popular M4A4 Howl and such more.

Additionally, thanks to its secure payment method, you won’t need to worry about being scammed and not getting what you wanted.

Final Verdict

If you want to start renting CSGO skins for free, make enough money to buy something special, or pay to use other people’s precious skins, this guide has got you covered. Now go to the sites recommended here, find a good skin, and accept the trade offer. And you’re set with the best weapon skins CSGO!

Gamer’s Guide: How To Use Free CSGO Skin Changer?
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Gamer’s Guide: How To Use Free CSGO Skin Changer?

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