What is the Cheapest CS:GO Knife You Can Buy in 2022?

cheapest csgo knives

When talking about the best CSGO skins, knife skins usually end up at the top of such lists, and many of them can sell for huge amounts of money, however, not all knife skins are expensive, in fact, some of them can sell for very little money and can be obtained with ease, so let’s take a closer look and inspect some of the cheapest CSGO knife skins out there.

What is The Cheapest CSGO Knife in 2022?

The Cheapest CSGO Knife is the Navaja Knife Safari Mesh in Battle-Scarred Condition worth $50 on the Counter Strike Global Offensive Community Market. It is not unusual that this is The Cheapest CSGO Knife because this is one of the worst looking CSGO Knives and there is a lot of them going around which makes the volume much larger than the demand.

The Steam market, as well as other third-party markets, often have prices fluctuating up and down which makes it very hard to pinpoint which is exactly the cheapest CS: GO knife out there, and while some have been sold at ridiculously low prices, we will be disregarding such cases, as they are not what a user could regularly find on the market. Looking to replace an old knife skin with a new one? Sell your CS:GO skins for real money and buy new items for your inventory on third-party marketplaces. Instead, we will be focusing on prices that have more or less remained unchanged for a longer period of time. Here is our list of other cheap CSGO Knives:

Navaja Knife Forest DDPAT Battle Scarred

Navaja knife is based on the Spanish folding blade and is considered to be among the less desired CSGO knives, which is probably why it is on the cheapest knives list. Many players are of the opinion that the knife itself is very small compared to other CSGO knives and that its design is very simple and minimalistic which causes many players to outright dismiss this knife skin entirely.

The Forest DDPAT knife look doesn’t do much to help the case of the Navaja Knife with its simple stained mesh pattern and bland military green color. All of the factors combined, make this knife to be among of the best contenders for the cheapest knife, however, there are players who like the look of this knife and can appreciate the minimalistic look which makes them actively seek the Forest DDPAT skin for the Navaja Knife which you can buy for around $50 with StatTrak equipped.

Navaja Knife Scorched Battle-Scarred

This particular CSGO knife is considered to be one of the less valuable CSGO skins mostly for the same reasons as our previous knife. The smaller scale of the knife itself, the simple skin finish, no bling, and no wow factor, these are all things that this particular knife lacks. When compared to knife skins such as the gut knife, bowie knife, the m9 bayonet, the karambit, or even the flip knife, it simply doesn’t measure up to any of them in terms of both design and flair which is why if you want you can easily find the Navaja Knife Scorched at the price of around $50 or less.

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Shadow Daggers Rust Coat

shadow daggers rust coat battle scarred

Shadow Daggers Rust Coat is another very unpopular CSGO knife skin for a couple of reasons and not many players use it. Shadow Daggers only come in well-worn and battle-scarred conditions, both of which have a significant amount of wear on them. This appropriate considering the fact that they have a rusty finish. After all, it wouldn’t make much sense to have a completely rusty blade that has only been field-tested a few times and has minimal wear on it. Sadly, the rusty finish and the unpopular blade design are just a couple of reasons that make Shadow Daggers Rust Coat an unpopular player’s knife choice.

What might be the most important reason why only a few players use this knife skin is the fact that the animation for it is not the best which when combined with everything else mentioned above, makes the Shadow Daggers Rust Coat one of the cheapest knife skins that you can buy for around $50 in its basic version and around $75 for the StatTrak version.

Huntsman Knife Boreal Forest

huntsman knife boreal forest battle scarred

This Huntsman Knife Boreal Forest skin takes inspiration from the standard hunting knife when it comes to its shape and whether its condition is filed tested, battle-scarred or any other, it doesn’t affect its price hugely which usually falls somewhere around the $80 mark give or take. While it is not the most inexpensive knife on this list, the Huntsman Knife Boreal Forest is a weapon that many players like to use.

The huntsman knife boreal forest knife skin is a knife stained with the traditional camouflage pattern which when combined with the hunting knife shape makes it very appealing to players. If you are looking to get this knife stained with various shades of brown, green, and yellow, the Huntsman Knife Boreal Forest knife skin can be obtained from the Huntsman case.

Gut Knife Safari Mesh

gut knife safari mesh battle scarred

The Gut Knife is one of those love it or hate it kind of weapons and can be found with the price ranging from the upper forties to upper sixties with the price usually being somewhere in the middle depending on various factors. Whether the skin is battle-scarred, field-tested, has minimal wear, or is factory new will impact the price somewhat, there isn’t really a lot of difference between them in terms of looks which is why the price is usually very similar as well. So if you are really looking to add a gut knife to your collection and the safari mesh is the gut knife is the CSGO skin that you want, you can easily do so for around $50.

