Is CSGO Cheating Ruining The Shooter in 2022?

csgo cheating

With more than 20 million monthly active users, CSGO is still one of the most popular online multiplayer games. However, according to many gamers, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive is rife with CSGO cheating. But, is that really the case, or is it possible that CS:GO is full of bitter losers?

The Valve Anti-Cheat mechanism is often mentioned in the media. However, some players are now disputing whether or not it’s really the case that CSGO has a cheating problem.

Eventually, every CSGO player will witness a teammate or opponent using blatant cheats. Players landing numerous one-taps in a single leap or wallbang headshots with an auto may turn a simple game versus normal opponents into a nightmare for other players.

No one doubts that hackers play CS:GO, but some believe it is a frequent occurrence.

terrorist-throwing a smoke grenade

Conversely, many players allege in Reddit posts that they rarely ever face hackers, questioning the ‘CSGOcheating problem’. Most of them are high-ranked players who have been dubbed hackers for hitting their shots, leading them to assume CSGO has more low-skilled players than hackers.

What is the Cheating Problem in CS:GO?

Cheaters have long plagued CSGO owing to Valve’s lax anti-cheat policy.

Valve Anti-Cheat (VAC) is a widely used anti-cheat engine, yet cheat developers have beaten it for years. But, since Counter-Strike: Global Offensive was free to play for years, banned players could simply create a new steam account and rejoin the game.

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Additionally, Valve has never been keen on anti-cheat enforcement outside of the game. In January 2021, Riot Games and Activision Blizzard sued hackers peddling Destiny 2 and Valorant hacks.

Valve has the means to do so, but it rarely does so outside of chasing underage eSports rivals. On the contrary, former Riot Games’ Valorant and CS GO pro player NisaY was banned by Riot Games from all official competitions. However, Valve is doing comparably little to police CS GO.

Is CSGO Full Of Cheaters? Are There Hacks in CSGO?

Reddit user /u/yv0Li was wondering the same. For their investigation regarding CS GO’s cheating problem, they used almost 3000 matches on their own Steam account. Their match history scan revealed how many players they’d encountered and how many had been banned for cheating.

Out of 23,000 accounts, there were 1,080 VAC account bans, and 875 were banned for cheating. VAC has caught about 4.6 percent of gamers cheating and has blacklisted 3.8 percent of them for their involvement in the scandal.

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Different Types of CSGO Cheating

There are several different cheats in CSGO, which you’ve definitely heard of via loud allegations in-game. There are two types of aimbots:

  • those that let you hit every shot
  • and those that let you set a percentage of shots to go in the right direction.
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They are very similar to the aim-assist that consoles provide.

Hacks like spinbots and mobility hacks let players move quicker, clip through walls, and teleport between different places, which are both rather similar cheats. Other hacks, such as removals, and radar, eliminate weapon recoil and spread, and reveal player whereabouts on your radar.

wallhacks csgo cheating

However, the most prevalent CSGO cheats are wallhacks and aimbots, while most other in-game charges are bogus.

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Are CSGO Pros Cheating?

Richard Lewis, a seasoned eSports journalist, claimed that without the involvement of tournament organizers in an effort to preserve face, more than half of Counter-Strike: Global Offensive’s best teams and players would have been disqualified for cheating.

Just a few days prior, an Esports Integrity Commission (ESIC) verdict said that it would provide “a pass” to coaches, players, and teams that were accused of cheating in the CSGO world.

Lewis’s tell-all stream confirmed what many people already suspected: that professional teams cheat in live tournaments using stream sniping, that match-fixing is common in CSGO’s lower divisions, and that everyone in CSGO, from tournament organizers to teams and players, is playing a game of who can get away with the most.

Does Trusted Mode Prevent Cheats from Working?

To clarify the idea and intended usage of ‘Trusted Launch’, Valve has confirmed in a previous FAQ that the “Trusted Mode” feature does not completely prohibit cheats from operating.

Whenever the game is started in ‘Trusted Mode,’ the application builds a barrier. All third-party programs are actively banned from interacting with the game to preserve a closed region. A VAC ban is issued for any application that crosses over or breaks through this barrier. Moreover, it is consequently considered a non-accidental violation.

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Additionally, Valve admits that the optional anti-cheat ‘Trusted Launch’ isn’t really a high-level technology used to prevent cheats, but rather a simple application that creates a ‘minimal barrier’ enabling faster identification of cheaters.

Maintaining a closed-off environment is the best option for gamers concerned about cheating problems. However, making it more difficult for attackers to uncover vulnerabilities inside your system implies beefing up your security procedures. 

The anti-cheat technology created by Valve, VAC, may also be installed to ensure that all players are using the most current version of the game’s client.

One other thing that players can do is to watch the replay of the kill. If, by any chance, you spot that your enemy can spot your teammates behind walls, or scores an unusual amount of headshots – you always have the option of reporting that player. 

If Valve’s team detects a player with many reports, an investigation will be taken, resulting in a permanent ban. Of course, this won’t solve CS GO’s cheating problems at a large scale. But at least one cheater will get what they deserve.


CS: GO has attracted a sizable fan base, Because of the game’s long history and similar gameplay mechanics to previous online games,

Yes, there are those that cannot accept losing, but the CSGO community continuously reports gaming irregularities. When it comes to anti-cheat, Valve will have to do more than just block accounts in a flood.


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