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sell csgo skins for real money

Video game is an art that combines visuals, audio, storytelling and active participation of players. CSGO takes it up a notch by giving opportunities for players to earn while they play. All of this because they can Sell CSGO Skins for Real Money!

In a 2019 report by ZDNet, Valve corporation, the game developer behind the massively successful Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS:GO), has announced a termination of the ability for players to sell keys to other players for money and cryptocurrencies. The highly lucrative in-game economy in CSGO has attracted  “worldwide fraud networks” to perform money laundering through case keys to liquidate their gains, in order to escape law enforcement investigations. Other popular game developers like Blizzard and Riot Games have faced similar situations as bad actors are constantly looking for alternative means to “wash their dirty money”. Although the decision made by Valve has affected the majority of players who are trading these virtual items for better in-game perks or additional source of income, the company has not failed to listen to its global community on certain legitimate demands.

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Fortunately, the collective effort made by the CSGO community has prevented Valve from making further restrictions for players to sell CSGO skins for real money. As of today, millions of CSGO players from all over the world can still enjoy the privilege of trading their valuable weapon skins in exchange for monies and cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin (BTC) and Ethereum (ETH). As a result, skins economy is by far, one of the most valuable virtual items ever in the gaming industry today. Other newer game titles like Riot’s Volarant and Activision’s Call of Duty have seen the success formula found in CSGO and have replicated the monetisation of in-game weapons and character skins by introducing battle passes, bundles and crates of virtual items in their respective gaming ecosystems. However, none of these game titles have allowed their community to monetise their gameplay as much as CSGO do.

In fact, the Steam market is one of the few gaming platforms which allow players to perform peer-to-peer trades outside of their platform, creating endless opportunities for players to not only dispose of their unwanted skins for cash, but also a way for avid CSGO gamers to earn while they play their favorite game.

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Can you still Sell CSGO Skins for Real Money?

CSGO is one of the oldest and most popular games in the world right now. The game was first released on 21st August 2012 and even after all these years, it keeps getting better with every update. These updates could range from visually-enhanced maps, bug fixes to brand new features as requested by the community. In August 2013, CSGO performed the most significant update to the game that cemented its position as the role model for next-generation games. The aptly named update is called “Arms Deal”, which introduced dozens of visually appealing agents and CSGO weapon skins with interesting backstories, and values.

Recently in late-2019, Valve have released the Operation Shattered Web to CSGO along with a new collection of skins. As a successor to Operation Hydra, it has not only delivered a huge amount of changes to the game, including five new multiplayer maps and a new Danger Zone map. Additionally, the new update has also introduced a number of skins with some of them like the AWP’s Gungnir skin being valued at $1,300 in third-party skins marketplaces like SkinCashier.

Third-party CSGO marketplace is always a hotbed for making some money if the player manages to obtain a rare CSGO skin from case unlocking. Contrary to popular belief, the process to sell CSGO skins on these marketplaces is actually not illegal, as players can simply connect their Steam Trade URL to these platforms to initiate a trade. For instance, the widely publicised Souvenir AWP Dragon Lore skin trade is made on a third-party marketplace. Because of this buoyant skins economy, these virtual items are constantly reaching new heights in terms of their valuation based on their rarity, float value and supply. FYI, the Souvenir AWP’s Dragon Lore skin was sold for $61,000 on a third-party marketplace, which is enough for some to pay for home mortgages and even a luxury sedan car!

Where do I sell weapon skins today, apart from Steam Market?

The process to buy skins should not need an introduction for the CSGO communities around the world. The existing method to purchase skins include utilising the official Steam Community Market, or Steam market, where users will have to all proceeds and deposits happen on the Steam Wallet. However, Steam Wallet is only limited for usage within the Steam market. This means that the wallet fund withdrawal into real money (e.g. USD or BTC) is not possible. But, can you sell skins for real money and instant cashout into their Paypal? The answer is yes, since options like PayPal, Skrill or Payeer accounts are available  on third-party marketplaces such as SkinCashier.

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The aforementioned examples such as the Souvenir AWP Dragon Lore skin trade has proven the profitability of CSGO trade. Inevitably, the liberal decision made by Valve has prompted third-party marketplaces to be the ideal CSGO trade destination for many CSGO players. SkinCashier is one of the few skins marketplaces which have seen an exponent growth in the sales activity of skins. It is designed with every CSGO player in mind, as the user-friendly interface facilitates the entire sales process without much guidance. Upon successful connection of the player’s Steam inventory with SkinCashier platform, the player will be able to select from their Steam inventory, weapon skins which they are looking to sell, and are given an immediate valuation of their selected inventory of skins. Furthermore, there are no hidden charges unlike other third-party marketplace as SkinCashier is purpose-built for players to experience a transparent, safe and reliable CSGO trade.

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Sell CSGO skins on highly secure and reliable third-party marketplace

It is safe to assume that CSGO has evolved from a mere video game to a form of lifestyle, and many CSGO players see the opportunity through selling skins. The growing demand of CSGO players has seen more skins marketplaces appearing online to offer players a platform to sell skins. One good example is the highly secured and user-friendly SkinCashier marketplace.

Created by a team of avid CSGO players, SkinCashier offers a straightforward and simple way to sell skins. It is built from the ground up, while ensuring the security and reliability of every CSGO skin trade. Ever since the world is experiencing the ongoing pandemic crisis, there are more active CSGO players who have logged in daily to engage in virtual firefights and subsequently obtaining skins. Subsequently, there is an encouraging growth seen in the sales volume made on SkinCashier, since players have been seeking an answer to how sell CSGO skins for real money or cryptocurrencies.

The beauty of in-game items monetisation lies in its design to offer excitement to the gaming process itself. While cosmetic items like skins do not ruin the gaming balance or any tactical advantages, it could provide players with the opportunity to enjoy your favorite game without the ‘pay-to-win’ frustration. It is without a doubt that in CSGO, the skills of the player matter the most, but skins are the second most important factor that gives the player the mental power to go ahead, and mental superiority over their opponents.

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As with real-life scenarios, donning your best outfit for work or study could influence your positive behavior with that “winning attitude” required to overcome any odds during the day. Similarly, players are more likely to conquer their fear and uncertainties at every match when they have equipped their virtual self with the best inventory such as skins that are able to accentuate your style. When you feel the need to change them, third-party marketplaces like SkinCashier allow you to sell your old skins for newer ones, as others may be eyeing for your old skins as their next preferred style. Also, if you do own rare skins, you can even earn real money from that, since there is a great demand for rare skins on third-party marketplaces like SkinCashier.

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Therefore, instead of spending endless amounts of money for new cases and skins, you can possibly recycle your rare skins by selling them in exchange for real money, or use the earnings for newer skins to your liking. It is definitely possible to sustain your daily expenses and lifestyle by selling weapon skins.

So, can you sell skins for real money on third-party marketplaces?

Eventually, it is up to an individual’s preference whether they should sell skins for real money. If given a choice, anyone would be more than glad to have the opportunity to earn real money and instant cashout by playing their favorite online game (ie. CSGO). Unlike the official Steam Market, third-party marketplaces like SkinCashier enable the player to sell CSGO skins for real money at an attractive selling price when compared to the official Steam Market (although price fluctuation does occur as the CSGO skin economy works like a stock market). Many times, the player may have accumulated many weapon skins that may not be desirable to him or her. There may also be instances where the player is holding onto several duplicated rare skins at once. In this case, it is highly recommended to cleanup one’s inventory in exchange for real money, earning side income and even re-invest into emerging financial assets like cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin (BTC) and Ethereum (ETH)

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