Top 8 MP9 Skins in Counter Strike 2

The MP9 is a CT-side CS2 SMG, often considered a high-risk-high-reward weapon due to its relatively low damage. Despite its high recoil, however, the MP9 also has high accuracy and can be a deadly choice for anyone looking for some headshots. Small magazine size means that MP9 players must have experience and knowledge of the battlefield, to use this gun effectively and to their advantage.

Originally manufactured for private security firms in Switzerland, this ergonomic polymer weapon favored by real-life operators, has also made its way to CS2. If you’re one of the players who loves the MP9, then you must absolutely check out this article. Here are the best MP9 skins you can get in CS2 today!

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1. MP9 | Hypnotic

Hypnotic is a great choice for any player who’s looking to buy CS2 silver skins. This awesome MP9 skin features black circles across a silvery background, creating a truly hypnotic look for your SMG.

Flavor text: You’re not getting sleepy, you’re passing out from blood loss

Lowest Steam price: $10.37

Drops from the case: CS:GO Weapon Case 2

First added: 8 November 2013

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2. MP9 | Rose Iron

Rose Iron is a unique skin, perfect for anyone who wants some of the best black skins CS2 has to offer for their MP9. Rose Iron includes a beautiful Rose graphic on the weapon’s side, offering a toned and stylish look, without being too expensive.

Flavor text: Beware its many thorns

Lowest Steam price: $4.68

Drops from the case: Winter Offensive Weapon Case

First added: 18 December 2013

3. MP9 | Ruby Poison Dart

The third spot on our list goes to a classic MP9 skin, Ruby Poison Dart is what you need if you really want to show the Terrorists team that you don’t mess around. This awesome MP9 skin replaces your default weapon model with one covered in what appears to be the skin coating of a poison dart frog. No one wants to be too toxic in the game, but if you get this skin you just won’t be able to help yourself.

Flavor text: Who says diamonds are a girl’s best friend?

Lowest Steam price: $0.58

Drops from the case: Falchion Case

First added: 26 May 2015

4. MP9 | Food Chain

Another dangerous skin on our list, MP9 Food Chain shows a scary, yet trippy, image of monsters devouring each other. All of the open mouths point towards the gun’s barrel, signaling that whoever is at its other end, is next in the chain.

Flavor text: Eat or be eaten

Lowest Steam price: $1.13

Drops from the case: Snakebite Case

First added: 3 May 2021

5. MP9 | Hot Rod

The Hot Rod skins family is among some of the best red skins CS2 has to offer its players. Like other skins from this family, MP9 Hot Rod features a red glossy finish, similar to that of sports race cars. It’s one of the most expensive weapon skins on this list, but it’s well worth the price, if you really want to show off your in-game look.

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Flavor text: Automatic. Systematic. Hydromatic.

Lowest Steam price: $82.51

Available in collection: Mirage collection

First added: 27 November 2013

6. MP9 | Airlock

Sporting a high-tech, cosmic design, the Airlock is a favorite among sci-fi enthusiasts. The distinctive gray and black pattern combined with a solid red magazine gives the impression of holding a spaceship piece. If for some reason you want to feel like an astronaut in CS2, well, this skin is for you.

Flavor text: Perfect for shooting toasters

Lowest Steam price: $1.27

Drops from the case: Gamma 2 Case

First added: 19 August 2016

7. MP9 | Starlight Protector

One of the best MP9 skins in the whole game, Starlight Protector will really let you feel the power of friendship. This beautiful ivory skin features highly detailed stained glass near the handle, with a beautiful design of a unicorn with a rainbow mane. Definitely consider getting a Factory New version of this weapon skin to really get the most out of its epic look.

Flavor text: May the deity protect you, should the deity select you

Lowest Steam price: $2.60

Drops from the case: Dreams & Nightmares Case

First added: 21 January 2022

8. MP9 | Modest Threat

Contrary to its name, there is nothing modest about this MP9 skin. Its yellow and black weathered look creates an image of a grizzled combat veteran and will let other players know you’re not messing around. One of the best yellow skins CS2 has for this SMG, Modest Threat is a perfect choice for gamers who want yellow skins without spending too much.

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Flavor text: Be the last 01 standing

Lowest Steam price: $0.06

Drops from the case: Danger Zone Case

First added: 6 December 2018

In Conclusion

Here are some of the best MP9 skins available in the game. If you liked this top list, make sure to check out the rest of our Skincashier website, for more guides, news, and top lists like these!

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