Falchion Knife Urban Masked

falchion knife urban masked battle scarred

Falchion Knife Urban Masked Knife Skin is probably an anomaly when it comes to knife skins mostly due to the design of the knife itself. If we take a good look at it, we can notice a cool and curvey sleek design of the knife which arguably isn’t as cool as perhaps a karambit or a gut knife, but regardless, a very good-looking knife. Mysteriously enough though, the Falchion Knife Urban Masked still manages to be one of the cheaper knives in counter-strike with a price tag of only around $60 for the vanilla variant and slightly over $100 for the one with the StatTrak equipped.

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How Much Does the Cheapest CSGO Knife Cost?

The Cheapest CSGO Knife usually costs around $50. This is a somewhat difficult question to answer due to the constantly changing prices on both the official Steam market as well as various third-party markets but you can buy many knives at reasonable or even a very low price if you are lucky enough to stumble on one of the good deals.

When generally speaking about CSGO knife skins, most of them tend to go under the $100 price tag but depending on the supply and demand of the certain cheap CSGO knives, the price of some of these knives can drop down below $60. A good example of this is the Shadow Daggers Rust Coat which is often available in different variants on the official steam market for around the previously mentioned price. However, various third-party markets have the same knife skins available for a lot cheaper price and on some of them, the Shadow Daggers Rust Coat can go for as little as $40 which makes it a very cheap knife to get.

Why the Cheapest CSGO Knife is So Cheap?

When it comes to reasons why a certain CSGO skin is cheap or expensive, there is a combination of different factors working together to make it so and things are no different when talking about the cheapest knife skin. Looking at them, it appears that the main reason why many of the knives on this list are so cheap is the poor and unpopular knife design. Most of the best CSGO knife skins are stained with interesting patterns or have a big wow factor, or just look cool and flashy like the m9 bayonet or the flip knife, but to the majority of the CSGO players, these skins simply don’t fill out any of the mentioned criteria.

Another big reason why these knife skins tend to be so affordable is the fact that they are not rare and that there is an abundance of them on the market. Most of the weapon cases that these knives are contained in still drop in the game, so there is a good amount of them floating around on the market. Many of them have no unique stickers on them, can be easily found, and have no flashy bits on them like the blue hue on the case hardened skins so which makes them less desirable and therefore, not as pricy.

The final criterion that determines the knife skin value is the condition of the skin. Each condition has a different amount of wear on it, and the less wear a skin has, the more expensive it will be. However, when it comes to inexpensive knives, wear doesn’t hugely impact the price so these CSGO skins are mostly affected by design and rarity or patten that they are stained with, as mentioned above. The final factor that has somewhat of an impact on the price of any skin is whether it is equipped with StatTrak, with skins that have it, tend to be more expensive than those that don’t.

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How to Get the Cheapest CSGO Knife?

If you really want to get your hands on the cheapest weapon on this list, there are a few ways that you can go about achieving that. The easiest way to do so would be to simply look for it on the Steam market or any other third-party marketplace and just buy it or trade another weapon skin for it.

The alternative approach would be to buy a key and case in which your desired weapon skin drops. Depending on the drop rate, this option might be your best bet, but keep in mind that there are no guarantees when it comes to opening a weapon case, so you are looking at more or less significant risk.

Finally, you can just keep playing the game and hope for the best. As mentioned, above, most of the cases that contain these skins still drop in the game so you might as well just enjoy your game, and put it all in the hands of lady luck if you don’t need the item that badly. Best of luck.

If you are looking to get the cheapest out of all these skins, then the weapon case that you want to get a hold of is either the Horizon Case or the Danger Zone Case which both have a chance of dropping the Navaja Knife Safari Mesh skin.

Is it Worth to Get Such Cheap Knives?

Whether it is worth getting such cheap knives or not comes down to one’s personal sense of aesthetics and nothing else. Unlike the best or the most expensive and rarest skins in the game, these cheap skins are very common which means selling them for a decent price would be extremely difficult. This is further made harder due to the design of most of these skins. While this is entirely subjective, the one thing that the majority of players agree on is the fact that they have no wow factor that would make them worth to buy, sell, and trade around.

In all honesty, the only reason why you should even consider getting one of these cheap knife skins is if you personally like the design of it, otherwise, such knives might prove to be more trouble for the player than what they are worth. Alternatively, you may consider trading them in bulk deals with other traders and offer someone a bulk of skins for just a couple of good ones. That way you may end up getting 80-90% of their value, and even then you would probably be at a loss if just taking that one cheap knife skin into consideration.


In this article we have gone over a few of the cheapest CSGO knife skins, reasons why many of them are so inexpensive, as well as the factors that make these knife skins so undesirable by the CSGO skin community. We have also gone over the ways to obtain some of these skins as well as the prices that they usually tend to sell for.

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