How To Get Cheap Keys CS:GO?

how to get cheap keys csgo

CSGO case keys are a huge part of the game’s economy. But there are something that’s not talked about that much. Regardless you’re looking for cheap keys in CSGO or even free, it is impossible to open a case without them. This cheap keys CSGO guide will show you the most affordable way to buy CSGO keys and get them for free.

So, if you’re looking for an Operation Bravo case key, a Broken Fang case key, or maybe even a more expensive CSGO Danger Zone case key, this guide will tell you all you need to know.

Can I Get CS:GO Keys for Free?

Yes, you can still get CSGO keys for free. But it is not as easy as it used to be. But still, the easiest way to get free Counter-Strike Global Offensive keys is if someone was generous enough to give you theirs.

Although, keys that are newly bought from the Steam shop can’t be gifted or traded. If someone bought an older key from a third-party website, waited one week for the trade hold to pass, and then would forward to you the key.

cheap keys in cs go

If you still want to open CSGO cases but don’t want to spend money on expensive keys, you can always visit CSGO case drop sites. For example, you can unlock free cases, win other people’s weapon cases. Thanks to these strategies you spend less money than you would by buying individual keys for the same weapon CS:GO case.

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Can You Still Buy Cheap Keys CS:GO?

Yes, you can still buy cheap CSGO keys from the Steam marketplace. However, an update a few years back made sure that you can no longer trade or sell the case keys you bought from Steam since then.

Any CSGO keys you bought before this update can still be traded or re-sold. But all the keys after the update became untradable. You also cannot re-sold any CS GO keys anymore. In other words, there’s no way to go around this issue.

cheap key csgo

How Much Does It Cost to Buy The Cheapest CS:GO Key?

The price of CS:GO keys depends on which case the key opens and its quantity. If the key has thousands of copies, it will be worth less.

The most common price for a CSGO key is between $3 and $10. Cheap CSGO case keys are considered any keys are on the lower side of this scale, or below. Cheap keys CSGO fans like the most are any keys that cost no more than $1.

While there are still keys that cost well under one dollar, it’s a rare sight to behold these days, as the average is around $5 per key.

buying cs go skins

What is the Cheapest Case Key in CS:GO?

The cheapest case CSGO key currently on the Steam market is the Operation Hydra case key. It costs $2.43. If you compare this to the cheapest CS GO key in 2019, you’ll notice a huge difference. The cheapest key back then was the CSGO Prisma case 2 key. It cost only $0.07.

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If we look at the cheap keys CSGO listings on Steam, the prices are not the same as in 2019, when CSGO keys were so much cheaper. Even if you consider third-party sites, cheap CSGO keys for sale like the Operation Hydra case still cost above $1.60.

With this in mind, it’s safe to say that the cheapest prices for CSGO items like case keys increase steadily over the years.

In turn, it is more expensive to drop a few weapon skins like a Lightning strike AWP, some Broken Fang Gloves, a Bullet Queen Glock, and many more.

Final Verdict

The Steam Community Market is frequently incorporating new policies that impact the prices of various items. It is for the protection of all users and to prevent money laundering. As a result, it can either affect the prices positively or sometimes even negatively.

Either way, there are still ways to get valuable skins for Counter-Strike Global Offensive. You have to know where to look and get the timing right

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