Why Is CSGO Dragon Lore Expensive?

The AWP is one of the most commonly used weapons in the game. It has been a players’ favorite ever since the days of CS 1.6. This isn’t without a reason, though, an ability to instantly take out any enemy with one shot is a useful thing to have.

Players of all ranks and skill levels would name the AWP as their favorite gun. Because of this, AWP skins are among some of the most coveted and thus – most expensive items in the game.

There were many AWP skins released over the course of the game’s existence, but none of them even came close to the legacy of AWP Dragon Lore. Once the most expensive item in the game, AWP Dragon Lore had since fallen in price, but still remains one of the most expensive items in CS:GO skins history.

What does the AWP Dragon Lore cost now and why is it so expensive? In this article, you will learn all you need to know about AWP Dragon Lore.

What Is The Dragon Lore AWP Skin?

Dragon Lore is one of the many skins available in CS:GO. It has one of the most iconic looks available, with an ivory finish and a graphic of a dragon with its flaming breath on the gun’s side. Over the years AWP Dragon Lore came to be one of the most valuable weapon skins in the game, with souvenir Dragon Lore remaining as one of the most expensive AWP skins, as well as CSGO weapon skins in general.

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The current prices for AWP Dragon Lore on the Steam community market are:

Factory New $9,236.82

Minimal Wear $6,800.00

Field-Tested $2,980.47

Well-Worn $3,883.21

Battle-Scarred $2,735.00

Although the usual Steam community market prices are already impressive, souvenir Dragon Lores can command even higher prices, with Factory New version of souvenir Dragon Lore can cost hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Although these prices are very impressive, it is very difficult to tell the real Dragon Lore’s value, as the skin is super rare and listings appear on the Steam community market very rarely. If this happens, many collectors flock to the item, allowing AWP Dragon Lore owners to often demand insane amounts of money.

AWP Dragon Lore is one of the rarest items you can get in CS:GO, with only around 5800 of these skins in public Steam inventories. This means that if you want this particular skin, you’re more or less at mercy of collectors, who will probably push the price further. Dragon Lore is one of the most difficult skins to acquire, but that just makes it even more of a status symbol.

What Is The AWP Dragon Lore History?

The AWP Dragon Lore weapon skin was introduced to the game in the ‘Operation Breakout’ update on July 1s4, 2013. It was one of the first valuable skins added in the game, almost immediately gaining popularity among players.

Operation Breakout introduced three new skin collections: Baggage, Overpass, and Cobblestone, which AWP Dragon Lore was a part of. Taking the covert skin slot in the cobblestone collection, AWP Dragon Lore has taken the community by storm. Even without the insane price tag, the skin attracts players with its amazing visuals. The higher float versions of this AWP skin look particularly great since they are able to do justice to the graphic on the weapon body.

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If the impressive looks weren’t enough, the Dragon Lore is the favorite skin of a pro player known as KennyS. Playing at the time for a team calling themselves EnVyUs, KennyS performed some major plays using the AWP Dragon Lore. Many of the e-sports fans in CS:GO thus flocked to this skin to show their support.

Another important factor in the overall Dragon Lore popularity was the opening of the Asian market for CS:GO. This has greatly increased the overall number of potential owners and buyers of expensive skins and the Asian market has been known for years to be the one where players spend the most money on microtransactions. New Asian players that started the game wanted to quickly catch up with their European and American counterparts, leading them to invest in expensive skins for CS:GO. Naturally, knowing about the skins’ popularity and overall value Asian players wanted to get their hands on AWP Dragon Lore as well, which has further increased its price.

AWP Dragon Lore has fluctuated in price over the last couple of years (although it has always stayed one of the most expensive AWP skins in the game). At one point the Dragon Lore was one of the most expensive skins available in CS:GO, selling for tens of thousands of dollars. Just last year, a souvenir Factory New Dragon Lore was sold together with an AK-47 skin for a total of $780000, making it the biggest transaction in CS:GO history.

What’s in store in the future for Dragon Lore AWP? One thing is for certain – it won’t get any cheaper. The demand for AWP Dragon Lores is still there, with many people sniping any possible offer they can get on the Steam Community market. If you’re looking for a potential CS:GO skins investment, Dragon Lore is a great choice.

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In Conclusion

Many skins in CS:GO can cost insane amounts of money. Players who hold some of these popular skins are sitting on small fortunes. If you’re looking for expensive skin to show off, nothing else will work like Dragon Lore. If you want to get your hands on one, you better start searching for offers!.

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