Overheard: How CSGO Source 2 Gameplay Look Like?

csgo source 2 gameplay guide

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive is arguably one of the best FPS games in history. And potentially the best thing Valve Corp ever created. With the game celebrating its 10th birthday in August, many fans expected CSGO Source 2 live one day.

CSGO fans have been waiting for Valve to incorporate CS into Source 2 for about seven years. CSGO Source 2 and Half-Life 3 are the rumours that have been spread for quite some time.

The Source 2 engine was released by Valve back in 2015. Since that shooter fans have been anticipating the Source 2 port. Fast forward to today, and Valve still hasn’t done the transition. However, there have been recent rumours and speculations that it’s on its way.

Is CSGO Running on Source 2?

The original game, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, is running on the source engine. Other than cosmetic changes, map changes, gun additions, and other minor tweaks, Valve hasn’t incorporated anything to make the game better.

Original Source Engine

There are many stories on social media that paint a picture of what the shooter will look like with the Source 2 engine. Of course, this is all speculation, and we can’t know how CS will look.

How Does Source 2 Affect CSGO?

Despite the lack of info given by Valve, as always, there have been some community-driven projects. Those projects may give out a glimpse of how the Source 2 engine will affect Counter-Strike.

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Richard Geldreich, a former CS developer, has come out and given his thoughts on the Source 2 port. Game mechanics won’t be touched. On the other hand, we could see a massive shift in gameplay with a source update.

Many fans are asking: “Will they be able to run the game with the changes, as well as a run-in with the Source engine?”

While only Valve knows this info, if we check out the changes that occurred when DOTA 2 was ported into source 2 in 2015, many players saw a 20% decrease in FPS. However, this was seven years ago, and the new engine has gotten better.

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How CSGO Would Look in Source 2 Port?

For the longest time, the CSGO Community could only speculate how would CS look in Source 2. But one player who goes by Gabe Follower, with his team, has managed to port CS in source 2.

What Gabe Follower and his team managed to do in six months, Valve has been trying to do for seven years. It is an open-source project, and to avoid copyright infringement they didn’t use a single line of the original game code.

Source 2 gameplay

They used s&box, to create CS in Source 2 from scratch. The clips that have been posted show the early stages of development, and you can see some issues when it comes to the animations. Only one map was used Dust 2. And you can instantly see better graphics and lighting. Gabe Follower even said that he posts the code he has been working with so the community can have a crack at it.

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Fans of the game have also noticed that some CS references appear in the Source 2 files, which may indicate that, Valve is currently working on the project. Until Valve comes out with an official date, we only have the playtest Gabe Follower posted.

Will CS:GO Come out in Source 2?

The CSGO Community has been begging Valve for years to at least give small updates on how CS could look in the Source 2 engine or even a potential release date. Knowing what Source 2 can do, there won’t be a new game, however, it will certainly be a major update of what we have now.

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CSGO reference in Source 2

Another hint that the CSGO community has been talking about was in a recent stream by WarOwl. There is a YouTube clip where he is talking about the source update, and how excited he is to finally play. In one instant he mentions August as a potential release date. Quickly realizing what he said, he says he shouldn’t have said that.

One side of the community thought this was a leak, while others believed that it was only a joke. August came and passed, and no major update was released.


All we can do for now is wait and speculate, even if we have some footage of what the new major update can look like. Whether there will be new maps, guns, new movement mechanics, and will skins be transferred to the new engine, the future is looking bright, and we all highly anticipate the release date.

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