Counter Strike 2: Will Players Be Able to Sell CS2 Skins?

Counter Strike player or not, you’ve probably heard about the biggest news the gaming community has seen in years.After months of speculation, Valve has officially confirmed that their biggest game is moving to Source 2, and players must say goodbye to Global Offensive. But what does this mean for your inventory? Will you still be able to sell skins from CS2? Read this article and learn all the necessary answers to these questions.

Breaking News in the World of Counter Strike

On March 22, the entire Counter Strike community stopped for a moment. Why, you ask? Well, Valve Corporation decided to drop a bomb on everyone by announcing that they were not only porting their infamous product to the Source 2 engine, but that they were essentially creating an entirely new game. Yes, you read that right. Counter Strike 2 is officially happening, and it’s happening really soon. The release window announced by the company is the summer of 2023.

What Is Counter Strike 2?

Rumors have been going around the community for many months now and players have been suspecting that Counter Strike will get an upgrade really soon. Since Valve developed its Source 2 engine, it was just a matter of time before they were going to port Counter Strike to it. On top of that, reports from popular gaming journalist Richard Lewis only confirmed that an update was indeed coming. However, no one was expecting that the company would opt for creating a whole new version of the game!

Counter Strike 2 is coming in the summer of 2023 and it will be a free upgrade to CS:GO. According to Valve’s official press release, it is “the largest technical leap forward in Counter-Strike’s history”.

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What Will Change?

After such strong statements made by Valve, the CS:GO community is now on the edge of their seats, waiting for all the new updates coming with Counter Strike 2. However, if you’re not really into technical jargon regarding game engines and such, you might be asking yourself: so what exactly is going to change? Well, here are the main differences between Global Offensive and Counter Strike 2 that Valve has announced so far.

  1. Smokes

One of the biggest changes in CS2 will involve Smokes. As Source 2 provides various new technical capabilities, Smoke Grenades will become much more dynamic and interactive. They will reportedly be able to react to the environment and look much more realistic (and the same for every player, which as we all know was a bit problematic in Global Offensive). What’s more, they will be dispelled by bullets passing through them, which will have a major impact on gameplay.

  1. Visuals

This one is somewhat related to the changes taking place with Smokes, but the visual improvements provided by Source 2 will be much more extensive. According to Valve’s announcement, players will now be able to see such things as AWP bullet traces, their own agent’s feet, and shadow, as well as improved environmental effects such as lightning, fire, and explosions. All of this will extremely enhance one’s experience with the game.

  1. Tick Rate

This one is much more technical than all the other modifications made available by Counter Strik 2 and may not be noticeable at first. However, if you are an experienced CS player, you will definitely notice the difference. We recommend watching Valve’s official video, which explains quite well what ticks are. In a nutshell, the new engine will improve the way the server reacts to what is happening in the game. Previously, it only recorded actions at fixed intervals, and everything that took place in between was basically non-existent. Now there will be no more discrepancies, and players will no longer experience problems in their gameplay.

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Of course, there are many more upgrades coming with the new game, but these are the biggest ones announced so far. We’ll have to wait for the official release to see what the game has in store for us.

What Will Happen to Global Offensive?

As previously mentioned, Counter Strike 2 is not just an update, it’s basically a whole new game, which means players will have to say goodbye to Counter Strike: Global Offensive as we know it. It’s a whole new chapter for Valve, and they want everyone to be aware of it. That’s why they’ve decided to do a 180 in order to emphasize the big technical leap. So if you’re a sappy person who doesn’t like change…. well, you’ll simply have to get on board. Also, make sure to first check out the new Counter Strike 2 system requirements and see if you will be able to run the game without any issues.

Will You Still Be Able to Sell Your CS2 Skins?

Of course, as Valve announced the news, the entire CSGO skin market panicked. Everyone was afraid for their in-game items and what the changes would mean for the Steam Community Market. Many people wondered if they would lose all the skins they had in their inventory once the new version dropped.

If you’re one of those gamers, then we’re here to calm you down.

Valve has placed great emphasis on the fact that everyone’s items will be safely transferred to the new engine, without any problems or additional fees. This means that all your precious skins will be moved to Counter Strike 2 and updated to fit the new version of the game. Thus, you will still be able to sell CS skins.

Will CS2 Affect Trading?

At this point, there is no way to tell with 100% certainty what impact the arrival of CS2 will have on skin trading. What we can comment on is just the changes we’ve been able to observe so far, as more and more people are getting their hands on the beta version of the game.

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Players who have had a chance to experience the test phase of CS2 have noticed a huge improvement in the appearance of weapons. They reflect light better and are generally much more realistic. But besides that, some of them look completely different, and when this news spread among the community, the prices of such items skyrocketed. Moreover, people have noticed that an increasing number of players want to start their own Counter Strike adventure. This will also have a significant impact on the skin market, so we advise you to watch all such updates.

What Is the Exact Day of Counter Strike 2 Release?

Valve still has not announced an official release date for Counter Strike 2. However, alleged leaks have long been circulating in the gaming industry, according to which the release date would be somewhere around September. Some news outlets speculated that the new game would be released around the release date of the first season of Competitive Premier mode, which was expected to be before September 23.

What Are You Doing Next Wednesday?

However, on September 20, CS2’s official Twitter account (X to be exact) published a tweet asking what they would be doing the following Wednesday. While it’s unclear what the company really meant by posting this, it may be referring to the release of Counter Strike 2.

[UPDATED] Official Launch of Counter Strike 2

As speculated, on September 27, 2023, Valve announced the official launch of the highly anticipated Counter Strike 2. From now on, all players can enjoy the new version of the game.

So this is the perfect time to sell CS2 skins on SkinCashier and make room in your inventory for new items that will elevate your collection to the next level!

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