How to Kick Bots in CS2? All Commands Tutorial

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Bots have been a part of Counter-Strike since its earliest days of the game and were implemented as a means of training for players. They are AI-controlled soldiers that gamers could add or kick at will and were intended to help players practice different tactics, try out different weapons on them or simply fill up matches when there were not enough real players able to enter the game and play. Even today, bots are still present in CSGO, however, many choose to remove bots from the game as soon as possible, so it would be wise to learn how to kick bots in CSGO.

Bots in CSGO

When it comes to bots in counter-strike global offensive they are known as being way too easy to deal with among the CSGO community and most gamers can kill them easily. Over the years, they have somewhat developed a reputation of not being a threat but rather a minor inconvenience or annoyance, and players usually just want to kick bots as soon as they start the match. In fact, bots used to be so bad that even now, the word bot is used to describe a CSGO player who is not very good at the game.

While bots can be useful when practicing weapons, their poor performance rarely offers any real challenge, and many choose to kick them quickly. Another reason to kick them is if you wish to practice throwing smoke and other kinds of bombs or simply wish to get more acquainted with a specific map. In short, there are numerous reasons why you would wish to kick bots in Counter Strike Global Offensive.

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Recently though, bots have received a massive overhaul from Valve which affected their appearance, as well as their performance. Nowadays, bots are not just a lot prettier to look at but are also play significantly better. While this will no doubt result in fewer bots getting a kick, perhaps, in time, the word bot will change its meaning to something more positive.

Enabling the Developer Console

To be able to kick bots in CSGO, you will need to enable the developer console. The developer console will enable the player to enter specific commands which he can use to modify the game and make it more tailored towards their own specific needs. There are many available commands in CSGO which the player can use to kick bots, get more funds, change crosshair settings, and much more, but first thing’s first, to do any of it, we have to enable it.

The first step in doing so is launching CSGO and reaching the CSGO main menu. In the main menu screen, locate the settings button which is displayed as a cog at the left bottom of the screen. In the game settings menu, search for the “Enable Developer Console” option and set it to Yes. To save your settings, click on “Apply”. Afterward, leave the menu. Now you can use the developer console and. By default, the console should be set to the “~” button, but you can change that to any button that you desire. It is finally time to kick some bots.

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What is the Command to Remove Bots in CSGO?

The first console command that you will need to type in if you wish to kick bots from your game is mp_limitteams 1. By doing so, you will prevent the bots from rejoining the game after they have been kicked out, regardless of whether they are a counter-terrorist bot or a terrorist bot.

The next console command that you should type in is mp_autoteambalance 0. What this command will do is automatically prevent all bots that are currently in the game from switching from one team to the other in order to rebalance the match.

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Next up, it is time to actually kick all the bots from the match. To kick all bots you will need to type bot_kick and then press enter. This command will allow you to remove bots from the match and due to the previous commands that we have entered, they should be prevented from rejoining by default. If you have done everything properly, a message should appear that informs the player that a bot has left the game.

If you want to specifically remove a bot from the counter-terrorist side, you can use the command bot_kick ct. If you want to kick a bot from the terrorist side, you can do so by using the command bot_kick t. If by any chance you don’t have enough players on your team and want to add some bots into your server, you can do so just as easily as you could remove the bots. If you want to add a bot to the T team type bot_add t. Alternatively, if you want to get bots on the CT team, use the bot_add ct.

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It is important to keep in mind that you can only add bots and kick bots only if you are on a private server or on a server where you have permission to do so. This means that you can remove and add bots from custom private server games that you host but not if you join the game on a random server.

The final command that you can use if you choose to have bots present in your match and decide not to kick all of them, is bot_quota_mode. This command has three different modes and each of them will affect the bots in the game differently. If you type bot_quota_mode normal, the bot behavior will be set to normal. The second command bot_quota_mode fill will fill all of the remaining spots in your game with bots. The final command, bot_quota_mode match will set the bots ratio between human players and bots to 1 to bot quota ratio.

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In this article, we talk about bots in CSGO, what a bot is, their history, as well as how to kick bots in Counter Strike. We also go over how to enable the developer console, what button to press to activate it, and various bot-related and kick commands available in the game.

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