Talon Knife in CSGO – Is It Any Good?

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Talon Knife is easily one of the most popular Counter-Strike: Global Offensive knives, along with Karambit, its closest cousin in terms of the appearance. But did you know that it also has a list of awesome-looking skins to get hold of?

Some diehard Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS:GO) fans are in love with the fictitious Talon knife, some have gone to the extent of replicating in real life. Even though the design closely resembled the Karambit, which is an actual Indonesian curved knife resembling a claw, it has won over CSGO players with its cool spinning animation in the game. 

Furthermore, it is often preferred over the Karambit as buying the skin latter is way costlier for most players. Hence, Steam Market and third-party trading marketplaces like SkinCashier have seen an uptick this year for these skins. Fortunately for us, there are actually quite a fair amount of good-looking skins to compliment the Karambit’s cousin. 

In this article, we will be sharing an overview on how it rose to prominence with its lineup of awesome-looking skins that will surely turn heads in the game.

What is the Talon Knife?

Released as part of the August 2018 update, it was introduced to the community alongside Ursus, Navaja and Stiletto Knives. An official description states that,

“This ivory-handled karambit features brass rivets and saw-tooth ridges, so it cuts on the way in, and tears on the way out.”

In fact, its design is greatly influenced by a real life Karambit, called the Full Damascus Karambit Hunting Double Edge Knife, which you can purchase for $60 online. While there is no official explanation from Valve on why it was released as part of the 2018’s additions, it is widely believed to be linked to the demand over Karambit skins on Steam Market. 

From Minimal Wear to Factory New versions, most Karambit skins are worth at a cost that are out of reach for many players, Valve probably think that it is best to create an alternative version of Karambit, thereby introducing it and the skin more affordable collection from Minimal Wear to Factory New versions.

How do Talon skins fare in terms of popularity?

Today, it is still mostly associated with Karambit in terms of its appearance. While it has a longer blade and less curvier structure than its predecessor, the former is serrated on the back part of the handle. Also, it has three holes to set itself apart from Karambit. But irregardless of what you choose to use in the game, all knives share the same performance as the default knife. Thus, many players are choosing it based solely on cosmetic reasons. 

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Aside from its comparable spinning animation like the Karambit, it has boasted a fair share of skins which can easily capture the attention in the game. But that is not to say that these skins are priced similarly to classics like M9, Huntsman or Karambit, especially when it is often linked to Karambit as the “cheaper Karambit”. Since it is considerably newer, its skin may take some time before it catches up to its predecessors from Minimal Wear to Factory New versions,. For now, these skins cost at a price range between $150 and $1,200, which is considered a more achievable amount for any skin collectors and users.

What are some of the best Talon skins in CS:GO?

If you are a proud owner of this knife and wishes to buy a skin for it, we are happy to share that there are more than twenty related skins that are available for you to choose from in the Steam Market and third-party marketplaces. From Minimal Wear to Factory New versions, each skin is specially designed to cater to a wide demographic and chances are one of these stunning skins may suit your taste and blend well with your weapon skins.

Our team at SkinCashier have shortlisted five of the most popular skins that you may consider getting before you indulge yourself in the next T vs CT match. For your convenience, we will also be sharing the estimated worth of each skin to allow you to understand their value better.

Talon Knife | Marble Fade (From $750)

talon knife marble fade

Covered in an abstract hue of blue, black and yellow, the covert skin is added as part of the 2019’s Prisma Case collection that adds in a colorful vibe to your knife. As far as the knife goes, it is a deadly-looking weapon that spared no mercy onto whoever received the stab from it. But the colorful Marble Fade skin managed to tone it down a little by making it less threatening to anyone who attempts to come close to you in the game. 

From Minimal Wear to Factory New versions, the wear level of this skin can affect the appearance and color coating pretty drastically, so do expect a price jump between the different float values of this skin. A Minimal Wear version is priced at a value of $760 while a Factory New StatTrak version is worth over a grand on the Steam Market and third-party marketplaces.

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Talon Knife | Crimson Web (From $250)

talon knife crimson web

This covert skin was added in the Horizon and Danger Zone Cases. While everyone is aware of the most expensive knife skin – the StatTrack Karambit Crimson Web which was sold for a whopping $50,000, it is slowly gaining its popularity as well. The blade is painted solid red and adorned with a black web pattern, and it can easily trick others into believing that you are holding the most valuable knife skin. 

