CSGO Inferno: Best Molotovs for 2023

Inferno is one of the favorite maps of many players and is also currently one of the maps available in the active duty pool. The map is great for the competitive CS:GO mode, as it allows for quick rounds with intense firefights.

There are many different choke points on Inferno, which means that good smokes or molotovs can really change turn the game around. Knowing where to use grenades in CS:GO is one of the most important skills, if you want to improve your ranked position.

Inferno is a tricky map, with many spots where a good molotov can significantly change the outcome of the match. Here are all the best molotov spots on the Inferno map.

Best Molotovs For Inferno 2023

In order to make this guide clearer, all the molotovs have been separated into the terrorist and counter-terrorist sides. Also, each side has two types of guides, depending on whether they go B site or A site.

Terrorist Molotovs

Inferno can be quite challenging for terrorist teams, since there are many possible spots where the entire team can be quickly massacred. Most entries to bombsites go either through a tight corridor or an open spot with a perfect sniper opening. Because of this, the smart use of molotovs is necessary if you want to succeed.

A Long Cubby

When going through A long on the Inferno Map, the terrorist team is at danger of an opponent hiding in the cubby. It’s a great spot for camping with an AWP or other powerful gun, and a good CT player can quickly decimate the opposing team, if they aren’t careful. When advancing on long, simply stick to the right edge, go as close as you can and wait until you see the right side roofs intersect with the wall in the front. Adjust your crosshair to where the roofs connect and simply throw the Molotov. This should force anyone out of the Cubby and let you pick them off.

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A Short Under The Roof

Another molotov for going A, this one hits a similar spot, just on the opposing side. When advancing, there is a small roof right across the cubby spot, making it a good place to wait for the terrorist team to come in and get destroyed. You can also use molotovs to quickly get rid of your opponent, this time simply hug the left side until you’re almost around the corner, aim your crosshair at the corner of the roof of the building in front of you and throw. This should land the molotov directly under the roof, forcing any enemy to move.

B Coffins From Banana

On Inferno approaching the B site through banana is one of the most popular tactics used by the terrorist team. Because of this, most often someone from the CT team will keep watch and can take down your entire team, if you come in unprepared. If you want to potentially force someone out from the coffins by using a Molotov, simply advance to the wall in front of the coffins, take out your molotov and point your crosshair above the leftmost barrel. This should let you make a throw that will go over, immediately forcing out any opponent that might be hidden inside.

B Dark Molotov

Dark refers to the part of the bombsite B that is situated in a corner, so attacking players can’t really see who’s there. That’s why it has become a popular choice for the CT teams to camp and wait for potential opponents. If you want to use molotovs to clear that spot as you attack, simply jump on the barrels which are located on banana and walk up to th rightmost side. Then, simply aim your crosshair at the edge of the roof and throw. The molotov should land perfectly on Dark, dealing damage to anyone caught in the fire.

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Counter-Terrorist Molotovs

The CT team has a difficult challenge on the Inferno map, seeing as it still remains the most T-sided map in 2023. good smokes are one thing, but the most useful molotovs can definitely help you in securing victory.

Back Site Molotov

This is one of the most useful molotovs and is at the same time pretty easy to pull off. At the banana, jump on the barrels near coffins for a boost spot. After that, look up and find a window on the building to the left side. Use it to position your crosshair, then jump and throw. Your molotov should land perfectly on the back site.

Pit Molotov

This molotov is used to stop the advance of an enemy team going through the pit. The pit on Inferno allows the terrorist team to quickly rush the bombsites, at a risk of opening themselves to enemy fire. Since this part of the map is so out in the open, you will probably need to use a smoke first. Hug the left side of the CT side entrance until you see two sets of tree leaves. Position your crosshair in between them and do a throw-jump. This should land your molotov directly in the pit.

Default Plant Molotov

This CT molotov on Inferno B is useful when the terrorists have already made it onto the site. A correctly placed molotov can slow down the enemy team, or in some cases even prevent the plant completely. Go back to the corner near the short staircase, look forward and find a corner of the building in front of you. After that, just throw your molotov in the area of the corner. Your molotow should land right on the bombsite, giving your team an opening.

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Quad Retake Molotov

This molotov is a perfect choice if you’ve smoked at the CT spawn and will have to make your move. Go to the corner next to logs and look up. You should see a short roof, with a plant in a boost spot. You should use this plant as your reference for aiming and make a running throw. If you executed all of the moves correctly, your molotv should land directly on the quad around B site, effectively throwing out all of your enemies and forcing them to reposition.

To Sum Up

Here are all the best Inferno molotovs. Knowing where to use smokes, flashbangs or molotovs can significantly increase your chances of winning. A correctly placed molotov will slow down the enemy team and give you a positional advantage.

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