The Gamer’s Guide: All CS:GO Overpass Callouts

all csgo overpass callouts guide

Callouts in CSGO are crucial for one thing only – increasing your win rate. You may be asking, “but how can Overpass callouts boost my CSGO win rate?”. Well, it’s simple!

Knowing many Overpass callouts will prevent you and your team from dying more. It will also help your team get around more easily and know exactly how to move across the map in sync.

With this in mind, let’s dive in and help you master essential Overpass callouts in Counter-Strike Global Offensive.

What Are The Overpass Callouts?

CS GO Overpass callouts are names of areas on the map. However, these aren’t just any meaningless areas. Most of them are places on the map that are critical to controlling. Good CSGO players know all the callouts like the back of their hand.

As a result, they can immediately change their course whenever a teammate mentions something important about a callout.

overpass callouts

To sum up, Overpass callouts CS:GO will help you get around the map better, help your team coordinate easily, and prevent your enemy from catching you by surprise.

Overpass Map Specifications

At first glance, the Overpass map appears like one of the more complicated CSGO maps. It may be true if you don’t know your Overpass callouts in CSGO.

The Overpass has no particular shape. It looks like a circle more than anything else. Another notable thing about it is that its bomb sites are pretty close, making it a unique bomb defusal map. It also offers enough nade opportunities to make these bomb sites quite complicated to hold.

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Most important Overpass Callouts:

  • A Site – an area where you can plant the bomb. It’s located in the upper-left corner of the map.
  • B Site – another area where you can plant the bomb. This one is situated in the upper-right corner of the map.
  • CT Spawn – a small area, where the CT team spawns at the start of each round. Its location is right in the middle of the A-bomb site.
  • T Spawn – a small area where the Terrorist team spawns. It is located at the very bottom right section of the Overpass map.
  • Upper Tunnels – an instant left turn from T Spawn that leads to Fountain and right toward Connector.
  • Lower Tunnels – located at the centre of the map, this area leads straight into Mid.
  • Connector – a small area that quickly connects Mid and Lower Tunnels.
  • Toxic Barrels – a secret hiding spot behind some barrels that lets you see enemies approaching the B bombsite from the Sewers or Monster.
  • Monster – it’s a short tunnel that Terrorists use to quickly enter B site the T Spawn.
  • Heaven – this is located above B Site and is a strong vantage point
  • A Long – a wide and open pathway towards A Site from the T Side
  • A Short – a short path through mid toward A Site from the T Side
  • Squeaky – a door connecting Water and Connector
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Overpass CSGO Callouts – T to B Site

To reach B Site from the T Spawn area in one piece, you must use your CS Overpass callouts.

There are plenty of ways to reach B from T Spawn. However, the most effective pathways are the following:

  1. From T Spawn, run straight towards the Alley and reach the Tracks (Train)
  2. Take a left through Pipe (Short Tunnel) and go straight into the Water
  3. Here, you will find a boost position, where you can get a quick glimpse of the B-site.
  4. Once you enter Water, take a right, pass the Sandbags, take a left through Short and you are now in B-Site.

This path is where you are the least likely to run into any Counter-Terrorists. It is also one of the quickest ways to reach the B Bomb Site.

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Overpass CS GO Callouts – A Site to Playground

A playground is one of the map callouts in CS GO Overpass that sees action. It’s a big area that connects the Terrorists to many critical spots on the map. As a result, the CT team must control this area.

So, to increase your chances of reaching Playground from A Site or CT Spawn, you can take the following path:

  1. From A Site, run straight towards the A Main doorway;
  2. Run straight toward A Short and pass the Connector entry point;
  3. You will quickly reach Party, where you must keep your eyes peeled;
  4. From there, you will be inside Fountain;
  5. The playground is just behind it.

This path is the quickest and the safest compared to A-Long where you can get taken down with AWP shots. However, taking this path also doesn’t mean you are out of harm’s way.

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Overpass CSGO Callouts – Tunnels and Mid

Lastly, the Mid area is one of the most critical points to control on any Counter-Strike Global Offensive map.

Mid quickly leads to almost any other area on the map. With this in mind, you should always send out someone to at least keep an eye on it if you can’t always control it.

Mid is also home to the Connector area on Overpass. The Connector is one of the most dangerous places if you’re not careful. It’s a tight space and allows players to come in from all sides. If you get cornered, you’re done.

The Tunnels are divided into two separate areas, the Upper Tunnels and the Lower Tunnels.

The Upper Tunnels connect the PlaygroundFountain, and the T Spawn area.

When it comes to the Lower Tunnels, this area lets you enter the ConnectorSqueaky, or the door that leads right into A Short.

Additional CSGO Overpass Callouts and Tips

As you’ve seen above, some Overpass callouts in CSGO are highly descriptive, while others can be quite confusing. With this in mind, memorizing the tips you’re about to read can often save your life in the game:

  • Learn the more confusing Overpass CSGO callouts first. Learning where Tree is shouldn’t come before learning where Connector is.
  • Always let your team know where you are by quickly telling them callout out the location even if you aren’t experiencing any trouble.
  • If you can’t remember a particular callout, come up with a different and unique name that you and your team will never forget.
  • Always let your team know if you have a name for a particular callout. Thus, they won’t be caught off guard the first time they hear it.
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Final Verdict

The Overpass map in CSGO is not the easiest map to move around in. However, it’s also not complicated to the point where you can’t remember any callouts.

All it takes is to analyze the map for a few minutes and focus on remembering the most important areas first, such as the Bomb sites, Mid, and the Long and Short pathways.

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