Why Does CSGO Keep Crashing?

why does csgo keep crashing

Despite being more than a decade old, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive can still create problems on some PCs. If you are one of the people to whom this is happening, you might wonder: Why does CSGO keep crashing?

There are several reasons why CS:GO can crash on some computers. We will describe all of them in this guide. However, the question is not only: why? But also how to fix and prevent such unpleasant crashes? After all, nobody likes to lose ranked matches because of technical issues.

csgo problem with launch

Why Is My CS:GO Freezing and Crashing?

Sometimes, CSGO keeps crashing and freezing because you have an old PC. Or maybe the device is not that old, but the RAM is not enough for everything you do. If you know this might be the root of the problem, the first thing you should do when playing CSGO is to close other applications, such as Skype, Discord, or your browser.

Leave a few apps open. Thus, your PC can allocate more resources to the game. Always check your task manager and see what can be closed. Close background programs that are not essential, the issue might go away.

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Why Is My CSGO Freezing

The second reason for CSGO crashing when you least expect it may be related to having a poor Internet connection. If your web upload and download speed are below 5 MB/s, there might be moments during a match that can crash your game.

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It can be related to too many smoke grenades used at once. Alternatively, the same situation might happen when too many players fight in the same room.

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The third reason why CSGO keeps crashing can be related to the fact that you are constantly pushing your PC to its limits. Even if you have a good PC, if you enable all visual settings and set everything on high or maximum, your computer may struggle.

Do not just assume that because the game is old, your recently bought PC should be able to run it without any issues at maximum settings. It is not always the case.

Why Does CS:GO Crash on Launch?

CSGO crashing on launch may have something to do with your GPU drivers or Windows updates. Make sure you update graphics drivers before launching the game. Some CSGO crashing issues are caused by not having all the drivers installed and updated.

Another cause may be represented by having the compatibility mode turned on.

csgo game settings

Finally, a third cause why CSGO crashes on launch may be related to corrupt installation files. If you suspect that to be the case, uninstall the game and then reinstall it. The integrity of your CS:GO game files can be verified from the Steam client:

  • Just open the Steam client
  • Right-click on the CS:GO icon to run the shooter
  • Then left-click on “Properties”
  • The next step is to Select the Language tab 
  • Finally, verify the integrity of the files.
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Sometimes, after a big update, CSGO may start crashing on launch because of the changes introduced by that update and the added graphical demands they place on your PC. In the past, there have been reported cases of CSGO crashing after Wildfire Update, also known as Operation Wildfire.

When such problems occur, the first step is to start the game with lower settings and see if the game consumes more resources now than before. Sometimes you are not aware of it. In contrast, your computer is able to run a version of CS:GO. So when the devs add something to it, that may be the straw that breaks the camel’s back.

Another thing to check after important CSGO updates is your available hard-disk space. Maybe the update has made the game a few GB bigger. And your game installation directory is sitting on a partition with 0 space left. If that is the case, anything that happens during your sessions that may require a bit of extra PC space will crash your game.

Improve Your PC

How Do I Fix My CS:GO Game?

If you are experiencing problems and wondering “why does my CSGO keep crashing?” here are three things that you can do:

Lower Your In-Game Settings 

It is the most important measure you can take when experiencing game-crashing issues in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. If the game crashes, you are likely putting more stress on your PC than it can handle. Counter-Strike is not a very demanding game, but it can still cause trouble on some PCs.

The default settings are not always viable. Because your graphics card may be able to support those values only for a few minutes. If you are experiencing crashes, try to demand less of your computer when you play CSGO.

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Improve Your PC

The CSGO crashing issue can also be fixed by upgrading your PC. Most frequently, the problem is your graphics card or your RAM. Make sure you have at least 8GB RAM and a graphics card no older than 7-8 years.

Improve Your Internet Connection

Always use a cable. It makes your Internet connection much better and eliminates a lot of potential game crashing issues.

Final Verdict

It is often enough to lower your best CSGO settings or update a graphics driver to fix CS:GO crashing. But if you are still having problems after that and wondering “why does CSGO keep crushing?” make sure you try everything else discussed in this guide.

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