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With the rise of third-party marketplaces like SkinCashier, has Valve changed its stance on CSGO trading of weapon skins on the Steam market?

Monetisation of the in-game items is a powerful innovation that adds more value to the gaming experience itself. Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Cosmetic skins for CSGO do not alter the gameplay or augment a game itself, rather they give us opportunities to play great game titles without pay-to-win disappointment by adding in more in-game content.

Skins on CSGO have become something more in a very short time than just an aesthetic addition to an esport classic. Its scarcity and vast visual diversity triggered the creation of a global market and tied its presence to the game itself.

Although the skins themselves were not revolutionary in the gaming industry when they were first released, the movement has started after gamers caught wind from the collectable potential of rare drops and skins such as the AWP Dragon Lore and M4A4 Howl, eventually carving out a way to measure their worth based on real probability of getting them.

While it is mostly used for buying and selling, trading on the Steam market is a fairly simple process that is performed directly between users. One may say it is governed by its own organic method, and irrespective of what prices are there for skins, players have arrived at individual agreements that do not always have to be bound by market rates.

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Why Steam is Against Withdrawing Money

Steam wallet helps you to make actual deposits from debit and credit cards, PayPal, Skrill or crypto. Then you can use the funds to purchase new on the platform games , apps, skins, weapons and practically everything else in CSGO and beyond.

The wallet also lets players send and receive monetary gifts around the world. However, do note that you can not use your wallet funds outside of the ecosystem. Simply put, you can only send to people with a Steam Wallet that the funds are to be circulated within the platform, since Valve is preventing bad actors from exploiting the Steam Wallet as a form of  money laundering tool.

Steam wallet funds can not therefore be transferred or withdrawn to an actual bank account, because Steam credits do not have any real money value outside the ecosystem. In order to avoid brushing with the law as a financial institution, Valve has dismissed any possibility to reverse its decision. And they do not have any plans to execute Know-Your-Customer (KYC) verifications, which is often required by any entities that deal with the exchange of real money in their platform, like a cryptocurrency exchange. Those perceived monies in your Steam wallet can only be used to purchase games and other items in its stores.

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Despite Steam’s policies, however, the community has discovered a way of working things out for those who are looking for CSGO trading beyond the platform, away from legal jurisdiction. Due to the demands of many who wished to sell CSGO skins for real money, third-party trading websites were created in recent years to fulfill the needs of many CSGO players with skins to sell for a decent profit.

Understanding the Steam Market

Generally speaking, the market is a natural extension of the Workshop and equipment module. Other games such as DOTA 2 and Team Fortress 2 are present in the market, and most of these games created by Valve allowed players to collect items that could be traded with other players. At the same time, the workshop has been solely dedicated to community-driven contents which are meant to be downloaded for free usage. Thus, apart from trading, Steam market is used to deal with items from games like Team Fortress 2, Dota 2, H1Z1 and many other game titles existing in the market.

While a growing number of game developers introduce the trading aspect to their games, few have made it as self-governing virtual economies. When it comes to CSGO, players can trade with weapon skins, knife skins, gloves, stickers, spray tags, music kits, agent skins, weapon cases, sticker cases, and soon, patches that will be used to customise agent skins.

In the past, before Valve decided to hammer down on money laundering issues, CSGO case keys were used as a black market currency by bad actors. Eventually, these illegal activities were uncovered and subsequently banned. Today, it is only possible to buy CSGO case keys directly from Valve. Also, singular items were disabled from trade, like the notorious M4A4 | Howl, which was originally based on a plagiarised design.

Hence, CSGO economies were gradually diverged into two segments. First, players who accumulate a lot of tradeable items can pass them on further with some real money profit through third-party CSGO trading websites. Secondly, players who have yet to find the luck in case drops can head to the market directly to trade up to get their dream skin.

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How to go about executing CSGO trading on Steam?

If you are looking to perform CSGO trading for the sake of exchanging for your desired CSGO skin, then Steam Market should suffice in your case. Preparing your account for CSGO trading on the market is actually quite straightforward though a few steps have to be taken if this is the first time that you are creating an account in the market.

In order to successfully start CSGO trading on Steam Market, you will need an account that is not under any type of trade ban. Next, you will require a cellphone which allows you to install the Steam Guard application, which acts as a mobile authentication tool for the market, whenever you access your account. Do note that there is a mandatory two-week hold for CSGO item trade after you’re done configuring Steam Guard.

In addition, if you want to keep a safe environment for your CSGO trading, do configure your privacy settings properly. Set all to private if possible, so that the only way you will be able to trade is through specific trade invitations. With proper privacy settings, you can start either browsing the market for a good deal instead of accepting a sell offer or look for literal trade offers on groups and such.

The process of initiating a trade is different depending on whether you want to trade with someone from your friends list or someone else. To start CSGO trading with a friend, all you need to do is to visit their profile or find them in chat, expand options and offer them a trade. However, if you are planning to do this with a person outside your friends list, you will require to have a specific trade URL from the said person’s account setting. Alternatively, you send that person your Trade URL, also referred to as a trade link, which can be found in inventory options under “Trade Offers”.

When you initiate a trade or enter a trade connection from another, the inventories sorted in tabs will be displayed alongside a trade information window for both your and your desired trader. Using this, you can pick which things you want to swap out from. There is also a search box where you can type directly in the name of the skin you are searching for. A number on an item cell indicates multiple copies of the same item.

Moving this to the trade window triggers a dialog box that asks you to pick the amount you want to use for CSGO trading. When you’ve done choosing, click the box that says “Click here to confirm trade content. “—I hope that’s pretty self-explanatory. This leaves you with the last step to take — click “Offer to make.” After this, it’s up to the other trader to accept the offer.

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Tips for CSGO trading on Steam Market

We have figured that the basic advice that can be offered to anyone looking to perform CSGO trading on the Steam market is to search products using database websites such as CSGO Stash and compare deals from third-party markets to assess the overall value and rareness of items that you want to sell.

Remember you would not be able to exchange items with people outside of your friends list if your inventory is set to private. For security reasons, it is highly advisable to keep your profile private, but offer your inventory to the public who may want to trade.

If a trade offer showed a mistake, it might mean you are still below the safe trade cap. After you build your Steam account, or update your password, this cap is applied for three days. It was implemented to shield your items from being automatically off-traded in case your account was compromised.

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There are certain rules you can live by to make your trading safer. What’s most important is that you don’t send your trade link to just anyone anywhere. If your account gets compromised somehow, a hacker can use your trade link to initiate a scam trading from Steam market to a bot account and accept it without you noticing in the first place. If you feel like your Trade URL has ended up with the wrong person, you can generate a new one using the link next to the URL window. Other than that, follow the basic safety guidelines for browsing the internet, including keeping your passwords safe and maintaining a firewall protection on the computer you’re using.

Third-party CSGO trading site are the way forward

By the merit of the Steam market, CSGO trading is fairly simple and easy to perform. Before you begin, you need to observe a proper hygiene of your account, like remembering the initial trade hold after you make sure you set up Steam Guard. Otherwise, dealing in a third-party CSGO trading site like SkinCashier is a good alternative for instant cashout.

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