CSGO Bomb Code – What Does 7355608 Mean?

csgo bomb code

If you have been playing Counter-Strike Global Offensive for a while now, chances are that you have probably heard of the CSGO bomb code which is 7355608, however, so far, nobody has been able to decipher the meaning behind this in-game number sequence. However, speculation still exists among players which is why we will be diving deeper into this mystery later in this article. It is important to note that everything onwards in this article is pure speculation and theory-crafting based on information available, so without further ado, let’s get into it.

Bomb Defusal Maps in CSGO

Bomb defusal maps in CSGO are based on the concept of one team arming an explosive device and plating it on a designated site, while the other team tries to secure said site, eliminate the enemy forces, and win the match by defusing the explosive device. This concept was introduced into the game a long time ago and some of the best CSGO maps follow this exact model. Among the top of them are Dust II, Inferno, Mirage, Cobblestone, and Nuke.

What does the 7355608 Code Mean?

The short answer to this question is simple, We don’t know what the bomb number sequence means. Every time a member of the terrorist team wants to set a bomb on a site, the numbers that are entered in-game areas mentioned in the heading, but the actual meaning behind it is something that the community has been wondering about for years now, and is something that the community seemingly can’t agree on.

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While user opinions differ from person to person, the most common theory that you can read about, and many share around on the internet is that the unique series of numbers, in l33t, spells out tessboB which when you read backward you get Bobsset, meaning Bomb’s set.

How to Change The 7355608 Code?

Before we show you how to do this, we would like you to know that it is perfectly legal to do this, and while Valve definitely doesn’t approve of tinkering with the files in their games, using any of the two methods will not get Valve to ban you.

In order to change the C4 charge number sequence and turn it into something else, you can choose to go either of the two possible ways. The first option is to simply download and use the code packs that are available online for free. The second option is a little bit different and will require you to edit the number sequence yourself which we will show you how to do.

If you just wish to download the already existing code packs, you can do so by using this link. Once the download has finished, simply choose one of the eleven folders that are available. Make sure you check the preview in every one of them to find the one you like the most. When you have picked the folder that you wish, open the font file in it and then click install. A new window will pop up asking you if you wish to replace the file, click yes.

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The second option is a little more tricky but will allow you to set your own number sequence so please follow the instructions as best as you can. To start, you will require you to download a program called FontForge. by clicking this link. After you have downloaded and installed the software, download this font file and open it in FontForge. Once the confirmation message appears, you need to click Yes to close it and a new window will appear.

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Now you can replace the original number sequence with whatever you wish by using the table in front of you and as always, we will help you as much as we can. If you look at the table in front of you, you will notice that every letter and number corresponds with a certain symbol, A=A, B=B. 1=1, etc. Since the number sequence is 7355608, what you want to do is change the numbers to the symbols that you want your new conde to be which is easily done by copying and pasting the symbols in the correct order.

For example, if we want our new number sequence to read CASHIER, we would copy C to 7, A to 3, and so on until we get the series of numbers to read CASHIER. Once finished, click on File, then Generate Font and give it a name. Click on generate, and your C4 should be updated. While this may seem like a lot to take in, it is fairly simple to do this once you are familiar with how the table works. You can also revert the change back to the original if you mess something up, or aren’t happy with your result.

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In this article, we cover some of the best Counter-Strike Global Offensive bomb maps and the much-discussed mystery of the C4 charge number sequence. We also share our easy to follow guide to changing the default C4 charge numbers to whatever you like or whatever comes to your mind first.

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