Bragging rights aside, it is a tasteful option for anyone who is looking to add that mysterious factor into the game. From Minimal Wear to Factory New versions, the skin is most valued in Factory New condition, which is considered to be the rarest and the most expensive option. Field-Tested versions will cost you $250, while a Factory New StatTrak version will set you back at a price of $8,500.

Talon Knife | Doppler Series (From $650)

talon knife doppler

The Doppler series are a valuable group of Talon skins which averaged at a price of $2,000 for a Battle-Scarred version. Found in the Prisma case, there are several variations of the Doppler skin, from Phase 1 to Phase 4 Doppler skin, to the more exclusive Black Pearl, Ruby and Sapphire skin. You can also choose between Minimal Wear and Factory New versions.

If you are thinking of getting the more affordable version, the Doppler Phase 3, painted with metallic bluish paints and adorned with a pattern of translucent wavy lines resembling smoke, can set you back at $650. 

On the other end of the spectrum, we have the Doppler Sapphire. The design of the Doppler Sapphire skin resembles the texture of the sapphire, with its handle largely untouched by the design. A Factory New StatTrak Doppler Sapphire is worth as much as $7,300 today.

Talon Knife | Case Hardened (From $300)

talon knife case hardened

Covered with blue, violet, and yellow stains, Talon Knife | Case Hardened (Talon CH) was added to the game on August 2, 2016, added alongside “A New Horizon” update. The skin is available in Horizon and Danger Zone cases. 

Talon Knife | Case Hardened is one of the most popular skins for it and has a very large number of fans. They are highly valued by skin collectors due to its rare pattern variations found on the blade, from Minimal Wear to Factory New versions.

If you are looking to show off your knife in the game, you may obtain the Case Hardened skin from $300 for a Battle-Scarred version and $900 for a StatTrak Factory New version.

Talon Knife | Ultraviolet (From $190)

talon knife ultraviolet

Finally, we have found a Talon skin which is equally popular and affordable at the same time, if wear level is not a concern for you. First introduced through the Prisma Case, Ultraviolet features a matt black blade with a dark purple handle..

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For a price of $190, you may get hold of the Battle-Scarred version of this skin. From Minimal Wear to Factory New versions, the wear level should not cause any drastic change to its appearance in front of your teammates or enemies. If you are more particular of the wear level of the skin, do check out the more expensive Factory New StatTrak version which costs a price of $3,200 on the Steam Market and third-party marketplaces.

Can I get these Talon Knife Skins through Case Openings?

Like the rest of the weapon cosmetic items, the Talon skins can be acquired through case openings. Do note that while this is technically possible, the odds of getting one through case openings may be significantly low, 0.25% chance to be exact from Minimal Wear to Factory New versions. This is the reason why many players chose to buy directly from the Steam Market or through third-party marketplaces. 

Nevertheless, if you prefer to try your luck with case openings, you may try the Prisma Case, which consists of the most number of Talon skins, as you have read in earlier recommendations of our five popular list of Talon skins. One thing to note about case opening is that it requires case keys which mostly require you to purchase separately. For every case that you open, you will need a key for that. After calculating the odds and the possibility of getting a good skin through case openings, we will highly suggest against getting your skins through case openings. Instead, just buy them off the Steam Market or third-party marketplaces.

Captivate your teammates

No matter which knives you used in the game, the performance is the same. From Minimal Wear to Factory New versions, every kill is solely dependent on your level of experience in knife fights, map strategies and other aspects that can determine your aim and speed. Nonetheless, getting a visually pleasing skin for your knife is definitely worth the investment as it could spice up the whole gaming experience with a well-designed knife that compliments its awesome spinning animation not found in other knives (except the Karambit).

While knife skins are generally more expensive than weapon skins, these items are a great addition to players who are active or have been around in the community as they do add an unique identity to your playable character in the game. And if you are treated with an option to choose your knife, it is definitely at the top of everyone’s list due to its deadly but amazing weapon design, with a Minimal Wear or the Factory New version.

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