The Absolute Best Souvenir Skins in CS:GO

Sometimes Souvenir skins CSGO receive bad press for supposedly being overrated. However, we simply refuse to agree with this statement. In fact, we think that some of them absolutely deserve the limelight. Of course, there are certain items that are not all that impressive or were made as a result of a sloppy mistake made by Valve. Yet there are also many items that are extremely unique and can increase the value of any CS:GO collection. Therefore, let’s now go through the top 6 Souvenir weapon skins.

What Are Souvenir Skins in CS:GO?

Before we get into the best Souvenir skins in the game, let’s take a look at what exactly these types of items are. We know that most of you have probably watched many Major tournaments and are well aware of their importance, but it’s essential that all newbies to Counter Strike also understand what we’re talking about here.

Souvenir skins in CS:GO are limited-edition cosmetic items that can only be obtained by opening souvenir packages. These only appear during major eSports events sponsored by Valve, such as the Major Championships, which take place every year. Unfortunately, it is not the case that as long as such a tournament is going on, all CSGO players can count on getting such weapons. People who want to add Souvenir skins to their collections must link their Steam accounts to their Twitch accounts and watch the livestream of the Major. Then, they will they be eligible to receive a souvenir package, that can only be opened if they acquire a special souvenir token from the in-game store.

What Is So Unique About Souvenir Skins?

Souvenir skins are great because, just as their name suggests, they are meant to play the role of a souvenir of a particular event. They feature special designs and come with limited edition stickers that reference a team, map, player, or play that took place during the Major. Some are even adorned with MPV’s signature, making them extremely rare and valuable.

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Owning a Souvenir skin is a great way to show that you are a genuine Counter Strike fan. Of course, getting them in a drop borders on the miraculous, and buying them in resale is often only possible for the richest players, but anyone who has such an item in their collection and is aware of its value can proudly call themselves a proper member of the CS:GO community. And yes, we know that the mistakes made by Valve in introducing some of these items into the game can be listed at length. However, these are also the things that actually make them even more special.

Top 6 Souvenir Skins in Counter Strike

Now that you know what Souvenir skins are and why they are considered valuable, let’s move on to the best ones. Although we warn you, the prices of some of them may shock you. As we have already mentioned, they are what make a true Counter Strike fan (even if after buying them he or she will be broke).

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AWP Dragon Lore

No list of iconic Souvenir skins would be complete without AWP Dragon Lore. It is not only one of the most famous items of its kind, but also one of the most iconic weapon finishes in Counter Strike history. It appeared in 2014 during Operation Breakout and as part of the Cobblestone collection, a set of skins corresponding to the Cobblestone map. Unfortunately, the location left the competitive tournament map pool in 2019, and thus the souvenir variant of the skin was only available from Cologne 2014 through to ELEAGUE Major: Boston 2018, where it dropped for the last time. It is currently one of the rarest weapon finishes available in the game, as its price can reach $415,627.58.

  • Flavor Text200 keys could never unlock its secrets
  • Lowest Steam Price: $41,562.75
  • Highest Steam Price: $415,627.58
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M4A1-S Knight

Another amazing item from the Cobblestone collection is the M4A1-S Knight. This ultimate black weapon skin is a fan favorite, and its souvenir version is one of the rarest finishes available in the game, obtainable in just 10 containers. Just like Dragon Lore, the last time it appeared was in 2018, when the map went out of competitive play. Since then, its price has been on the rise, and when you consider that it’s only offered in three variants (two of which are souvenirs!), it’s now certainly a treat for more affluent players.

  • Flavor TextWhat do you mean you can’t find Cocinero and Izaki? – Felix Riley, Commanding Officer
  • Lowest Steam Price: $1,330.00
  • Highest Steam Price: $2,694.37

AK-47 Gold Arabesque

Ok, so the AK-47 is the most popular rifle in the history of gaming. The Gold Arabesque is one of the most popular skins in the history of Counter Strike. If you take these two factors and add the Souvenir package to them, it’s almost a perfect combination. That’s why the souvenir version of the AK-47 Gold Arabesque is one of the best weapon finishes in its category. The item was released relatively recently, as it was during Operation Riptide in 2021 in the Rio 2022 Dust II Souvenir Package. Ever since then, it was also obtainable in Antwerp 2022 Dust II Souvenir Package and Stockholm 2021 Dust II Souvenir Package.

  • Flavor Text“What other tricks does Booth have up his sleeve?”
  • Lowest Steam Price: $1,939.59
  • Highest Steam Price: $8,928.23


This weapon skin was also added to CS:GO during Operation Riptide, but its price is far from staggering, unlike the previous items on our list. The USP-S Purple DDPAT was released as part of the Mirage Paris 2023 Souvenir Package and can also be obtained through the Mirage Antwerp 2022 Souvenir Package and the Mirage Rio 2022 Souvenir Package. It is part of the Mirage Collection, which refers to the Mirage map. Interestingly, it is the only location that has been present at every Major in the tournament’s history.

  • Flavor TextBy the time you’re close enough to notice the pixels it’s already too late
  • Lowest Steam Price: $1.78
  • Highest Steam Price: $7.69
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Nova Candy Apple

This one is particularly interesting because the regular Candy Apple versions are extremely affordable, ranging from about 7 to 13 cents. However, when it comes to souvenir variants, their prices go as high as $103.76, which just goes to show how much souvenir packages affect the value of an item. Of course, this has to do with the fact that they are extremely rare, as the last time one of them dropped was in the EMS One 2014 Souvenir Package container. Needles to say, that was… a very long time ago. Therefore, naturally, its price is bound to increase.

  • Flavor TextGreat on cars, better on weapons
  • Lowest Steam Price: $31.17
  • Highest Steam Price: $103.76

AWP Desert Hydra

Of course, we want to end our list with a bang, so we come to you with another AWP skin, the Desert Hydra. Just like the purple DDPAT, it’s part of the Mirage collection and was available in the Antwerp 2022 Mirage Souvenir Package, Paris 2023 Mirage Souvenir Package, as well as the Rio 2022 Mirage Souvenir Package container. Unfortunately, in terms of price, it bears little resemblance to the USP-S skin. Thankfully, it’s also not like Dragon Lore. Desert Hybra is somewhere in between these two extremes, making it expensive, but not IMMENSELY expensive.

  • Flavor TextCutting off one head means two more appear—is that a risk you’re willing to take? – Valeria Jenner, Revolutionary
  • Lowest Steam Price: $1,425.32
  • Highest Steam Price: $4,197.70


As you can see, Counter Strike is full of amazing commemorative skins that not only have great sentimental value, but also monetary value. If you’re lucky enough to get one of these through a souvenir package drop or rich enough to buy one on the Steam market, then you’re a true CS:GO fan. But don’t worry if your collection lacks items in this category. Valve has released many regular skins over its long history, and they are almost as iconic and valuable as souvenir items.

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