Top 10 Best and Cheap CS:GO Skins for Under a Dollar

best skins under one dollar

For the uninitiated, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS:GO) skins have been existing since August 2013 when Valve released a new update for the shooter game called “Arms Deal”

In the CS GO skins market, knives often dominate the rankings of the most expensive CS:GO skin, with exception of the most coveted skin in the history of skins for CSGO – the Souvenir AWP Dragon Lore. The popular first-person shooter game has enjoyed immense popularity not just for its competitive gameplay, but also a culture where identities can be forged with a wide variety of collection that is occasionally added with new case releases, like the Prisma 2 case, featuring 17 community-designed weapon finishes, and the Horizon Knives in Chroma finishes as rare special items. The highly sought after in-game feature was even replicated in other game titles such as Valorant and Call of Duty, as the gaming ecosystem appreciated the identity-building process for their in-game characters and weapons. However, none of the games today could emulate the success of Valve’s approach towards skins in CSGO, since these virtual items are valuable. And we do mean seriously valuable in terms of real money valuation, regardless of whether if it is a desert eagle, glock 18 or an AWP.

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Every CSGO skin is uniquely different

Unlike other cosmetic skins found in other game titles, CS:GO skins are virtually unique in the sense that every skin is different. In order to explain further, let us understand the complexity of the CS:GO skin trading market. To start off, there are two types of skins – Collection and Case skins, in which the former is derived from maps or operations, while the latter through keys. Next, down the rabbit hole, we are introduced to the fact that there are actually digitised CS:GO skin pattern IDs tagged onto every single weapon like the CSGO social security number.

From a number between #1 to #1000, the skin pattern ID is responsible for giving each CS:GO skin a set pattern that comes from an image file in the game. For example, the Case Hardened CS:GO skins pattern is taken from a large canvas and its scale and size depends on the weapon or knife. A #661 Case Hardened AK-47 (also known as the best skin pattern for the Case-Hardened AK-47 series) covers the weapon in a full blue top.

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The odds of gaining a specific pattern for the same skins on CSGO has made certain CSGO skin patterns rare and desirable among CSGO collectors. Moreover, other CSGO skins features like StatTrak and Float Values (wear and tear conditions of the CSGO skin), do affect the appearance and rarity level of the skin.

In general, CSGO collectors are a group of players who are willing to pay more for pristine CSGO skins (or 0.00 float value). Sometimes, there may also be collectors who are looking for a well-worn CSGO skin (or >1.00 float value) as some look even better as a worn-out skin, since every quality degrades on a different level and appearance.

It is therefore safe to assume that CSGO skins are what make all the difference in the game. While the community is attracted to the prospect of owning rarest and high quality skins that could cost an exorbitant price in the thousands, the very essence of the game still remains – that it is still a highly respectable game in the gaming ecosystem. The glamor of custom builds are only complementary to the adrenaline-driven gameplay.

Cheapest CSGO skins are awesome too

Contrary to popular belief, the look on cheap skins do appeal to many players as well. There are a considerably large number of people who see the opportunity in earning a side income to sell the CSGO skin and are making it as the main focus of the game. But the consensus within the community is that rare skins are for bragging rights and as an indirect form of investment. Beyond that, it is just a visually attractive virtual item that serves no purpose in the free-to-play game, since it does not offer the player a gameplay advantage over others.

In fact, there are many awesome-looking, yet cheap skins for sale on the Steam market. And we do mean cheapest weapon skins are often at a price of $1 or less. Although skin prices fluctuate just like the traditional stock market, there are cheap skins which are valued at a stable price due to the demand or oversupply of skins.

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The team over at SkinCashier believes that sub-$1 cheap skins are not only the best option for those looking to replace the dull-looking default weapons with a new appearance, accumulating them could be a good option too since players could use the trade-up contract to convert 10 weapons of specific grades and float values into a random skin at a higher rarity level. Once you get a better skin, there are third-party skin marketplaces like Skincashier where you can sell CSGO skins for a higher price, effectively profiting off your collection of these $1 cheap skins.

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Thus, without further ado, we have compiled the best Top 10 list of cheapest weapon skins for players who are looking solely to build your in-game identity with attractive-looking yet cheap weapon skins for under a price of $1.

