How to Fix Steam the ‘your account is currently unable to use the community market’ Error?

CSGO features many great skins, that players can use to pimp out their guns and compete in style. Many of these skins are worth huge amounts of money, and the CSGO skins economy is made up of trades worth thousands of dollars. Because of this, trading in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive is a very serious business.

To account for this, Valve has introduced a simple way to trade CSGO items, available to everyone who has an active Steam account. The Steam community market is a quick and easy way to sell CSGO skins, integrated into your Steam client.

Although the Steam community market is a great method to quickly sell your CSGO items, users sometimes encounter bugs when trying to trade their skins. In this guide, you will learn what to do when you get the ‘unable to use the community market’ error.

Why Can’t I Use The Community Market?

The community market is available to any account, that meets the requirements to use it. All Steam users can access the community market for free and sell their items. However, if you’re getting a message that your account is unable to use the community market, there might be a couple of reasons why that’s the case:

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Your Account Has a VAC Ban

VAC, also known as the Valve Anti Cheat system, is a tool that Steam uses to detect potential cheaters, trying to modify game files to gain an illicit advantage. If the VAC system detects that you were tampering with game files in such a way, you will get permanently banned from CSGO, and this will further affect your ability to trade with other players.

Your Account Has a Trade Hold

Bots were a serious problem in CSGO at one point, and players used bot accounts to quickly farm cheap skins with zero effort, which they later sold for a quick buck before the bot account got banned. In order to prevent this, Valve introduced a 7-day trade hold when accessing your account from an unverified device. This means that for 7 days you won’t be able to trade on the Steam community market.

You Don’t Have Steam Guard Enabled

Accounts that don’t have Steam mobile authenticator added, or simply just Steam Guard enabled, won’t be able to trade on the community market.

There Are Issues with Your Browser or Internet Connection

You will also receive this message if your computer has problems with your internet connection. In some cases, your browser settings might also be interfering with how the Steam community market operates.

How to Fix The Error?

Although the problem is annoying, there are a couple different methods that you can use to fix it and try to get back to trading on Steam community market. Here are some solutions that you can try:

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Check Your Account Status

The first thing you should do when encountering this error is to check the status of your Steam account. Sometimes, accounts can be temporarily restricted from using the market due to suspicious activity or for security reasons. To check your account status, go to your Steam profile and look for any notifications or messages from Steam support. If your account has been restricted, you’ll need to follow the instructions provided by Steam support to resolve the issue.

Clear Your Browser Cache

Another common cause of the “unable to use the community market” error is a problem with your browser cache. Clearing your browser cache can help to resolve this issue. To do this, open your browser settings and look for the option to clear your cache. Once you’ve cleared your cache, try accessing the community market again to see if the error has been resolved.

Disable Browser Extensions

Browser extensions can sometimes interfere with the functionality of the Steam community market. To rule out this possibility, try disabling any browser extensions you have installed and then try accessing the market again. If the error disappears after disabling extensions, you may need to uninstall or disable them permanently.

Check Your Internet Connection

The “unable to use the community market” error can also occur if you have a weak or unstable internet connection. Try resetting your modem and router, and then check your internet connection speed. If your connection is slow or unstable, consider upgrading your internet plan or contacting your internet service provider for assistance.

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Contact Steam Support

If none of the above solutions work, it’s time to contact Steam support for assistance. Steam support can help you identify and resolve any underlying issues that may be causing the “unable to use the community market” error. To contact Steam support, log in to your Steam account and submit a support ticket.

In Conclusion

The “unable to use the community market” error on Steam can be frustrating, but it’s usually fixable. By following the steps outlined in this article, you can quickly resolve the error and get back to buying and selling items on the community market. Remember to always keep your account secure, clear your browser cache, check your internet connection, and contact Steam support if you need further assistance.

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