How to sort out your CS:GO Inventory effectively?

csgo inventory sorting

Best known for its strategic gameplay with the largest CSGO inventory of weapon skins, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive is a force to reckon with in the gaming industry.

CS:GO is definitely one of the hottest game titles in the esports scene and have garnered a massive global following since 2012. While most players have chosen the game as the go-to first person shooter game for a competitive experience, others were generally favorable its vibrant and valuable weapon skins market. The game is infused with a new lease of life when Valve introduced an “Arms Deal” update, introducing a large inventory of weapon skins for players to customise their weapons based on their ideal styles. Even though weapon skins do not offer any tactical advantage on the weapon itself, they have developed a player-driven market price value, unmatched by any other games.

CS:GO has seen numerous record-breaking deals involving their weapon skins being sold for astronomical figures, such as the famous Souvenir AWP Dragon Lore that has a price of $61,000, and the more recent transaction of a M4A4 Howl skin for a price of $100,000. To date, there are more than 760 unique items, ranging from stickers to weapon skins for players to collect and perhaps profit by selling these CSGO weapon skins.  However, there is a limit to how much a player can keep these items in their CSGO inventory. Acquired CSGO skins have to be stored somewhere that is easily accessible to players. This is where Steam Inventory comes into play.

Organise your CSGO and discover the Steam inventory value easily

As the weapon skins economy flourishes, more players are looking for better ways to organise the inventory. Workarounds like categorisation by weapon, color or type, will certainly help you to locate their items faster and more effectively, increasing your productivity at the same time.

CS:GO has its own filters and search options, but the order of your items is literally fixed by default. Because of that, there could be instances where you may find your most expensive inventory unknowingly fed into your Steam’s “thrash bin”.

Unfortunately, the Steam CSGO Market may not have a straightforward process to sort out your inventory, in particular weapon skins and more. Although Valve has committed to improve on its mechanism over the years, simplifying the process for users to buy and use in-game inventory items, Steam has remained to be flawed, or rather still missing an inclusive feature that could allow you to easily organise your inventory.

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Currently, Steam displays your inventory through a “last modified” filter. More often than not, the “last modified” date is marked as the time period that you first opened or received the item. This explains the reason that items are arranged in sequential order, with the newer items being shown at the top. Hence, the default system filters your inventory in terms of  “date added”. In order for us to counteract the issue, we will have to seek ways to change the position of an item in the inventory, by forcing a change to the item’s data.

Luckily for you, there are actually a couple of workarounds that you can use to so-called “trick” the application into showing the user, as well as anyone who views their profile, their collected items in exactly whatever order they want. But a point to note is that such workaround may be complicated to execute and often a repetitive process, but if your end-goal is to possess a well-documented and organised inventory, the following methods could be considered.

Ways to optimise your search in Steam

Aside from CS:GO, the workaround could work for any of your game’s inventor in order to determine how much my steam account worth as well. Of course, there may also be exceptions, such that some items cannot be removed from a player’s account, which means that they can’t be rearranged.

Rearrange your CSGO inventory using a name tag or sticker

Since you can change the CS:GO skin’s data by changing its properties, applying a name tag or a sticker effectively does just that as well. By adding either one to the weapons, you may prompt Steam to update the skin’s data, changing the “last modified” date and moving the skin to the top of the CSGO inventory. While this works well for weapon skins, you might not be able to name or place a sticker on another sticker such as a graffiti spray or a pin. What this means is that the 440 sprays in every CSGO inventory of yours may likely remain to be disorganised.

In fact, using this specific method can serve you well specific instances where you will be trying to organise a StatTrak weapon. The most ideal approach to rearrange your CS:GO inventory involves trading items to a second account, but such action will cause StatTrack values to reset to zero as soon as the item is traded for a price. Thus, by using a sticker that has a low price value instead, you may want to target items of greater significance to you and strategically place them wherever they want as they move the rest of your CSGO inventory.

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Another point to note if you have decided to only use the sticker method, is that it could get a rather high price quickly. Since your stickers must be scraped off in order for Steam to update its data, a large repository of your CSGO inventory could result in a loss of your stickers. By using a name tag, however, you will only have to name the item to update its position.

Nicely arrange your CSGO Inventory using the Steam Market

Next, you may also want to use this method of moving an item in your CS:GO inventory into three parts. First, get the new item listed on the Steam Market, confirm the list by mobile authentication, and then immediately delisted right after that. This action will return the item back to the top of your inventory in an instance.

Such an action may risk your item being bought by someone who find the new listing immediately when it is posted. To ensure that no one find your item between its listing and delisting processes, you must have the item reserved at a price of $2,000, the maximum listed inventory steam value, so as to minimise the chance of it triggering a buy order or someone purchases it before you delist it again. Nonetheless, this method does pose certain risk to the availability of your item, thus players using this method have to keep in mind that there is no guarantee that no one will find your team, that have been recently been listed on the market, so even when proper precautions are put in place, there’s no guarantee the Steam Market trick goes smoothly every single time, especially if your item is of a value similar to a price of $2,000.

Hence, do refrain yourself from moving CS:GO skins like knives, rare skins, or other expensive items using this method in your account. The worst part about the Steam Market method is the process of arranging the inventory is slow. There is no option to list items to the Market in bulk, meaning that each new item must be listed, confirmed, and canceled individually.

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Ordering a Steam inventory by trading

Finally, the third method assumes that you have already created, or want to create a second account. It also assumes the enabling of two-factor authentication to further reduce the delay in between trades. Although some players may find this method inconvenient due to the time it can take to complete the player-controlled transaction, especially if you do commit a mistake in the ordering process. But as compared to the other two methods, this is probably the safest way to ensure your skin’s availability.

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In recent years, Valve has enforced a new rule for recently created Steam accounts, which mandates a purchase of $5 worth of price value and above on the Steam Market before they can trade or use their items in the inventory.

If users can accommodate with the idea of a one-week trade hold, then this is certainly the easiest and failsafe way that you could deploy in sorting out your entire CSGO inventory effectively. Another advantage to using this method is that instead of having to order items one at a time, you may want to use Steam’s own trade dialogue to order their items in bulk, reducing the painstaking process of changing each item manually.

This method allows you to retain your CSGO inventory in the order that they have gone into the trade window as long as users are trading two or fewer items. While it comes out close, the order is slightly different than the order the items were listed in the trade window. Players can minimise that by deciding on an order that has sub-categories. For instance, if a user want to order their inventory by weapon type, that could be further broken down into different rarities. Since all rarities are technically equal, it matters much less if their order inside their rarity category gets jumbled, and players can break the rarity trade down even more if they want more control.

Validating every new trade requires patience, but two-factor authentication ensures that your CSGO skins have a minimised chance of being lost to theft or user error. Additionally, since having two Steam accounts is possible, according to the new subscription policy by Steam, any trade errors made between two of your accounts can be resolved for your CS:GO inventory.

Start organising your CS:GO inventory today

While it all looks complicated, once players find the order they want, the process is as simple as trading the items in the reverse order. The experience can be quite fulfilling as you will finally be able to have a well-sorted CSGO inventory, especially after years of messy and jumbled CSGO inventory, and finally see what is the inventory value steam account worth way more effectively.

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