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AWP Dragon Lore – The Legendary CS:GO AWP Skin

Updated: August 17, 2021

AWP Dragon Lore is the most prolific and popular of all the CS:GO skins, which wowed the CS:GO community with the sale of a Skadoodle-signed Souvenir AWP Dragon Lore skin, shortly after the ELEAGUE Boston Major 2018.

In 2018, Cloud9 went on an incredible underdog journey at ELEAGUE Boston 2018 as the first North American team to win the CSGO major over the weekend, defeating the favored FaZe clan in a fierce battle. Shortly after their victory match, they went on to set another record as an almost Factory New and stickered Souvenir AWP DL which bears the autograph of  Tyler “Skadoodle” Latham, the MVP of the Cloud9 team was sold in a third-party CSGO marketplace for a whopping $61,000.

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Why is AWP Dragon Lore so expensive?

AWP Dragon Lore is consistently ranked as among the most expensive CSGO skins ever sold. A recent price check in 2021 has found the Minimal Wear’s AWP Dragon Lore to be worth more than $4,000. To date, no CSGO skins have ever reached the price point as that of the Souvenir AWP Dragon Lore skin, which was dropped during Valve-sponsored CSGO tournaments. DL is in fact, the rarest skin in the Cobblestone Package, which currently sells for about $30 on the Steam market.

CSGO skin trading is a world that requires certain knowledge in order to apprehend the magnitude of the virtual item economy set within one of the most popular games today. The price valuation of a CSGO skin is based on various factors that make every CSGO skin ever exist to be uniquely different from one another. This is one of the main reasons that more players are flocking to sell CSGO skins, and consequently bred a growing number of CSGO skin collectors. This is also the reason that the price range for a AWP skin can vary so much that some of them could fetch as high as tens of thousands of dollars, enough to buy a luxury sports car in some countries.

AWP Dragon Lore, in that sense, is pretty symbolic to the CSGO skins economy. It has proven to the community (and the wider gaming ecosystem) that virtual items which players do not gain any gaming advantages from, are still able to worth a lot in real money value. In this article, we will be sharing interesting insights about this legendary CSGO skin, and how the name was derived in CSGO.

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The Iconic CSGO Skin

Dragon Lore is a skin designed specifically for AWP in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS:GO). The sniper rifle is the rightful companion to this iconic skin as it is one of the most powerful weapons in CSGO that can potentially core the player an instant frag in one single shot. However, over the years, several features in AWP were nerfed in order to make it a well-balanced weapon. For instance, the scope is introduced with blurred effects, penalties are imposed for movement made while shooting, and a reduced kill award of only $100. In spite of these updates, AWP is still highly sought after as the weapon-of-choice in professional and semi-professional CSGO gaming. Theoretically speaking, it is possible to ace the match (5 kills) with one single headshot, but the endeavor does not come easy for an average AWP player.

The renaissance-styled paint finish of this skin seems to fit in perfectly with the deadly sniper rifle, with a knotted roaring, flame-breathing dragon. The color combination of beige, orange, yellow and olive green give it a neat and ancient look which certainly makes it look like a highly valuable CSGO skin.

awp dragon lore wallpaper
awp dragon lore in game

About AWP Dragon Lore History

Dragon Lore is the only covert drop of the Cobblestone Collection (introduced in 1st July, 2014) and can be dropped only during Major tournaments back in the days when these skins were still dropped to players. An in-depth calculation has proven the change of getting an AWP DL skin is close to 0.0004%, or 1 in 100,000 chances.  This means that the skin is one of the most elusive and hard-to-get CSGO skins in the entire history of CSGO skin trades. As a result of its rarity, the price averaged about $4,500, enough to buy 2 latest iPhones. And this has cemented the CSGO skins economy as a viable investment option for avid CSGO gamers.

Dragon Lore artwork has been immortalised in the Cobblestone map as a wall art, which this skin is derived from. Unfortunately in 2019, Valve has decided to remove the Cobblestone map due to it not suitable for competitive gameplay and has replaced it altogether from its competitive matchmaking lineup with a newer map called Vertigo. Since then, the AWP Dragon Lore has gained a more meaningful purpose (and upward valuation) as the CSGO skin for collection purposes.

The price of this AWP skin is also affected by the float value, or wear levels. Considering all of these factors, one can infer that obtaining an AWP DL skin is comparable to striking a lottery in the real world.

