What Is The Operation Breakout Weapon Case?

In order to stay fresh and relevant, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive has been regularly releasing new patches and updates, continuously adding new content to the game, such as new maps, game modes, and even skins. While there are small patches released on the regular, which add some small quality-of-life upgrades to the game, it’s really the big updates, known in the CSGO community as operations, that really introduce significant changes to the game.

There were many operations released over the game’s lifespan, with one of the more popular ones being Operation Breakout. Here’s everything you need to know about the Operation Breakout update, as well as the famous Operation Breakout weapon case.

What Is Operation Breakout?

Over the course of the game Valve has released a large number of patches. Most of them are small updates, covering some technical aspects of the game or introducing some new skins. From time to time, however, Valve releases one large patch, including a season pass, new game modes, and many other significant changes to the game.

Operation Breakout was one of the updates of this type, released on July 1st, 2014, making it one of the first operations ever released in the game. It introduced a number of new features and maps to the game, available exclusively to the owners of the Operation Breakout coin. Before battle passes, Coins were used to signify that you have purchased access to the update. Operation Breakout coin was available for purchase in the store for $5.99 and allowed players to try out six Operation-unique maps: Rush, Insertion, Black Gold, Castle, Mist, and Overgrown.

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In addition, owners of the coin gained access to unique Operation Breakout missions. These were a set of weekly tasks, which players could complete to receive one of the skins available in the Operation Breakout weapon case. Besides the new maps and missions, Operation Breakout introduced a new weapon case, containing weapon skins from three different collections: Baggage, Cobble, and Overpass.

Players could obtain these skins by completing the Operation Breakout missions or opening the Operation Breakout weapon case. Owners of the Operation Breakout coin could obtain the cases by playing the game, each case took a standard weapon case key to open. The weapon case would drop one of the following weapon skins:

Operation Breakout concluded on October 2nd 2014, and the Operation Breakout coin was no longer available for purchase. After the operation ended, the Operation Breakout weapon case was made available for all players as a free drop.

How To Get The Operation Breakout Weapon Case?

For a long time now Operation Breakout weapon cases have been out of the rotation of free items that players can obtain by playing the game. While the weapon case itself can no longer be obtained by playing the game, players who want to get their hands on the case as well as the skins inside still have a couple of ways that they can get their hands on the items they want.

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You can still get the Operation Breakout weapon case from the Steam community market. While the price of this weapon case has been going steadily over the years, it has seen a steep increase lately, going past the $8 mark. While the weapon skins inside aren’t the most expensive, Operation Breakout weapon case is one of the only ways you can potentially get a Bowie Knife for a low price.

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In Conclusion

Operation Breakout case is definitely a good one to buy if you want to gamble on getting a super-expensive item for a low price. If this sounds like something you might want, remember that you can get this container for the best price at Skinsmonkey.com

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