Revamp Your Demoman: The Top Cosmetic Items

Team Fortress 2 is famous for its variety of colorful characters, which make the game that much more interesting. Players have the opportunity to experiment with many different classes to find the perfect one for them. For some it’s the crazy Pyro, for others, it’s the clever Engineer. However, there is one group that has fallen in love with one of the most explosive (literally) characters in the history of online gaming, and that is, of course, the Demoman.

Today we’re bringing you a list of the best tf2 Demoman cosmetics, so you can refresh your favorite character and show it off during your next match.

What You Should Know About the Demoman

But before we get started with the best Demo cosmetics, we’d like to briefly go over some basic information you need to know about this Team Fortress 2 class. While we know that most of you are probably already fans of this character, we’d like everyone to be as familiar with it as possible, just in case there are some TF2 newbies among us.

Who is the Demoman?

Demoman is what he calls himself a “black Scottish Cyclops,” which is probably the best way to describe him. Although known as one of TF2’s most versatile classes, he is actually a defensive character, alongside the Heavy and the Engineer. To be fair, this classification is probably mainly due to his huge size, which also happens to be similar to the latter two. For some people, however, he’s much better on the offensive, which isn’t all that surprising given that he’s not only a master of explosives, but also the second craziest TF2 character, right behind the infamous Pyro.

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Is Demoman Good in Combat?

As we have already mentioned, the Demoman is one of the most versatile characters in TF2, but unlike the Engineer, this does not necessarily make him the easiest. Since he is a master of explosives and his main weapons are the Grenade Launcher and the Sticky Bomb Launcher, we don’t recommend him for close-quarters combat. If you set off a bomb near you, you’ll run the risk of injuring yourself, which is not only embarrassing, but can also determine your fate in a match. After all, this character deals some of the highest damage in the game.

However, if you are poor at aiming and like to fight from afar (which is preferred by most TF2 players), then Demoman is just right for you. Both grenades and sticky bombs can seriously injure any other class. What’s more, sticky bombs are equipped with a timer, making them great for stealth attacks or escaping from pursuing enemies. If you’re clever enough, you can really use these weapons to your advantage. The best strategy is to constantly switch them up so that your opponents can never expect your next move.

As for Demoman’s basic properties, his health is 175 and his speed is 93%, which is not the best, but at the same time it’s still far from the worst.

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Top 8 Demoman Cosmetic Items

Now that we’ve covered all the basics about Demoman, let’s move on to a list of the best cosmetic items for this TF2 class that will allow you to revamp your in-game character. As always, remember that this title doesn’t take itself too seriously, and the same goes for these objects

Prince Tavish’s Crown

Did we mention yet that Demoman’s real name is Tavish DeGroot? No? Well, now you know. And since he is a master of explosives, you might as well call him the Prince of Explosives. In fact, if you add these two facts together, you get the Prince Tavish Crown. This may seem a bit self-centered, but how else will your enemies know exactly who they’re dealing with?

Scotch Bonnet

Now something a bit more classic, namely the Scotch Bonnet. No, we’re not talking about red peppers. The TF2 developers probably just wanted to make a play on words with the fact that Demoman is Scottish. But regardless of the name, this helmet is a really solid item that, unlike most, can help you become a serious player.

Seeing Double

Ok, this item is really silly. But we have to admit that we love it. One look at this pair of party glasses will put a smile on your face. After all, they say the world is best viewed through rose-colored lenses, but what if you looked at it through a pair of cocktails with a slice of lime on the side? Magic!

Six Pack Abs

In for an inch, in for a mile, as they say, which is why, since we mentioned Seeing Double, Six Pack Abs can’t be missing from our list. After all, why slug in the gym for hours a week when you can simply attach 6 bottles of Cerveza Royale beer to your vest? Makes no sense! And Demoman clearly knows this, so it’s time for you too to understand this and stock up on this brilliant item.

Back Turner All-Stars

Are there any Converse All-Stars fans here? If so, this item is perfect for you. This pair of shoes is an all-time classic both in the game and in the real world. Although it’s not an object exclusive to Demoman (he shares it with Scout) we couldn’t help but include it in our list. Anyone who wants to belong to the cool kids in Team Fortress must wear these particular sneakers. Unfortunately, there were a promotional piece available in 2013…. But you can still craft them!

Bird-Man of Aberdeen

Most classes in Team Fortress 2 have a personal bird that bravely watches over their shoulder during a match. In the case of the Demoman, it’s a green and yellow macaw. And since this bomb-loving lunatic is said to be from Scotland, his pet was named after Aberdeen, a city in northeastern Scotland. So if you’re a fan of animals, you should definitely get your hands on Bird-Man.

Double Dynamite

This jacket is certainly one of our favorite items in the entire game. It may not be the most impressive or entertaining, but we think there’s nothing better for a Demoman than even more explosives. And the Double Dynamite is exactly that. It’s a jacket that replaces the usual grenades on his chest for a slightly more flashy pair of dynamites. Your enemies will surely feel the sweat on their backs when they see you enter the arena equipped with even more explosives.

Manhattan Project

The Manhattan Project was an American venture to build the atomic bomb. We think, therefore, that a Master of Explosives, could not do without an item inspired specifically by this event. Therefore, at the end of the list, we present one of the best hats in the history of the game, namely an item imitating the mushroom cloud that was created after the explosion of the atomic bomb. If you enter the TF2 arena with it, your opponents will certainly not be able to take their eyes off you.


As you can see, Demoman comes with a really wide range of creative cosmetic items that are sure to give any player a boost of confidence. So, if you’re still thinking about trying out this character or are simply looking for inspiration for a little refresh, be sure to stock up on one of the items on our list. We guarantee that by adding them to your inventory, you will earn the respect of all other players.

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