Why CSGO Memes Are Epic?

best csgo memes

Whether a photo or a video, memes have made us laugh for decades. It is not a surprise that every video game has a dedicated community in the background. This subculture sometimes shows its love by creating memes.

Counter-Strike Global Offensive is a first-person shooter created by Valve in 2012. The game has attracted millions of people. On top of that, it cemented itself as one of the best shooters in history. So, it is clear that CSGO memes have been all over the Internet. With a dedicated fan base, they keep getting better every single day.

Let’s check out some of the best CSGO memes that Reddit, Twitter, Facebook, and other social media offer.

The Best 5 CSGO Knife Memes

There are millions of funny CS GO memes on the web. But only the best CSGO memes will go down in history. Here are our picks for some of the best CSGO skin memes and memes in general.

1. Holy Gaben

If you have played CSGO for quite some time, you will be familiar with the president of Valve, Gabe Newell. While the funs is grateful to Valve for creating so many exciting games, Gabe has become a meme himself.

Holy Gaben

Around a year after the game was released, Valve introduced the first weapon cases. In these cases, players could get skins for different guns. Because you would get bad skin when you opened a case, the Holy Gaben meme was born with many gamers jokingly asking Lord Gaben to give them any of the TOP knife skins (e.g. CS GO Karambit).

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2. Sausage Knife

It may seem strange, at first; however, if you are a CSGO fan, you certainly know what about we are talking. From all the memes CSGO has had over the years, Sausage knife is so usual that we don’t even know how it got so popular.

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Sausage Knife meme csgo

The video starts with a player clutching a round with an AWP and continues to pull out his knife. Now, instead of a butterfly knife CSGO, which the sound may indicate, he pulls out a sausage. And he continues to spin it between his fingers.

3. Scammers

When you get a knife drop from a case, the first thing to do is to go wild for a bit. And show it later to only people you trust. It is because scammers will start messaging you instantly when you go around showing everyone and uploading a picture online.

Scammers meme csgo

Never accept trades made by users you don’t know. Another piece of advice is to use services and unfamiliar sites to sell you expensive CSGO knife skins. Learn more about popular skin trading sites, like SkinCashier. It can guarantee that you won’t get scammed.

4. Low Rank

When you start playing competitively for the first time, you will likely be placed in low rank. It is where all the inexperienced players will be, not to mention the cheaters.

Low Rank struggle csgo

CSGO ranks memes, or CSGO silver memes show why so many people struggle to get out of lower ranks, especially silver. You can find hundreds of YouTube videos showcasing the utter hell that is the silver rank in Counter-Strike.

From angry teammates that think they know what they are doing to blatant cheaters that are ruining the game for everyone, if you can get out of silver, you have made it.

5. Who is Your President?

Most players that play the game come from Russia, and it’s no wonder you will find millions of CSGO Russian memes. However, we had to finish our list with probably the most famous Russian CSGO clip of all time.

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Who is your President

Famous YouTuber and Twitch streamer Anomaly was playing a low-rank match when a Russian player was on his team. You can easily notice he was from Russia from his bad English.

Anomaly asked the player ‘Are you from Russia?‘, and the player answered, ‘No, no, I’m from England, America‘. That is funny, but, Anomaly followed that up with the question ‘Who is Your President?‘ to which the player paused a bit and answered ‘Michael Jordan‘.

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Where to Find CSGO Esport Memes?

You can find all sorts of CS:GO memes on every corner of the Internet. You can visit Twitter, Reddit, Twitch, and all other social media.

The most famous Reddit page is dedicated to all types of Counter-Strike memes, memes CSGO cheat videos, CSGO twitch chat memes, offensive terrorists win CSGO memes, specific CSGO team memes such as csgo virtuspro memes, and many more is r/csgo, which was created back in 2011.

r csgo subreddit

You will also be able to see some memes HLTV has created, CS GO memes skin creators joke about, and every NIP fan will love csgo Friberg memes.

You can sign in to Reddit with any device you want, join the page, and even create a post.

CSGO vs Valorant Memes

Ever since Valorant came out in 2020, Counter-Strike fans immediately started making CSGO vs Valorant memes. In the CS:GO Community, it is well known that if you must not like playing Valorant, and if you do, you have turned your back on the best first-person shooter.

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csgo vs Valorant

On some of the more popular CS: Global Offensive meme pages on the Internet, you won’t see a good word said about Valorant. 

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Final Words: Why Memes about CSGO Are Epic?

The amount of content you can see about CS when you log on to social media is ridiculous. CSGO memes, in a way, have guided and shaped the CS Community over the years. Some have been funny, some have been offensive, and even some have though some players a lesson.

Counter-Strike memes will continue to make us laugh, and if Valve decides to release Source 2 (which might not ever happen), there will be new things for us to joke about.

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