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CSGO AWP Dragon Lore Skin in 2022

Updated: August 15, 2022

AWP | Dragon Lore belongs to the most iconic and rarest skins in CS:GO. It owes its name to a painting of the spitting fire dragon applied to the body of the rifle. Dragon Lore AWP is a Covert CS:GO skin. And its price might reach hundreds of thousands of dollars. 

The skin officially appeared in the game within the Cobblestone Collection case in 2014. However, thanks to the new drop rotation this collection has been moved out. Thus, today you can’t unbox the skin from Cobblestone souvenir packages any more. 

What is interesting, AWP Dragon Lore is available in souvenir quality too.

awp dragon lore wallpaper

Why Is The AWP Dragon Lore So Expensive?

AWP Dragon Lore price makes it one of the most expensive skins in the shooter. There are several concrete reasons that explain why Dragon Lore occupies the top of the price chart:

  • It’s an incredibly rare Covert CS GO skin. It is said that the chance to get it is equal to 0,0004%.
  • There is a limited number of Dragon Lore skins available on the market. There are approximately 4700 AWP Dragon Lores circulating among CS:GO players.
  • It is a highly popular skin design. Many players dream to own it within their CSGO collections.
  • You can’t get it from the souvenir package any more, since 2019. 

AWP Dragon Lore Price Chart in 2022

Wear Level



Minimal Wear








Souvenir Factory New


Souvenir Minimal Wear


Souvenir Field-Tested


Souvenir Well-Worn


Souvenir Battle-Scarred


How To Get Dragon Lore AWP?

If you are reading this guide, you have to memorize just one simple fact. Dragon Lore is one of the hardest to get skins in CS:GO. However, this fact does not leave you ineligible to know what are the most popular ways to obtain the skin. No matter if you are interested in Dragon Lore Factory New or Battle-Scarred.

Below you can find all the ways how to get CSGO AWP Dragon Lore in 2022:

  1. to buy the skin on Steam market for real money
  2. to purchase it from third-party marketplaces like SkinCashier. Consider this option,if you are looking for a great deal. Compare the prices on different markets before finalizing your skins trading. 
  3. to watch the Cobblestone Major and rely on luck to get it from a drop
  4. to craft a physical Dragon Lore from wood. Just open Youtube and look for comprehensive tutorials that explain how to make wooden skin CS:GO. 

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