The Best 5 Counter-Strike Blogs in 2022

best counter strike blogs

The Counter-Strike Global Offensive Community is among the most active gaming subcultures. The peak number of players could reach almost two million in a day. Moreover, the Valve Corporation changes game mechanics by releasing updates several times per month. As a result, CS players are constantly looking for new information about the game updates, new maps, and other changes. 

To educate Community Valve Corporation released a blog on its official site from the beginning. Those who would like to get better at CSGO visit it often. On the other hand, if you want more comments about game modes, custom maps, external links, and other news – many TOP Counter Strike blogs are available online.

In this article, we picked the best 5 Counter Strike blogs in 2022.

What is a Good Gaming Blog About CSGO?

A good gaming blog about CSGO provides valuable content for readers. In a good blog, readers can find the most recent CSGO updates, world events, news, release dates, ranking systems, gameplay feedback – basically anything of value for gamers.

Moreover, some blogs provide trading platforms for skins, betting options, forums for discussions with friends, and many other things.

TOP 5 Counter Strike Blogs

Every CSGO blog out there is unique and provides different content. So, we did our due diligence and picked for you the top 5 Counter-Strike blogs:

1. SkinCashier

counter strike blogs skincashier

Gaming enthusiasts created a new automated bot trading service SkinCashier. More than half a million active CS: GO players worldwide benefit from cross-game item trading on SkinCashier. Sellers of CSGO skins on SkinCashier may rest confident that your customer’s financial data is safe. You can also pick popular payment methods, including PayPal, Bitcoin, and Wire Transfer.

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What is more, SkinCashier has the most reliable services. And its customers can rapidly trade their CSGO skins for cash. 

Skincashier’s blog contains articles about e-Sport competitions, news, skins, and gaming tutorials.

2. SkinsMonkey

counter strike blogs skinsmonkey 1

Skinsmonkey is an online skin trading website where you can get free CSGO skins. For all your ‘skinning’ needs, go no farther than their trading bot, where you can effortlessly exchange unwanted skins for new in-demand digital goods fast, anonymously, and with the lowest fees. 

On Skinsmonkey’s blog, you will find articles with all the latest updates on CSGO and Rust, tips and tricks, Skinsmonkey updates, and some up-to-date reviews dedicated to skin collections and customizations. You can also welcome to join the recently launched Discord channel. 

3. CsWaRzOnE

CsWaRzOnE blog csgo

CsWarzone is a tight-knit community of Counter-Strike enthusiasts. It all began in 2010 with the introduction of the CS Warzone. They now support many versions of Counter-Strike, including 1.6, CS:S, and CSGO.

They’re also keeping their Discord server active around the clock. The developers of Warzone want to improve the gaming community by giving players a satisfying online experience.

Warzone’s goal is to create the finest Counter-Strike gamers possible, so they’ll provide their customers with the best gaming experience possible.

CsWarzone’s blog contains articles with the latest Steam updates, eSports events, skins, and other customizations.



Since its launch, the site has expanded to include a broader range of Counter-Strike-related subjects. Every week, they produce new articles, guides, updates, and skin categories, all of which cover essential topics for each gamer.

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Because they were concerned for the community, they developed valuable resources. Popular themes are a crosshair generator, and a database listing the price of every CSGO item on this blog.

You can also find a ton of information about each of the maps, weapons, cases and skins. Whether you are a veteran or a newbie, this blog is an excellent source of information about everything this game offers.

5. Counter-Strike Blog

Counter Strike Blog

If you’re looking for the latest information about Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, your best bet is the Counter Strike Blog.

Valve uses the main page of the Counter Strike blog to share information with the Global Offensive community about upcoming events, competitions, and improvements to the game itself. At the moment, gamers may use the site to learn about the latest game updates, research Global Offensive, and interact with other players.

Specialized Counter-Strike-related information, such as commentary from professional players and pages devoted to extensive content upgrades, can be found on the site’s internal mini-sites.

Final Verdict

Counter Strike blogs are essential on your way to becoming a solid CSGO player. They are the source of crucial information that helps players reach their desired status in the game. Players also have the chance to make some real money by trading skins. We hope our choices for the best 5 Counter Strike blogs were helpful and enjoyable.

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