CSGO Mirage Granades: Best Spots

Granades are one of the most important features in Counter Strike: Global Offensive. A proper smoke grenade can easily let your team gain control over the map, preventing the enemy team for firing at you and forcing them to maneuver or risk running in blind.

The knowledge of proper smoke grenades can significantly help you improve your CSGO rank. Map awareness is one of the key skills that is required for success in higher ranks. If you want to learn how to improve your chances on the Mirage map, here are the best smoke spots that you can use for your advantage.

Mirage is one of the more popular maps in CSGO and has been a long time member of the active duty pool. Because of this, you will most likely play on Mirage more than a couple of times when playing ranked matches.

What Are The Best Smoke Spots On The Mirage Map?

Mirage, although slightly CT sided, is one of the most balanced maps in the game at the moment. While this is generally good information it also means that you will need to use your smoke grenades to really get an edge over the other team. There are many great smoke spots on the map, however the most important ones that you should keep in mind are:

  1. Sniper Nest

This smoke grenade is more important for the Terrorist side, as you’ll be smoking a sniper nest that’s right in front of the T spawn. Many times the nest will have a sniper camping and waiting for your team to rush A. In later rounds if the CT team has an auto on their side, not smoking the sniper nest can have terrible consequences for your team. Thankfully, you can easily throw the smoke grenade at sniper nest without being noticed. On the T spawn, turn right and stand on the trash can near the wall. Then turn around until you see the wall with A site sign painted on it. Look above to the left corner of the balcony, then start walking and jump throw the smoke grenade as soon as you get to the edge of the trash can. If you’ve done this successfully, your smoke should perfectly block the sniper nest on mid, allowing you for an easy access to the A site.

  1. Mid Connector
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The mid connector smoke is more universal and used by both teams. The mid area is one of the fastest ways to rotate from bomb site B to A and very often the CT team will use this way to rush as soon as they see the Terrorist side plant. On the other hand, the T team can greatly benefit from obscuring the mid connector, since it gives a perfect vision to any possible snipers on the B site, ready to take you out as you go A. The CT team can safely smoke mid connector as soon as they arrive on B site from the CT spawn. The Terrorist side has it a bit harder, as smoking the mid connector when going A site actually exposes you to the sniper nest on the mid. The safest way to smoke this section is to simply hug the right wall that opens to mid from the T spawn, then on the edge step slightly to the light and throw your smoke grenade directly at the B site entry. When thrown directly at the doors, this smoke should completely cover the connector, allowing you easy access to A site.

  1. Jungle Smoke

Jungle is the passage from the window on mid which has the sniper nest to the A site. Very often members of the CT team, who were camping around mid will use this passage to quickly shift to the bomb site and surprise the Terrorist side by coming in from the back. Throwing a smoke grenade can not only block the pathway for any player, but when they reach your smoke from inside the jungle they will have to choose to either walk in blindly or turn around and waste valuable time. There are actually couple of ways to smoke jungle, best one is from the T roof. Go long from T spawn until you reach the T roof. Find two identical windows on the wall and stand below them, turning around. Find a ridge in front of you, position your crosshair slightly to the left and throw the smoke grenade. It should land directly in the jungle, smoking the place.

  1. A Ramp wall
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This is a CT smoke grenade that is used to block potential way for the Terrorist team to rush B straight from their spawn, effectively forcing them to go A or wait around. This smoke is also very easy to perform. As soon as you leave CT spawn to B site, you should see a stack of white cylinders. Stand to their right and position your crosshair just about the entry with the A ramp. Then, just throw your smoke grenade and you should obscure the vision in area completely.

  1. B Site Apartments

The last smoke grenade is again mostly useful for the CT team, as you can use it to block the B site apartments, which are also the main route for the Terrorist side to teach the A site while avoiding the Counter Terrorists. If the T team goes there as soon as the round starts, you might find yourself with the entire Terrorist team spilling out very quickly on to the bomb site, allowing the to easily hold multiple angles and prevent you from going in. To effectively smoke the B site apartments, simply go back to the market door the CT team uses to reach the site and stand under the air conditioner. Then, aim your crosshair slightly to the right, above the green tarps that cover the site. Find the top corner to the right and throw your smoke. It should land directly inside the apartments, preventing any potential rush.

In Conclusion

Incendiary grenades, flashbangs and smoke grenades are a key to winning ranked matches in CSGO. The higher your rank, the more important it is to remember all of the smoke spots on this list. Create a practice lobby and try out some of them, before you go into a match.

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