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AWP Dragon Lore Price in 2021

As with other CSGO skins, AWP Dragon Lore is subject to price fluctuation that is based on the supply and demand of the CSGO skin. When it first appeared on the Steam market, the price was considerably cheaper than it is today. Different wear levels could affect the pricing of the AWP DL as well, as many would prefer to buy this skin that is in pristine condition. If you are one of the lucky few who owns an AWP DL, the following guide may serve as a good indicator for you in case you are planning to sell the CSGO skin for a decent profit:

Battle-Scarred: As the AWP Dragon Lore is a super rare CSGO skin, even a highly worn version of it is going to set buyers back for at least $950. Do keep in mind that for a Battle-Scarred AWP DL, the design is barely visible due to the wear-and-tear condition.

Well-Worn: For now, there are only a handful of Well-Worn AWP Dragon Lore existing in third-party CSGO skin marketplaces. A quick search online has found a Well-Worn Dragon Lore to be that of about $1,500. Or the equivalent of the latest MacBook Air.

Field-Tested: Since AWP Dragon Lore skins come in both Souvenir and the normal version, the latter has been valued at around $1,800 currently, while the former could cost as high as $9,000. Yes, and if this price shocked you, do prepare to find out what is to come next, for a Minimal Wear AWP DL skin.

Minimal Wear: This is as close to a mint condition AWP Dragon Lore skin that one could find for as low as $3,800. However, if you are looking for a Souvenir version, that will set you back for a 5-digit sum, or $11,000.

Factory New: Finally, the cream of the crop. A Factory New AWP DL skin is that of the most perfect and pristine condition that you can find today in Steam market or third-party CSGO skin marketplaces. Most CSGO skin collectors would be eyeing for a Factory New CSGO skin as it kept the CSGO skin design largely untouched since there is little to no deterioration from the wear. Owning a Factory New AWP DL skin however, will cost you at least $6,000. As for the Souvenir version, you may kiss goodbye to your $18,000 at the very least. Not forgetting someone who has bought a limited-edition Souvenir version for $61,000.

How to Get AWP Dragon Lore?

The official go-to CSGO skin market is Steam market, a platform developed by Valve to facilitate trading within the Steam ecosystem. Anyone who has an eligible Steam account would be able to list, buy or sell CSGO skin anytime. In this official marketplace, you may find a dozen of Field-Tested AWP DL at any one time. Pricing-wise, it is generally pretty stable and can be considered a good money saver and even as a form of investment. However, all earnings made through Steam warket lands in your Steam wallet and cannot be paid out to real money, and instead can only be used for internal purchases in the Steam market.

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Alternatively, you may consider trading at third-party marketplaces like SkinCashier. Because of the ongoing pandemic, CSGO has recorded an encouraging level of players engaged in the game. Likewise, more people are trading CSGO skin as an alternate means to earn side income in uncertain times. SkinCashier is one of the few third-party marketplaces that allow you to connect your Steam account safely and securely for instant cashout. It also boasts the most number of payout options from Paypal, Skrill to Cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin (BTC) and Ethereum (ETH). A Factory New AWP Dragon Lore skin can be sold for an attractive price in third-party CSGO skin marketplaces as compared to the Steam market. But there is a growing case of bad actors looking to scam CSGO players with bogus CSGO skin sites, who will try to trick you into ‘selling’ your AWP Dragon Lore for an unusually appealing price. Thus, it is always good to check everything thoroughly, a few times if needed, and never go through with a trade that seems fishy.

How many Dragon Lores are there among CS:GO players?

According to our statistics, there are approximately 4700 AWP Dragon Lores circulating among CS:GO players (excluding copied, so-called “duped” skins). About 1500 of these skins are Factory New. This low number of AWP skins makes it one of the rarest skins available in the game. If you also include duped DLs, there are about as many as 15,000 of these skins circulating in the Steam ecosystem, but many of them are on trade banned Steam accounts and will never enter circulation for traders.


Therefore if you want to sell an AWP Dragon Lore skin for a good price, or are looking for a great deal in buying one, you may consider doing so on third-party marketplaces like SkinCashier since they allow instant cashout for real money or cryptocurrencies. Otherwise, you may sell CSGO skins at the Steam Market securing the highest Dragon Lore AWP Price available but barring yourself from easy access to your funds. 

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