Best Cheap CS:GO Skins

Dual Berettas | Royal Consorts (Field-Tested)

dual berettas royal consorts

The first on our list is the Royal Consort Dual Berettas skin. It has a plate with oak leaves surrounding a winged lion (Griffin) on the handle which has been dyed green. The top part of the dual berettas weapon is gold-plated with more oak leaves edged onto it. Classy. It is truly a skin to behold and definitely a great steal, for a relatively reasonable price of $0.51.

Nova | Koi (Factory New)

nova koi

Koi lovers unite, as this Nova’s Koi skin is designed especially for Koi lovers, or anyone that is into Japanese culture and Zen movement. The weapon skin is covered with koi fish scales, colored exactly like Koi – orange, and white.

M4A1-S | Nitro (Field-Tested)

m4a1s nitro

This Field-Tested Nitro skin is the answer for those who appreciate minimalist skins. The Field-Tested M4A1-S Nitro skin therefore is recommended for no-nonsense M4A1-S gun holders who are hungry for success and victory. The appearance of the barrel, telescoping part of the stock and various metal pieces are painted in tangerine orange color, making the field-tested skin as deadly as ever.

Sawed-Off | Morris (Factory New)

This unique skin easily stands out among others with its unique flowery-patterned painting. The design consists of an ornate flower which is perfect at close glance. Opponents who do get a close encounter with you can enjoy their last few seconds appreciate the beauty of nature before your kill.

M249 | System Lock (Factory new)

This Factory New skin is perhaps one of the few skins to be sold at a cheap price while having a pristine condition. The futuristic-looking ‘cyberpunk’ M249 is what you may need to channel your inner Blade Runner into the game.

PP-Bizon | Osiris (Factory New)

This is another futuristic-looking skin specifically designed for PP-Bizon. At first glance, it almost looks like it could be a team-specific weapon. Also, the perfect color combination of black, white and yellow certainly adds up to mimic Transformers Bumblebee signature color

SSG 08 | Acid Fade (Factory New)

ssg acid fade

An airbrushed green to black transparent skin which fades together. This skin is from the Safehouse collection and is dropped to players who are playing the game, not by opening a case.

StatTrak Five-SeveN | Flame Test (Factory New)

This is perhaps, one of the two skins with StatTrak, that allows you to showcase your number of kills made using this weapon. This beautifully-designed Flame Test skin is Factory New and costs a highly affordable price of $1. The appearance of this pistol skin features flames along each side with a purple backdrop color, possibly giving your opponent a subtle message that the last thing that they should do is to invoke your rage and fiery emotions into the killing spree.

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StatTrak P2000 | Handgun (Field-Tested)

Accurate and controllable, the German-made P2000 is a serviceable first-round pistol that works best against unarmored opponents. This field-tested skin has been custom painted with a hand making an aiming gesture. No more fun and games for your opponents when you put on this killer skin.

UMP-45 | Exposure (Minimal Wear)

ump45 exposure

The misunderstood middle child of the SMG family, the UMP45’s small magazine is the only drawback to an otherwise versatile close-quarters automatic. A custom paint job has been applied which resembles an x-ray; rib cage and all.

How do I get best cheap CSGO skins apart from Steam market?

By now, we should know the benefit of having best cheap weapon skins lie in their massive supply. It is definitely possible to find nicely-designed, well-worn skins at a fraction of a cost when compared with rare CSGO skins in the market. Valve has come up with the idea of skins as a way to not only reward players for their time spent on conquering every match, but also an opportunity to stand out of the crowd by building their own virtual identities through equipping skins based on an individual’s preference.

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In spite of that, there are several CS:GO skins which can only be only obtained through case openings, which the player will require to pay for a key to unlock these weapon cases. Unfortunately, there is no guarantee even after you spend a hefty price for the CS:GO key that you will definitely get the skin that you desire since it is purely based on luck. Hence, many players have instead turned to the Steam market, peer-to-peer trade and even recognised third-party marketplaces like SkinCashier to buy or sell skins. It is generally safer and more savvy to buy skins directly since it is guaranteed and comes at a cheap cost as compared to unlocking weapon cases.

Alternatively, our list above has shown you some of the best and cheap skins that may give you the idea what are the prices for the lower-shelf skins may be like, and hopefully offer you a better insight on getting skins at a fraction of a dollar, and still be able to obtain great-looking skins that you can put on your favorite weapons. Just remember that CS:GO is a free-to-play competitive shooter game that is still enjoyable and unaffected by the rarity or the price of weapon skins, whether if it is a well-worn or a factory new version.

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