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Counter Strike: Global Offensive (CS:GO) had a slew of map updates in June that resolved visibility issues as well as critical changes to De_Dust 2.

The competitive scene of CSGO has undergone several map pool changes for the past couple of years as CSGO maps like Mirage, Overpass and Inferno have been plagued with longstanding issues including poor visibility which have affected the gameplay experience of both experienced esports pros and regular players. As a result, June’s update was released to tackle these issues by introducing a new graphics setting known as “Boost Player Contrast”. This feature has added a special filter effect that creates a contrast between moving and stationary characters, so that both characters can be easily identified during gameplay. Multiple character model textures and maps have also been revised to resolve visibility issues. But the most notable change in the latest update is perhaps made on the Dust II map. 

Dust II, also known as Dust2 (de_dust2) is a Bomb Defusal map featured in the Counter-Strike series. It is the successor to Dust (de_dust). As one of the most popular maps in CSGO for practices and competitions, any changes made to the map will inadvertently affect the map strategies devised by esports teams.

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The recent update for De_Dust 2 involves the flip of the entrance doors to B-bomb site, allowing Counter-Terrorist (CT) line of sight to increase towards the tunnel exits, from the bomb site location. Valve has decided to proceed with the entrance door shift due to numerous requests from CSGO players that it is especially difficult to retake the specific bomb site as a CT prior to the update.

For those who are unaware of the famous CSGO map, De_Dust 2 is actually a map that is suitable for professional players and beginners to the game. While it is made in the classic four-square map design, the layout has ensured that neither Terrorists (Ts) nor Counter-Terrorists (CTs) could have a terrain advantage over one another. Thus, the De_Dust 2 map is the staple of most CSGO tournaments and Majors. Casual players have also used De_Dust 2 as an ideal practice map in order to stay ahead of the game.

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The ‘Multi-purpose’ Map in CSGO

As a classic four-squared map design first introduced in the original de_dust_2 map in Counter-Strike, De_Dust 2 follows the original layout that is perfect for medium to long range combats. The map is split into Outside A long, A site, B site and Outside Tunnels/T-spawn, with the connectors, corridors and mid section suitable for close combat, thereby offering players a well-balanced map for engagements. Although it can get repetitive at times, De_Dust 2 is an archetypal map that is used by CSGO players to pick up on basic skills such as jumps, movement, aims and many more.

In the competitive esports space, CSGO pro teams are delegated to various parts of the De_Dust 2 map so as to secure key areas within the map, with the best player holding the Mid position since most actions take place in this area. As a non-competitive player, we can learn various tactics used by these professional players on how to ace Dust 2, should you decide to get serious with an all-round gunplay once you’re done with your practice.

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On this account, our team over at SkinCashier have summarised a list of tips and tricks for new and experienced players like yourself to overcome the hurdles that you could face in De_Dust 2.

Identify your ideal default position at T side

In order to better understand a map, it is important for you to play as both sides – Ts and CTs so as to identify and grasp all possible outcomes like how Doctor Strange predicts the end for the Avengers. Thus, finding your default position on the T side is probably one of the first things that players need to master in De_Dust 2. The spawn location of T is situated within the Mid position, thus you will need to find your default position quickly. 

For example, you want one guy long, one guy at B and two teammates going lower because the first objective is always to take short. As soon as you take short, you would be able to have control of the map and increase the odds of winning the round. 

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If you feel like trying other strategies, there are a lot of video demos online where you can acquire different approaches to find your default position at T side. You will notice that these demos will reveal that one of the most common things to do on De_Dust 2 is to run your default, while letting your teammates who know their protocol take control via taking the short area. Once you have the short control, it opens up the whole map to your team’s advantage.

Another point to note is for you to quickly move towards A long once you have spawned at the start of a round for a “first mover advantage”.

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Lurking does not work in De_Dust II

For those who have played De_Dust II numerous times, you should realise that lurking in this map is not as effective as other CSGO maps. In other maps, one of the players in the team could play the role of a lurker, who roams the map supporting the team, but because everyone who played De_Dust 2 long enough will know which exits to look out for as they have learnt to check their corners. For your information, there are only two possible exits that you can come from, so it is not as effective being a lurker in De_Dust 2

On the contrary, AWPers are important in De_Dust II

Since Dust 2 is designed to be a fair and well-balanced map, having good AWPers in your team can make a huge difference between winning and losing a round. It does not matter if your teammate has a AWP Dragon Lore CSGO skin or a ‘skinless’ AWP, there are various spots spread across Dust 2 which are suitable for the sniper to kill any player with a single bullet.  Thus, before you go on praying to have a pro AWPer in your team, do give it a shot by learning how to use your AWP effectively on both T and CT side. Once you are comfortable with your sniping strategy on both sides, you are halfway to dominating any given round in Dust 2.

The most challenging position on the CT side

It is proven to be challenging to play on the CT side as it requires way more coordination than the T side. Nevertheless, it is still possible for us to identify the hardest position to play as part of the Counter-Terrorist team. As aforementioned, the latest update has made B Site the hardest position to hold, regardless if you throw smokes as part of your strategy.

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Applying smokes in tactical spots

Like most CSGO maps, Dust 2 consists of tunnels and outdoor areas which you can fully take advantage of by using smoke grenades or flashbangs for your kill shot or to flee your enemies. There are a number of spots in the map that you can use smokes to help you control the match dynamics, and to even blind enemies (ie. AWPers) on hit:


It is fairly common for players who are familiar with Dust 2, to smoke the “Xbox” so as to momentarily blind AWPers from sniping you and your teammates in CT-middle. All you have to do is to cover the upper part of the Xbox to block the bottom tunnels, and subsequently AWP’s view.

CT Spawn

Yes, our enemy’s AWPers are annoying in Dust 2. It is almost necessary to have at least a AWPer on our team to deter our enemies from successfully planting a bomb (Ts) or defusing them (CTs). This bring us to CT Spawn, where you can smoke to blind AWPers in the vicinity before making the move.

B Door

Another spot to deal some “smoke magic” to your opponents is the B Door. Prior to your approach, throw a smoke grenade or flashbang towards B Door and for a B split. By doing so, you should be able to blind anyone who is seeking cover behind that door.

Build your skills with De_Dust 2

The all-embracing Dust 2 map offers an overall balanced gameplay experience for CSGO beginners and seasoned veterans alike since the map is equally structured on both sides (Ts and CTs).  Thus, playing Dust 2 can certainly keep you glued to your computer screen for hours as you build up your experience and control of your gameplay playing either side. It has gained such popularity within the CSGO ecosystem that Valve has even come up with the Dust 2 CSGO skins collection back in 2013, for players to use on their weapons or sell them for a real money profit via third-party CSGO skins marketplaces.

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